Earlier today we reported on an apparent World Premiere of a new Hasbro / Nintendo game being hosted by TheJWittz later today. Well, it won't be the Premiere any more, as a press release has rolled out and Kotaku has posted details on the game for us all - it's Monopoly Gamer, with a Mario theme.

Monopoly Gamer Mario.jpg
Image: Kotaku

Though it is Monopoly on the surface, quite a lot is different. You're still trying to acquire a lot of property but the currency has had an overhaul, while passing GO triggers one of eight 'Boss Fights'; if you win (by rolling higher than your foe) you acquire that boss card. Intriguingly, each character has their own special abilities that affect the impact of specific spaces and so on.

Monopoly Gamer2.jpg
Image: Kotaku
Monopoly Gamer.jpg
Image: Kotaku

There'll also be Power Packs at $2.99 each to get more characters, each with their own abilities; sorry, wallet.

Power Pack.jpg
Image: Kotaku

It's not as complicated as it seems, and the video below is a very handy summary. A game ends when all bosses have been beaten and players add up their coin and property totals.

It's coming soon, due in the US market in August for $24.99USD, and likely elsewhere too. However, there's a collector's edition that includes a "Bowser character token and Bowser Jr. Boss card" as extras; that is available right now in the US. This Collector's Edition is a GameStop exclusive that you can order here, though it costs $39.99USD.

Are you looking forward to this?

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