Many of you have no doubt been tuning in to the Summer Games Done Quick event, a weeklong twitch stream featuring some of the fastest gamers in the world as they blast through popular games. All proceeds from the event are donated to a chosen cause -- Doctors Without Borders, this year -- and the runs are mostly performed in a live setting. Of course, there's always room for something to go wrong on live shows like this, as one speedrunner unfortunately learned the hard way.

EeveeSpiritt was playing through New Super Mario Bros. 2 when the unthinkable happened: the battery coughed it's last, bringing the run screeching to a halt. What's worse, EeveeSpiritt forgot to bring a charger along in case, but a fan in the crowd had fortunately allowed theirs to be used so the run could be completed. All in all, the detour added about ten minutes to the run; you can see it below, along with the blunder a little after 32:00:

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