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  • News Mario Kart Tour Teases Release Of A Fan-Favourite Track

    Update: Dr. Mario and Dr. Luigi join in the Doctor Tour

    Update: Nintendo has confirmed that Coconut Mall is indeed coming to Mario Kart Tour with the upcoming Doctor Tour. And, as you'd expect, Dr. Mario and Dr. Luigi will be joining the race, complete with pill karts and flashing tail lights! Well, we can't believe we missed the Dr. Mario hints in...

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  • Memory Pak Looking Into The Light In Super Mario 64

    You know, that level where Mario blinds himself?

    My dad used to tell me that, when he was young, the world was in black and white. For a long time, I didn't think to question it - after all, every shred of historical evidence we had from the 1950s and before was in black and white, too. Unfortunately, I grew up, and realised that my dad - as all...

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  • News Nintendo Is Shutting Down Dr. Mario World For Mobile

    Service will end on 1st November 2021

    Nintendo has announced it will end the Dr. Mario World mobile game service on the 1st of November this year. In a message over on the official game website, Nintendo thanked players for their continued support since the service began on 10th July 2019 and mentioned how "diamond" sales (premium currency) would...

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  • News The Latest Super Mario Bros. Speedrun WR Is A Definitive Breakthrough

    4:54.948 may be the last time a second barrier is broken

    If you follow the retro gaming scene on Twitch, it's likely you spend a decent amount of time watching speedrunners. It can be fascinating to see how older titles are manipulated, streamlined and mastered over hundreds of hours, and if you happen to catch a world record live it can be an...

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