It's one of the oldest rumours around upcoming Nintendo Switch games, and now it seems some art is doing the rounds. We're referring to a game reportedly called Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, a title that to we're led to believe is real and set for this year.

The following fuzzy image was initially doing the rounds. For those that aren't fans of the Rabbids it's pretty much everything that's been feared.

Rabbids image.jpg

Now a full piece of artwork has been posted by Laura Kate Dale, who has been among those highlighting the project in recent months. Liam Robertson has also been pitching in with WWG

It's been doing the rounds for a little while, it seems, but this appears to be the first time it's been posted in full online. Whether it's accurate and representative of an actual game remains in rumour status until confirmation is given by Ubisoft or Nintendo, of course. It'll certainly be one to watch for during E3, if not before.

This writer's off to a dark room for a lie down. What do you think of this concept, and do you believe it's real?


Nintendo World Report has published a series of images that reputedly outline the core concept and structure of the game; they appear to be publicity briefing materials. There is some scruffy writing in the documents, and they're filed as rumours here for the same reasoning that was outlined above. Nevertheless, if indeed accurate, they provide some background on what this game may have to offer.

Rabbids NWR1.jpg
Image: Nintendo World Report
Rabbids NWR2.jpg
Image: Nintendo World Report
Rabbids NWR3.jpg
Image: Nintendo World Report
Rabbids NWR4.jpg
Image: Nintendo World Report

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