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Talking Point: Nintendo Brings Life to the 3DS With New Models

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

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When Nintendo announced a Japan-only 3DS Direct, one phrase immediately came to mind — RPGs. Yet what happened was entirely unexpected. Not only was new 3DS hardware announced, but it's a substantial change that can — perceivably — extend the life of the portable a fair amount.

We've discussed, here in the office and briefly in our reaction video, that the 3DS has been a system that's reached a tipping point, where it needed a boost — perhaps through a revision — to give it a little more life. Nintendo's 'New' 3DS and 3DS LL — which is XL in the West — has truly surprised, however, in the sheer scale of what it's offering. When you combine all of the features together you're left with a fairly drastic overhaul, and one clearly designed to re-invigorate the platform and bring together key features that have been somewhat 'bolted on' to the original models.

It would be remiss of us, considering the name of the hardware, to start with anything other than the changes to the 3D effect. In recent times (recent years) Nintendo's essentially moved on from advertising the glasses-free 3D on the system, and after the original system's early troubles it's been largely absent from marketing. The new models may push that aspect again, simply due to the improved technology on display; there'll be a degree of head tracking from the camera, with Nintendo pitching the concept that the viewing angle is significantly enhanced. The new models will term this feature as the "Super-Stable 3D" function.

Beyond that improved 3D effect, it's in other changes that the new hardware will grab the most attention. The obvious addition is the "C-Stick", which will most commonly be considered as the second Circle Pad — internally we're referring to it as the 'Nintendo Nipple'. In essence it replaces the relatively rarely used Circle Pad Pro; due to its size it'll be used sparingly for quick camera adjustments, as an example. It's notable that, aside from rare examples such as Resident Evil Revelations, the second analogue Pad has typically been used for less frequent camera adjustments such as those in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. The reveal of the C-Stick was telling in two respects, then — it was showcased for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and also compared to the C-Stick on the GameCube controller, which is clearly tapping into the upcoming Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS. It's a strange feature in the sense that it's been so in demand, yet won't necessarily be used often; some secondary usage in areas like the web browser was also shown. Ultimately its positioning, above the four face buttons, makes sense considering its size, though a full-size Circle Pad would fit more naturally underneath the face buttons.

The Circle Pad Pro replacement vibe is also included in the addition of new shoulder buttons, with ZL and ZR joining the original shoulder buttons in a setup not too dissimilar from the original Wii Classic Controller.

Then we have the amiibo focus of the new models, which is evident in the logo design for the 'New' part of the system's name. Perhaps aware that the concept of toys interacting with hardware would be less effective to market to 3DS owners required to purchase a separate portal — unlike the NFC-enabled GamePad with every Wii U — Nintendo has added an NFC reader to the new hardware. Positioned under the bottom screen it'll allow the figurines to be scanned quickly without the need for a peripheral; this is positive in the sense that Nintendo is clearly planning to push the amiibo product hard, integrating it more closely with the 3DS family to join the Wii U's equivalent features.

When you add these physical hardware features together, what you get is a system that's integrating various add-ons and customer demands into one cohesive piece of kit. In that respect it's all smart thinking by Nintendo — each feature on its own is relatively minor in terms of its practical impact, yet considered as a whole it produces a highly attractive system. There are some interesting stylistic choices, too — the smaller model will be cheaper yet have a substantial range of changeable faceplates, with a stylish Super NES-style design on the face buttons, too. The larger model won't use these plates but has the obvious benefit in size, yet the marketing will no doubt push the smaller model to younger gamers and enthusiasts. It seems likely that Nintendo's keen to bring the two models closer to parity in sales with these different benefits, rather than the clear gap between the original model and XL / LL. Both systems look attractive, but a quick straw poll in our office actually shows a clear preference for the smaller model, a marked change considering the wide adoption of the XL in that same group.

Another key benefit of the new model also brings us its one potential source of contention. It has a faster CPU, which will mean quicker downloads, loading of Miiverse and general use of the operating system. That's a big positive, yet it seems to be the case that the port of Xenoblade Chronicles coming to Japan appears to be exclusive to the New models. Utilising the greater CPU power is clearly vital for that game to work, then, but could be an issue in future. We'd suggest that the number of games exclusive to the new hardware will be minimal, as they have to be in order to make any business sense. Splitting the 3DS 'family' in that way is arguably acceptable with rare cases, but there'd be no sense in releasing a major new title that only works on the later hardware, therefore minimising sales. We suspect that Xenoblade Chronicles example will be a rarity, but it's something to watch with interest.

What these new models can ultimately do, however, is give the 3DS a vital boost to sustain some momentum in the next 2-3 years. The XL performed well when released in Fall 2012, and a similar bump will be anticipated this time — October in Japan, 2015 elsewhere. The effect should filter down, too; the new models look set to come in at reasonable pricing similar to the current systems, so we'd expect the original 3DS, 3DS XL and 2DS to drop prices accordingly. The family will surely be tiered sensibly in pricing, making the current models an attractive budget option for those less concerned by the 'New' extras.

More software must follow for the whole family of systems, of course, to accompany to boost in interest from the New models. There are exciting possibilities that there could be more occasional links between 3DS and Wii U, too, with the New systems matching the home console's controllers in terms of button and stick inputs — minus clickable sticks. Wireless transfers between the systems and PCs should be useful, while Micro-SDs modernise the storage a little more — even the basic screen is being advertised as an improvement (resolution is the same, though); it all points to a system that'll feel more capable and modern in its approach.

Certainly in the case of various members of the Nintendo Life team there's a real sense of optimism around the new hardware. Nintendo marketing teams will need to do a strong job of promoting the range and distinguishing it from what's come before — the company has form, though, courtesy of the DS family going from 'phat' to Lite, DSi to DSi XL, while the Game Boy and Game Boy Advance evolved a great deal. Like with any bold hardware move, of course, there are risks, but these models fulfil and exceed our expectations in terms of what we felt was needed as part of a 3DS 'refresh' to push the platform through to the end of its generation.

There's lots to take in, but what do you think of the New Nintendo 3DS systems? Let us know in the poll and comments below.

Are you excited about the New Nintendo 3DS? (736 votes)

Absolutely, I'm beyond hyped


I am, though I'm not super hyped


I'm not sure yet


Not really, but I may be persuaded


No, I'm not


I'm frustrated that there's even a hardware revision


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User Comments (171)



unrandomsam said:

Does anybody know what the underneath is shaped like ? (Good ergonomics like the Circle Pad Pro or not ?)



ShikabaneHime13 said:

Definitely about to rearrange my finances to import this in October along with MH4G and the Japanese version of Smash (granted I will be picking up the NA Smash the week before) so that I may test out the system and see how it is. Just can't decide if I want the Metallic Black LL or the Monster Hunter Edition of the LL... Choices, choices....

Of course, when it comes out to the West, I'll have no problem double-dipping and will still keep my original NA and import XLs from last year as well (just like I have both versions of the Vita)



ferrers405 said:

I'm ok with all changes, there's no need for buy the new model, but i sure hope that in the future there's no massive exclusive first-party titles just for the new model.



_Octoling_ said:

Give me a great exclusive title (Smash Bros. for 3DS Deluxe, Super Mario 3D Land 2, Kid Icarus 4, etc.) and I'll jump.



Moose_4 said:

I know I'm in the same boat as a lot of people that have multiple models and versions,
I have a 3ds Aqua, XL Blue, XL Luigi, XL Zelda.
But i will be getting the New 3DS XL on launch day.



DiscoGentleman said:

I'll definitely upgrade from my 3dsxl. Really hoping there'll be a bundle limited edition with Xenoblade Chronicles.



Dawn-Shade said:

I really like these new models. Definitely an upgrade to me.
I hope NoA got more colors than these dull Blue and Black (but please not toy'ish like the two first 3DS XL). I prefer the elegant Midnight Purple.



Giygas_95 said:

It sort of frustrates me to be honest...I mean it looks great, but I can't make myself upgrade every single time they release a new model. I already upgraded from the original to the XL so I think I'll stay where I am.



Light said:

From day one, the 3ds should have been updated to be used along with the wii u as a tablet controller instead of the "dumb" gamepad that we have now. Having the handheld work along closely with the home console is golden. However, seeing as the wii already has it's own tablet controller and is 2 years into it's life span, this idea may now be too late...



BinaryFragger said:

"We'd suggest that the number of games exclusive to the new hardware will be minimal"

I agree 100%.
With the DS, the new models were purely optional. You didn't need a DS Lite to play the latest DS games, and aside from a handful of games, you didn't need a DSi either.

I actually like this new 3DS but Nintendo needs to be careful to not alienate and split their 40+ million 3DS userbase.



Zyph said:

I'm surely excited! Just knowing that it has better 3D viewing angles, C-stick, and a better screen, customizable face plates, I'm all in!



DarkLink95 said:

@DiscoGentleman This if there is a xenoblade bundle I will get that right away otherwise I may wait a little while as I just got an XL a little less than a year ago.



nik1470 said:

I think this is on the money and a really smart move from Nintendo. They do not have the resources to launch a new hand held and support the wiiu as they have to make all the games due to lack of third party support. This keeps the 3ds fresh for another couple of years allowing them to boost the wiiu library.



Phle said:

I really want one, I need one. The only thing I want to know is why do I have to wait until 2015? I hate waiting...



GustavoMaciel said:

Anyone else hyped for the smaller one? The screen is a little larger than the original but it's still lightweight and portable. And then there are the Super Famicom buttons and the cover plates!



GraveLordXD said:

The XL looks awesome the white regular one looks terrible Imo
Also what's up with the micro circle pad ?



SCAR said:

I'm kind of excited. The better 3D viewing, better internet browser, etc. enhanced features definitely make me want it over the XL I already have, which is expected, but I don't really have the money readily available to buy this.

I might be able to get it fairly easily, considering my b-day is early in the year. I probably won't get it immediately, but having a b-day around the same time always helps with big purchases like this.



ryuudou27 said:

I was planning on upgrading to an XL from my regular 3DS anyway, so I might as well wait until the N3DS XL comes out. Hopefully the US doesn't have to wait too long to get it.



ShockeyRuuka said:

It figures after i upgraded to a 3DS XL, They would announced. XD
But the improvements to the systems make it worth the upgrade.

That and i wanna get Xenoblade Chronicles!



Subie98 said:

Id probably buy one of the new xl's once it comes to NA if xenoblade follows it. I love xenoblade.



pigwarts5ever said:

Ive been wanting to upgrade to the XL for a year now but I have been waiting thinking they might do something like this (I didn't think they'd do it to this extent).



Crimzonlogic said:

So I'm a little confused...these are just minor additions, right? They aren't going to make games that only work on this 3ds, right? I read that the new Xenoblade remake will only be on the upgraded 3ds. That's fine if it's only that game as I already own a Wii copy, but are other games going to come out like that? I can't afford to buy another 3ds any time soon. I don't want my gold Zelda 3ds to become obsolete. It's not even a year old.



kyuubikid213 said:

No. I'm not.

I'd be pleased with it and watching it from behind my Cosmo Black original 3DS model, but they had to add more CPU power.

If it were used for some side features like multitasking (someone mentioned that in the comments to the Reaction Video) or simply making Miiverse run faster or allowing the 3D to be better or whatever, I'd be fine. The moment they said the Xenoblade Chronicles port would REQUIRE the added CPU power, I got worried.

I don't have the money to be able to shell out for another system so soon. I wouldn't be bothered if this was a simple reveal of new tech as their next console or something... Or even if this was hinted at along the way. We're only 3 years into the 3DS's lifespan. It's not exactly dead. It's been doing remarkably well, actually.

I don't want there to be a bunch of must-have games that come out on these New 3DS's that force me to upgrade. I had a DS Lite and was able to get through the DSi revision without NEEDING to buy it for any game. Sure, there were games that had DSi features (camera usage mostly) and there was Flipnote, but I didn't have to purchase a DSi to play any of the games I wanted.

Now I'm worried that my $250 purchase from only 3 years ago won't last me the 5-6 years I thought it would. Will there be a Wii U revision that boosts it's hardware capability to PS4/One levels? Was that a waste of money? Should I have waited? Will the next console from Nintendo get a revision so soon into it's life? Will any upcoming 3DS games be made with the older systems in mind? Will I have to buy a New 3DS if I want to play Omega Ruby? A possible future Zelda title?

The Circle Pad Pro didn't even make an issue out of things. Sure, some games were made more with the Circle Pad Pro in mind, but as a peripheral, it didn't see much (or any usage) anyway. The Circle Pad Pro gets use in Resident Evil Revelations, Kid Icarus, Metal Gear Solid 3D, Kingdom Hearts 3D, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, and Moon Chronicles. Out of an entire library of games, only 6 (correct me if I'm wrong) use the thing and the games are perfectly playable without it.

The Amiibo functionality will be an add-on, so that wasn't a worry...but CPU?

I hope Nintendo knows what they're doing. I really and truly do.



Jazzer94 said:

Getting one too many improvements not too but I hope Nintendo put chargers in the box this time.



Pokefanmum82 said:

I want the small one so I get those interchangeable cover plates. I want Xenoblade Chronicles 3D game too but I hope this doesn't come out until late next year so I can save up for it.



Sir_JBizzle said:

@kyuubikid213 I doubt the Wii U will have a hardware revision, there's no way they'd be able to justify that without ticking early adopters off. Nintendo has always had a million revisions of their handhelds, so it's part for the course for me personally.

I think if anything like it's been said. This brings the 3DS some sense of parity to the Wii U, where the extra juice/hardware additions will allow some cross platform functionality. I'd imagine this revision is mentioned to extend the 3DS to the end of Nintendo's Gen 8, so they could possibly release that hybrid console/portable for gen 9. That's if the rumors check out. That's my crazy thinking at work. Lol



FritzFrapp said:

@unrandomsam said: "Does anybody know what the underneath is shaped like ? (Good ergonomics like the Circle Pad Pro or not ?)"

Both models are flat, mate.



AVahne said:

Pretty much a stop-gap like the GBC, DSi, and PSP go, but I really want one anyway.



Inkling said:

When these arrive, the Original 3DS and XL are dead. I couldn't see Nintendo with 5 handhelds, all doing (essentially) the same thing



PanurgeJr said:

I'll get this not on day one, but on the day the first game that requires it is released in the US.

And I really really really really hope it ends up being in a Xenoblade bundle. Anybody got 200 hours I can borrow?



AVahne said:

Wouldn't be good for develops to only support the New 3DS, since there are so many of the "old" 3DS out in the wild. Most likely you'll still be seeing most games developed for the "old" 3DS hardware, while certain more "advanced" games like Xenoblade that take advantage of the faster CPU will come out just once in a while.



Findonovan95 said:

Got a 3DS and an XL and now this is announced. I have such mixed emotions. I'm just not sure whether to be angry or happy about this. I just can't get it and that really annoys me. I simply can't justify paying up for it when I already have two consoles that do the same thing.



ShikabaneHime13 said:

@Dawn-Shade the Japanese site already has a Smash Bros. and Monster Hunter LL for the new models, so here's hoping Nintendo makes better design/color choices for the West when they come out. Still a little miffed that only th smaller 3DS will have the changeable faceplates though...



Stunny said:

One thing I do wish they touched on was the audio performance of the device. Both the 3DS and 3DS XL had really low volume, even with headphones. I wish they increased it's volume significantly.



_Octoling_ said:

What this means is that a new handheld is 2-3 years off. Here's how it went with the other stop-gaps:
GBC (1998) - GBA (2001) 3 years
PSP Go (2009) - PSVita (2012) 3 years
Nintendo DSi (2009) - Nintendo 3DS (2011) 2 years



Fingeldor said:

It's all a little... underwhelming, I think. I guess I'll need to see more to be convinced of the upgrade. I have a 3DS XL and I don't see much reason to get one of these. It seems like a more polished version of what I already have without any 'must-have' features.

Also, I like the stylus where it is now. The new placement feels less natural.



sinalefa said:

I was planning to buy a 2DS to complete the "family", and they show a new member.

That extra circle pad looks so small, and I hope the so called extra power won't split the userbase in a significant way. Yet the no ghosting on 3D images sounds way too awesome.



HaNks said:

again ergonomics are out the window, that's the most dissapointing thing about these new models. maybe one day nintendo will make a comfortable handheld again. all the other improvements look great, but i'll need to be sure of a quality grip before making the upgrade, ideally something that upgrades the shoulder buttons like on the hori wheel. the ZL/ZR buttons look like a nightmare, even more troublesome than the standard L/R.



wober2 said:

The button/nub layout seems very uncomfortable, I am going to wait until I feel one.

I cannot believe 3ds has new hardware but the wiiu has not yet. I need to replace my game pad I would love to replace with the next iteration.



HaNks said:

@Andyv01 SNES/GBA would be a good start. chances of N64 VC when it's not even on wii U yet seem pretty damn slim...



OneBagTravel said:

In no need for one. Unless they're required for the future games I might want to play. Right now future 3DS titles are few and far in between.



RacerX said:

Never been a big handheld gamer but I think I might get this finally. I'm still playing my DS lite
Metallic blue.



tysonfury said:

Good to see easy-to-understand coloured buttons coming back to nintendo hardware - playing SM3DW with my dad at christmas was difficult, telling him to press the 'A' button and he needed his reading glasses to tell which one it was...



johndevine said:

New Mario. New Zelda. New Metroid. New FZero. New Mariokart. New Animal Crossing. New Advance Wars. New Fire Emblem. New Smash Bros. New Donkey Kong. New Pikmin. New kid icarus. New Mario and Luigi. New Pokemon. New Pokemon rumble. New Mario and sonic at olympic games. New Kirby. New Paper Mario. New Dr Mario. New New Super Mario Bros. New Stunt Race FX.




Kirk said:

These New systems are a very welcome improvement on the current models as far as I'm concerned.

At this point however, I hope that rather than continue to sell the current 3DS and 3DS XL models alongside the 'New' systems that Nintendo instead simply phases out the older models, so consumers are left with a much simpler and manageable choice between the entry level 2DS (ideally we should really get a 'New' 2DS too imo*), the New 3DS and the New 3DS XL

That to me would make much more sense than having to manage 5 different versions of the same platform and having them all competing for store space and consumer awareness, which is just likely to confuse people and convolute things even more than they are already.

So, ultimately, the final product line as seen on the store shelves going forward should be the New 2DS, New 3DS and New 3DS XL imo...although, if it were my call I think they would have actually been named 2DS+, 3DS+ and 3DS+ XL (UNLESS, I guess, Nintendo's plan IS to actually phase out the older models and then just have people end up calling the 'New' models plain old 3DS and 3DS XL again anyway; similar to what Apple did with the 'New' iPad for the gen 3 iPads. In which case, calling them 'New' 3DS/3DS XL might actually be pretty smart).

*Much like the 2DS+ I went on about a while back:



SecondServing said:

I just wished they made a new handheld series than make a more powerful 3DS.

It kinda screws over 2DS, 3DS, and 3DS XL owners out of games unless they upgrade to the new model. And Nintendo's lack of a unified account system makes it even more painful, for many of us have bought eShop games and don't want to trade in our old 3DSs for the New 3DS.

And you might be thinking "Just don't trade in your old 3DS and buy a new 3DS to go along with it!" Well, some of us are students, or just don't have that kind of money.

This was overall a move I'm disappointed in, but since I love Nintendo games, I'll probably end up buying one when I can. I'm just think this is a pretty lame move.



FX29 said:

I've been considering upgrading from my original 3DS for a while now, in fact I almost bought an XL but decided to go with the PS3 instead. Looks like I might upgrade to this revision in the future, but at the same time I want to save up for the Wii U. So many decisions...



TruenoGT said:

I'll get one day 1, depending on colors... I'm beyond hyped. My wife wants the smaller one to replace her 2DS, so I'll probably try that first before deciding between XL and standard for me. I like the looks and finish of the smaller one this time, but I love the current XL size. They better bring a white model(either size) to the US this time around. #firstworldproblems



coolvw93 said:

im not sure, as much as i want an upgrade to an XL, i just dont see it happening anytime soon for me, even though i bought my 3ds 3 years ago. but i will probably end up getting it, though im gonna be picking up xenoblade first and then hold out on buying one till i see a good deal.



Palutena said:

The price of the "New" 3DS XL is cheaper than a black 3DS XL from Amazon. $188 compared to $192. I currently do not own a 3DS or XL variant.. but I'd really like one for Smash when it comes out, along with other games such as Fire Emblem Awakening (Beat it with a friend's 3DS XL), Link between worlds, Kid Icarus Uprising, Kirby Fighters Z, Pokemon ORAS, and whatever nice JRPG out there. I may just wait for the "New" 3DS XL to release in North America due to the enhanced graphics and 2x the ram/vram. I currently play 3DS games on my brother's XL, so I guess I could borrow his every so often to play Smash. Or, I can get a refurbished Zelda 3DS XL and use it temporarily until the new one comes out, then use it as a collector's decoration in my room.



AlphaAlex said:

"The New 3DS will retail for 16,000 Yen (around £93) while the New 3DS XL will cost 18,800 Yen (around £109)."
1600 yen≈153.71 dollars
1600 yen≈ 92.8018 pounds
1600 yen≈ 117.0138 euros
1800 yen≈ 172.9273 dollars
1800 yen≈104.1800 pounds
1800 yen≈ 131.6506 euros
I'm sorry Tigus, but the official prices haven't been announced yet, so here are the conversions based on the Japanese prices. Thank you Google!



unrandomsam said:

It will be at least 12% more (If the Yen price includes 8% sales tax) in the UK.

Probably be £150.



MegaAdam said:

You can't honestly think they'll keep both old 3DS, old 3DS XL, 2DS, new 3DS, and new 3DS XL on the market all at once, can you? No, the old models are going to be replaced, and if you want them, you should get them now.

It's surprising to me that they're announcing this so early, because I'm not sure who will buy the old version knowing these are on the way. It could definitely hurt their holiday sales.



LunarHalo24 said:

Ehh, I already have a really nice Zelda 3DSXL. Unless if it's required for Smash or some other game I'm interested in, I think I'll pass.



Bender said:

I have a launch day 3DS, so I will happily make the jump to a New 3DS LL



ColdingLight said:

Well guess what everyone? Go and sell your older 3DS's because thanks to this gift from god, it's now useless. And don't even get me started on how were to transfer our data, since this new piece of crap uses MICRO SD cards... Why is beyond me but whatever. Nintendo, You've truly outdone yourself. -_-



ColdingLight said:

Also, 5 bucks says that this masterpiece is going to negatively impact sales on older 3DS models... This was clearly well thought out by Nintendo. I'm truly happy to be a Nintendo fan...



Dayph said:

Hyped. For those that could compared it with PSP Go: PSP Go devalued the games (software), New Nintendo 3DS don't.



AyeHaley said:

Im buying at least 10 of those face plates. I prefer a bigger screen but that small 3DS is just too cute to ignore. SNES COLORED BUTTONS PEOPLE

I might get both if they announce a linked account system that allows installs on multiple 3DS units. Something like that will boost hardware sales like crazy!

Imagine playing Xenoblade in 3D....GOOD 3D... I always play with the 3D slider maxed out so the new 3D screen makes me very happy!



TheMagus said:

Even with the MicroSD, we can still use our old SD cards, though, right? It would suck if we had to get new SD cards. I'm also not liking the backwards step with the styluses... Still, it looks awesome. I was planning to get a 3DS XL for smash, but now I'm going to wait for the New! Ugh, though, I sure hope they come up with a better name



Excep7ional said:

@SecondServing I agree with you on this. When I saw these articles this morning I was upset, yet excited at the same time. I like the fact that they added another circle pad and made the system stronger, but as a Student myself, I won't be able to afford one right out the gate. And it especially sucks that they will be making exclusive games for this specific system. I doubt Xenoblade will be the only game like this, which is also bad because that is the game I want to play the most. I just got my XL last Christmas, so you can only imagine how I feel at the moment.



King_Johobo said:

@B3ND3R yeah I've still got my sexy electric blue or whatever it was called original and I think it could be time for an upgrade. I wanted a bigger screen but looking at the new "small" models I kind of like them better haha



KnightRider666 said:

About damn time. Day 1 purchase. Nice to see they moved the volume control to the upper screen. Wish they had the same size circle pad on the other side though.



PayMeMunna said:

Would one be able to transfer their data on their current 3DS XL to one of these new systems? Like my streetpass, pokebank, and other games I've downloaded from eshop?

If it comes in pink then I'll seriously consider upgrading lol



MrGawain said:

Like any system, it'll only be worth it with exclusive games you can't play anywhere else. You can play Xenoblade Chronicles on the Wii and Wii U.

Saying that, I haven't played any Xenoblade at all yet, and I'm likely to need a new 3DSXL due to dropping my one constantly by the time there is enough worthy software.

It does make me question if they'll do the same with the Wii U eventually?....



SavoirFaire said:

Hmmm didn't see this mentioned but I wonder if this gets them out of the 3d... Camera was it? Patent issues they have.



Drobotic said:

Looks good,especially for shooters and games that require a second circle pad.I look forward to it.



Bluce_Ree said:

Can some one help me, the smaller screen on the new 3ds will have a higher PPI will this make the 3d effect look more sharper?



daniruy said:

I have an ambassador-american 3DS and an european 3DSXL. I'm seriously thinking in sell them both and get this new one - if I could NOT have region locking this time that would be even better... But I dream too much, I'm afraid.

The smaller model is more attractive to me though. I like the XL, but it feels less portable than the original 3DS...



Vrael said:

I was going to get an xl soon anyway. This just pushed my purchasing plans back a bit. I just hope that it comes stateside by christmas (even though I know thats not gonna happen.



IceClimbers said:

I probably won't jump on the new model anytime soon. When I do though, I'll get the smaller one for the interchangeable faceplates.

All I know is, thank god my current SD card is a MicroSD card!



rjejr said:

I was so excited when I saw this earlier today - I actually thought it was a joke - but now this article has me a little less excited.

I do think its great they are updating the hardware - shows they care and are trying. And built-in NFC seems like a must if they are going to push amiibo - why didnt 2DS get it last year? But...

Writing an article making this look like a 3DS revival just seems odd. Software drives hardware, plain and simple. What other new software is 3DS getting thst will drive sales beyond the 40 mil more than the current model would have done w/ SSB? I do like the NFC addition, no doubt, but they already announced a 3DS peripheral.

Also, despite all the differences the article focuses on does it really go far enough to get people to upgrade? The DS phat to lite is a huge difference looking st it, and i added interconnectivity. This adds faceplates, which are nice, but a Wii U connection as controller or tv out would have been huge. Change is good, but this seems so minimal they dont even have a new name for it? Will they be like Apple and call it New 3DS? Not a revival worthy change.

That said, I probably will buy 1, just b/c Ive been waiting for a revamp, so huge or small, this is it, when its out I buy it. 2DS was a non-starter.



Kirk said:


Software is ONE of the things that drives hardware. Arguably the most important thing overall but not the only thing and having great software alone isn't automatically going to sell a system.

Let me put it to you like this; regardless of how many great games there are on a system, let's take the Wii U for example (which at this point has a pretty decent library of games), if the hardware doesn't deliver in a multitude of ways that I as a consumer deem necessary then I simply won't buy it. That goes for the firmware and services too. Which is very much the case with the Wii U right now imo.

I might however consider the Wii U a more attractive value proposition if it came with much more built in storage (an amount that's actually useful), the controller had a longer battery life, it was cheaper, you could use a proper single unified account and that includes for things like buying one copy of a game and being able to play it on both the Wii U and 3DS where applicable, there was a simple and optional firmware update that allowed things like basic avi/mp3/CD/DVD playback, the Virtual Console games were cheaper across the board...and of course the third party support was substantially better too.

So yeah, games are a majorly important part of the experience but it's not just about games.

This new machine itself will get some people to upgrade and it will even get some people on the fence to finally decide to pick up a system too, potentially resulting in a pretty decent number of extra sales of 3DS hardware overall. Nintendo has just taken a big step in making the 3DS a more attractive and satisfying handheld gaming device and experience all round and that most definitely helps sell systems.



aaronsullivan said:

@Light @rjejr
Nothing dumb about the GamePad but I agree it would have been nice if there was more 3DS integration.

I'm kind of surprised that it isn't a feature in this new 3DS. They even added the extra Z buttons and the second analog. With a tiny bit of more hardware (specialized radio for receiving compressed video from GamePad) this thing could work... maybe it's a hidden feature that the Wii U games aren't ready for yet (multiple GamePad support)

Either way, it's a tiny and horrible screen compared to the GamePad's. The big benefit would be the extra processing power to do some offloading of the game/rendering if multiple screens were going to be used.



IceClimbers said:

@Kirk To be fair, the Wii U's 32 GB can go farther than PS4's 500 GB if you are buying all retail games physically. XB1 and PS4 often require installs even for physical copies of games, and when these games are 40 GB+ due to lack of effort in proper file compression, that 500 GB doesn't last long.

A new Wii U SKU with more internal storage would be a good idea though



ecco6t9 said:

I do hope that the CPU boost brings GBA and DS games to the Virtual Console.



Revanmann said:

I'm stoked of course. I'm happy that this is bringing Xenoblade Chronicles to the 3DS and extending the life of the handheld. I freaking love my 3DS. But, at the same time, I'm kinda pissed. I just bought my XL in March and now they have this coming out for the same price I got my XL? and the fact that this is going to bring exclusives that my XL can't handle? Come on Nintendo, I don't make that much money. Now, of course, I want this, what the heck am I supposed to do? I could try to sell my XL, but I'd only get a good price if I sell it to a human being and not stinking Gamestop. I don't usually whine, but I'm slightly peeved. But 'dat new 3DS though! heh..



Dpishere said:

Though I will admit that I am a little worried that there are games that will only play on the new 3DS I am confident that those will be few and far between. Nintendo has not done me wrong yet so I don't see them starting now.



eaglebob345 said:

I have been holding out on getting a new 3DS because I knew a hardware revision would be coming soon. XD I am glad I waited, but if there is another limited edition Pokemon 3DS coming this year, I might fold under the pressure. This is also the reason I didn't get a CPP, I new there would be a model with it packed in, eventually.



eaglebob345 said:

I have been holding out on getting a new 3DS because I knew a hardware revision would be coming soon. XD I am glad I waited, but if there is another limited edition Pokemon 3DS coming this year, I might fold under the pressure. This is also the reason I didn't get a CPP, I new there would be a model with it packed in, eventually.



DarkNinja9 said:

this doesnt show enough for the new model there is more pictures but i hate where some of the stuff is placed like the stylus pen



rjejr said:

@Kirk - Yeah, I guess your right, it will sell some, I thik I was taken aback by the overall positive nature of the post. I think peopel will buy this - mysel ffo rone - adn some will upgrade - but I don 'tknow abut i trevitalizing th e3D Sbrand or anything. But I'm glad they did it.



Ralizah said:

I might upgrade if the speakers are improved. If the speaker quality hasn't improved, though, I don't foresee myself investing in this.



flightsaber said:

@kyuubikid213 I wouldn't worry too much...
The gameboy color also upgraded the CPU of the existing gameboy, but due to market reasons, games were still compatible with the original GB for years. Even some games that said 'for gbc only' on the box (pokemon silver) ran ok on the gb, and faster if you turned the sound off.

I wouldn't worry too much - a developer that wants to sell a new game will understand the value of making that game available to the existing 3DS owners that don't want to upgrade yet for a good while to come. And since we haven't had any leaks, I'm guessing Nintendo has kept this close to the vest so far....3rd party devs that want to start making a New 3DS-only game will take the ~8 months of handheld game development time to do so.



luckybreak said:

the small one has a .3in larger screen size. which if noticeable then ill just upgrade to that. i just have bad eyesight and don't want to have to wear glasses so i may get the xl version as planned. the faceplates doe!



AshFoxX said:

All I really need to urge is that if some games are going to be released that require the new hardware changes, at least early on, they should include something in the packaging that will allow current 3DS adopters to upgrade at a minimal price better than any deal GameStop would likely offer.

This situation appears to be an expensive and more aggravating version of the expansion pack from the N64. However in that instance the only games that required it either still let you play sections of the games without it, (Perfect Dark) or the game came shipped with one. (DK64) Also, the expansion pack was much cheaper than buying a complete handheld.

Hopefully if they release a MUST HAVE for my game collection that requires the 'expansion pack' or the new nipple and z buttons, they will have released a red XL system to replace my baby, and hopefully offer an incentive deal to upgrade.



Socar said:

Damm it! I wasn't sure what to say. Whether I'm excited but not super hyped or I'm not sure. So I chose not sure option.....and now I regret that..... Please forgive me Nintendo....I know you didn't mean us to be sad......



AltonLove said:

I'm pretty excited for this, glad I bought a Wii U this year instead of the 2DS I was going to get, because this model looks awesome. Xenoblade Chronicles is just too expensive on Wii, so it'll be nice playing it on New 3DS.

It's very similar to the Expansion Pak for N64, and how it was needed for certain games to function. Speaking of which, I'm hoping one is eventually released for Wii U, to bring it closer to the PS4 and Xbox One in power. It's a pipe dream, but a boy can dream.



erv said:

If they launch the monster hunter one here with the release of 4 ultimate, I'm buying it.



electrolite77 said:

Its all good on the surface (although it adds more to the argument you should ignore the first iteration of a Nintendo handheld as there'll be a better one along soon with the features they left out) but theres one major sticking point-software that only plays on the New models. Not on. The existing 3DS release schedule looks pretty thin as it is so to be creating a situation where resources will be split between two technical specifications is potentially a disaster. Ask Sega.

Its a shame as apart from that it all looks sensible. Extra CPU for services is great. However Nintendo don't have the consumer goodwill to be upsetting existing owners and those who in the West, they will be enthusiastically selling an out of date model to this Christmas. If other manufacturers pulled a stunt like this they would be, rightly, the subject of great criticism....



3DS_excel said:

I will upgrade mine if the stores do a decent trade in offer like they did when the XL came out.



outburst said:

Micro SD is smaller. You can however use a MicroSD to SD adapter. My wife's camera uses SD card but I bought her a Micro SD with a SD adapter so she can also insert it in her phone if she wants to.

So if you're gonna buy a memory card for your current 3DS, it's better to get a Micro SD and SD adapter if you plan to get the New 3DS later.



andreoni79 said:

I'll wait fot the REAL next handheld. I'm also one of the few who have a Circle Pad Pro. Will I finally use it?!?



Tritonus said:


I jUST bought a 3DS XL this summer in anticipation of Super Smash Bros. I went digital download as it was simply the most convenient for me, and the most environmentally friendly... now if only they had an ACCOUNT SYSTEM in place and no games tied to hardware, so I could upgrade my 3DS without losing all my games, I might consider buying this.



iamthezenmaster said:

I bought a 3DS, then upgraded it to a 3DS XL.

I do not want to upgrade it again, unless they bring out truely awesome games. I allready played the Wii-version of Chronoblade, Nintendo has to come up with better games.



Fandabidozi said:

These look gorgeous!!! I can't justify buying a third 3DS however...
As for version exclusive titles I'll just wait and play them on Nintendo's next handheld which will, of course, be backward compatible



YoshiTails said:

Definitely pushing amiibo hard... and parents across the land will weep at the withering of wallets.



WaveBoy said:

The skeptics said it wasn't possible, but NIntendo proved them Wrong in regards to widening the sweet spot significantly! Plus the top screen has less blur to boot.

I will be getting one of the original 3DS sized versions of this. wasn't a fan of the XL.



FritzFrapp said:

@robbleshague said: "Dare I dream that it could be region free?"

Dare away. As Lewis Carroll said, “Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.”
That being the case, I'm always up for a fight.



BertoFlyingFox said:

I'm hyped, completely ready to upgrade. I have an XL and a 2DS, will most likely be trading in my XL to help pay for the New3DS model.

Anywayyy, back to Gunvolt!!



SanderEvers said:

@robbleshague That would be impossible, since it's not the 3DS that's region locked, but the games

@Tritonus Every 3DS has system transfer. This new one does as well, if you read the translated faq you would know that



luke88 said:

Does anyone know if the second circle pad is fully functional? I know in the article it said it would predominately be used for camera controls etc. - owing to it's small size. I'm left handed and haven't played Kid Icarus since I upgraded to the xl as I don't have a circle pad pro for it. Any idea if i could I use the second circle pad for games?



EverythingAmiibo said:

Tottaly happy with this, seeing as I've stuck to one original mattalic red 3DS all these years. I can tell it's about to break too, so this is perfect timing



luke88 said:

@Frapp Great quote, : ) Haven't heard it before. Jules de Gaultier according to google though? Perhaps Carroll got it from him?



cfgk24 said:

I'm Hyped for the Smaller one! I had an XL and gave it to my girlfriend as I preferred the Standard one!



cfgk24 said:

@PvtOttobot It shouldn't break! although my release day Black ads has a slightly deformed circle pad now - I use it every day tbh and I replaced the battery once to get longer life. .



Wonky_Kong said:

Still got my old aqua blue 3DS and this isn't gonna make me upgrade tbh. I rarely use my 3D (last used for phoenix Wright cutscenes) and the extra cpu power is probably very minor, most likely a fraction of a gigahertz. I still want to have the revised Circle pad pro with the circlepad on tthe back if the left side. Looks way more comfy.

The nipper has - old placement thiugh



Wonky_Kong said:

Still got my old aqua blue 3DS and this isn't gonna make me upgrade tbh. I rarely use my 3D (last used for phoenix Wright cutscenes) and the extra cpu power is probably very minor, most likely a fraction of a gigahertz. I still want to have the revised Circle pad pro with the circlepad on tthe back if the left side. Looks way more comfy.

The nipple has good placement though, makes smash attacks easy to switch to.



DBPirate said:

Will the "New 3DS" be the only one with amiibo functionality? I'm already nervous with that whole Xenoblade only on New 3DS thing...



DilMan33 said:

If we all go 100% digital, it means that Nintendo can easily keep the 3DS line going forever, by releasing more powerful upgrades. Software incompatibility ignorance is servery reduced.

I am glad that they are sticking with 3D!



EverythingAmiibo said:

@cfgk24 Nah, I don't mean unusable breakage, It's just that it has quite a couple of cracks and scratches, a tearing D-pad, a dodgy R button and of course, those stupid marks on the top screen. All of these things I'd love to have fixed, and I've been wanting a limited edition (/customisable) 3DS for a long time, so waiting for the new 3DS is perfect for me, certainly when compared to the many people who have bought multiple 3DSs



MaverickHunterX said:

I'll eventually pick one up, if there's an exclusive that I want. So far a port of a 2+ year old Wii game(that I still own) is not it.

Til then I'll keep enjoying my gold 3DSXL.



FritzFrapp said:

I knew the quote but not the quotee. It looks like Gaultier is correct, but I don't know why several sites state it comes from Carroll and Alice in Wonderland – I've had a skim through that and Through the Looking Glass and can't see it anywhere. Must be from one of the films or games. Never trust the internet!



Danny429 said:

I like the new placement of the stylus. Its a lot more convenient. I'm not sure if anyone already mentioned this because I haven't read the comments.



Royalblues said:

Personally, I don't care, and I'm not getting it. As long as games that I care about keep being released for the existing 3DS models, then I'm good.

I'm going to go back to console and PC gaming.



NinjaWaddleDee said:

I rarely play my 3ds, with the exception of pokemon and Smash coming out soon. So no, I don't really need an upgrade now.



Ren said:

higher res camera? higher res camera? anyone? is it there yet? I'd pay with my arms and legs for a higher res 3d cam... just leave me a finger to take pics with.. these models look amazing but I got a biggie already so no sale unless theres a higher res camera. head tracking is sweet though if that's true.



Scary_Old_Lady said:

Will be getting the small one hopefully when it comes to EU and NA, most likely in the white colour, because SNES buttons.



SnappyJon said:

The timing of the announcement seems weird. On the run up to Christmas (and the very near release of Super Smash Bros), they announce a new 3DS range that you wont actually be able to buy (in the EU or the US) until next year.

It doesn't make that limited edition Super Smash Bros 3DS XL look quite so desirable any more.

I guess Nintendo knows what they are doing. After all, they never make poor marketing decisions.



SnappyJon said:

I doubt it will divide the fan base. The current range of 3DS models have a user base of over 44 million. The new models have a current user base of zero.

Even allowing for a year or two of sales for the new models, If you were a publisher hoping to pay the rent and put food on the table, which version of the hardware would you concentrate development on?

I wouldn't be too surprised to discover that these new models are about Nintendo redesigning the current hardware to avoid some of the Patent infringement problems they've had over the last few years.



AXEL314 said:

@Palutena I've purchased two Nintendo refurb XL's from Nintendo's online store, regular black and the Zelda limited addition, and can say they're practically new. If you want to jump on board the 3DS library, take a look at their online store, save money purchasing directly from them, still get a one year, and receive a system in immaculate condition - now is a great time.



HandheldGuru97 said:

I'll repeating a lot from my other post, but man, I haven't been this hyped for a new handheld for years! The original was great and all and I wasn't too pleased when Nintendo dropped the price or announced the XL. As my picture shows I did end up getting an XL about 6 months post launch and fell in love with it. 2DS, eh didn't care, but I got one for $35 (with Pokemon Y!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) from my brother so huzzah. This though.... this handheld looks AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Two models to choose from day 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Faceplates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gah! The hype is real! As I said before Nintendo and their stopgap handhelds (GBC and DSi) are some of my favorite handhelds OF ALL TIME! I think we should look at this revision more like the GBC then the DSi....however I doubt (we are still so early in this development) beyond Xenoblade that the New 3DS will get many, good big name exclusives. So everyone keep your pants on! I will be getting this (and trading in that 2DS) and Xenoblade, this will be a nice holdover till the 4DS-Boy



J-Manix98 said:

I know I'm super pumped about this new system, but I understand how some people can be frustrated about the revision.

Will definitely buy the New 3DS XL when it comes to "Murica"! I appreciate NL's optimism and support for Nintendo's new ideas! (unlike certain haters about)



Senario said:

I only have a regular 3ds but i would definitely be interested in the XL blue version. It is a great color. I do miss how we no longer really have interesting color choices for controllers and such.



electrolite77 said:


Its a risk though, there's already plenty of existing 3DS owners annoyed at the XC port being new machines only. Its one thing releasing new iterations of hardware but the software should stay the same, that's what most hardware manufacturers manage. If it ran on both machines but noticeably better on the new ones fair enough but I'm not impressed with the way they're doing this especially taking into account the cynical timing.



FabioSMASH said:

Tears of joy. New Nintendo handhelds are one of the very best things in life.
This stays true to form with Nintendo's usual timeline for portable upgrades.



SnappyJon said:

I tend to agree, the idea that it will be able to play future games that older units will not, really makes it a sneaky wolf in sheep's clothing, basically an 'almost' Next Gen hand held console with backwards compatibility.

I guess the sensible thing to do is not buy either of these "New" models until they have enough exclusive games to justify the purchase of the "New" console.

The trouble is, I quite like the look of the "New 3DS" with the interchangeable covers and coloured buttons...



camerica1618 said:

It looks great! I just got the Link Between Worlds XL last year so I won't be buying one of these any time soon, but if the life of the 3DS carries on for many more years, I could see myself getting one in the distant future.



DarkKirby said:

I wouldn't say I'm hyped but I'm happy there is finally a 3DS with a built in Circle Pad Pro because it's what the 3DS needed to have from day 1 for camera control in games with 3D environments.



kurtasbestos said:

I knew that as soon as I finally got around to buying a 3DS, they'd go and announce a new version. If only I had waited another month or so...



doctor_doak said:

I want the white, regular sized one. It seems to be the model of the two that fully realizes the original vision...and it has the whole SNES nostalgia thing going on too.




I'll buy the New 3DS XL, but after I transfer my games, I'm selling my used Pikachu 3DS for $300 to pay for my new 3DS XL.



Vincent294 said:

@vamkar Then you can make a Vita TV one. PS4, Xbox One, Wii U, even the Ouya can join in. Sad but true sales wise, though time will tell if it's the Ouya in that position instead.



Leafgreenmary said:

I hope they somehow fixed the screens. See I have to keep a microfiber cloth between them because my friends systems all have scratches from the bottom screen on the top one. I have had my 3ds for about 2 years and am obsessively cleaning the thing, treating it like the treasure it is...yet I still am starting to see those same scratches on the top screen And even my family complains with how much I am careful with the system. I really hope they made it possible to stop the screens from scratching each other.



electrolite77 said:


"I guess the sensible thing to do is not buy either of these "New" models until they have enough exclusive games to justify the purchase of the "New" console."

All well and good except with spectacularly cynical timing Nintendo are going to spend this Christmas selling the 3DS to punters knowing that when the new machines and the XC port arrive, those who've handed over their hard-earned cash won't be able to play that game. Dreadful cashgrab fleecing of long term fans....but then I wouldn't expect anything else from Nntendo



SnappyJon said:

@electrolite77 "All well and good except with spectacularly cynical timing Nintendo are going to spend this Christmas selling the 3DS to punters knowing that when the new machines and the XC port arrive, those who've handed over their hard-earned cash won't be able to play that game. Dreadful cashgrab fleecing of long term fans."

While I appreciate your point, any new purchaser buying a 3DS since the announcement of the "New" models can hardly be described as a "long term fan". If you don't have a 3DS by now, you're pretty late to the party.

The way I see it, casual gamers will continue to pick up existing models to play existing games, the hardcore collectors will pick up the limited edition models (like the Smash 3DS XL), and anyone who follows what Nintendo does (the long term fans?) will put off buying a(nother) 3DS until the "New" models release next year.

If anything, by announcing the "New" models now, Nintendo have potentially reduced the sales of existing 3DS models over the Christmas period. A very strange thing to do when they want to sell Super Smash Bros on the 3DS very shortly.

If I were a money grabbing Nintendo Exec, I would have suggested waiting until AFTER Christmas and the launch and initial sales rush of Super Smash Bros before announcing a "New" 3DS release. Sell as many existing 'old' 3DS units as possible.

The reason to release these "New" models and the timing of the announcement is very strange, but I don't think you can really accuse Nintendo of fleecing people. They're just trying to make money, it's what companies do.



Bluce_Ree said:

Can some one help me, the smaller screen on the new 3ds will have a higher PPI will this make the 3d effect look more sharper?

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