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I live life to the fullest! :D

Female, 18, United States

I wish life weren't as mundane as it is .I have been told numerous times that I look JUST like Leaf/Green/Blue from the Pokemon franchise:D I think Armin Arlert is the best. I will be attending college very soon and I am very serious about school and wish to become a veterinarian.

Fri 4th July, 2014

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Leafgreenmary commented on Review: Fire Emblem: Awakening (3DS):

Honestly, this has become one of my favorite games. I love how you can get married, have children, and don't get me started on the cutscenes and audio tracks because they are PERFECT. I have never been so pleased with a game in a looooonng time and this having been my first Fire Emblem game, I am so thrilled to own it. I really want another game!



Leafgreenmary commented on Review: Conception II: Children of the Seven S...:

Now if only you could be a girl, surrounded by guys....okay, actually that might be really awkward if your goal is to "Classmate" with them and they probably will talk about it...I might get this if the price drops enough. Nice review though, and two of my friends who bought the game really enjoyed it, though they were both a little uncomfortable since they are girls playing it.



Leafgreenmary commented on Story of Seasons:

I am really hyped for this game and have already preordered it. I hope that your spouse actually helps you on your farm this game, because while I really liked A New Beginning, it was a little disappointing they hardly helped you. Also, we need more games that include marriage options, because I would buy them in an instant!



Leafgreenmary commented on Harvest Moon: A New Beginning:

I cannot get enough of this game. Sure, most of the bachelors are tsunderes and jerks, but seriously, I don't think I have invested so much time in an HM title in a long time. Highly recommend!



Leafgreenmary commented on Interview: Yoshifumi Hashimoto Tells Us a Stor...:

I am DEFINITELY getting this. For those who haven't played a HM game, or think this is boring, I highly recommend you give this a chance. You can get married, raise animals and crops among a myriad of things to do!

I love how the idea that you can customize is being kept in this game:) I wish more games allowed marriages like in this game and Rune Factory. If more games had marriage options for the 3ds, I would buy every single one I could. THANK YOU FOR BRINGING THIS GAME TO AMERICA!!!!!!!!