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Fri 27th Sep 2013

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PayMeMunna commented on Guide: Get Competitive with 1v1 Online Matches...:

@MadAdam81 I agree. Since the time frame I have to play is usually at night in the US, I'm only ever in a room with a bunch of Japanese players--which I see other American players say its the same for them as well. Now if they had an update which would allow you to play within your own



PayMeMunna commented on Players Reached Splatoon's Level Cap So Fast T...:

I got to the level cap pretty fast once Ranked came out, but I did play so much I barely got any sleep. Even now I play a few hours every day after work or until I ragequit haha

From the moment I got the game, I could feel that this was a great beginning to a good series. So many things they can expand on in the next installment--like different hair styles, decorating your own squid room, visiting your friends' squid room, different squid bands hosting the Splatfest instead of only Callie and Marie, other amiibos unlocking character-inspired gear



PayMeMunna commented on Splatoon Version 1.3.0 Update Due on 30th June...:

I have my own method on surviving Krakens--getting into squid form, slowly moving to a corner or even somewhere in the open, and hiding it out--as I found trying to run away is what kills me. I pretty much never die by Krakens now but I understand that they should be nerfed and should act similarly to the Bubbler.

I do notice most Ranked players tend to stick with that white t-shirt with the Ninja Squid ability and the colorful shoes with the Stealth Jump ability so a nerf there might bring more attention to other useful abilities. My personal favorite is Bomb Sniffer!

Unrelated, does anyone else have issues with the comment feature on Nintendo Life when you are replying from your phone?



PayMeMunna commented on Editorial: Nintendo's Approach to amiibo is In...:

I only own one amiibo — Peach-- which I bought with my Wii U. Now, I want to own more, especially the Splatoon 3 pack, but I dont want to invest time and money hunting them down. I dont even want to collect them all! The shortage is off-putting to me.



PayMeMunna commented on Splatoon Producer Inks Out Reasons For Lack Of...:

If there was voice chat, then I hope there would be regional servers for language reasons. Yes, most people learn a bit of English in different countries but why should they be obligated to use English for my sake?

I would probably use voice chat if it existed but I am alright without it.. Have to think about how it won't be "only me" talking and I can only imagine how much yelling over each other there'd be in 3-4 minute matches.... On the other hand, I seriously saw my teammate waltz right into a mine because they didn't have Bomb Sniffer in their gear abilities and I think about if only I could have warned them! lol

At the very least, I wish there were more commands than saying "c'mon" and "booyah" or you could choose from a list and it would make up for the lack of communication.



PayMeMunna commented on Guide: Tips On How To Become A Squid Hotshot I...:

I love the Splattershot Jr the most but whenever I don't take the offensive (in terms of turf coverage) and equip a more supporting weapon, my team tends to lose!

Like I have so much fun picking off opponents with the charger weapons but whenever I have one equipped, my team ends up not being very well rounded or just misunderstanding the concept of team. Most of the time, I'm still MVP of my losing team with a Splatcharger! Lol. I'm hoping as time goes on that more players create a role for themselves and understand the roles/limitations of their teammates based on weapon choice. They preview everyone's weapons for a reason!

Another good tip is when your teammate is squid jumping to you, you should do your best to make a safe entry for them. It ain't cool jumping into the heat of battle just to be killed by a waiting enemy or even to have to land in a pool of enemy gunk. But of course the teammate should do their part and consider the safest person to jump to as well.

All in all, I'm having loads of fun. Its very hard putting this game down--even when my gamepad needs charging. I'm personally very fond of the gyro controls. I had turned them off in the Testfire and felt extremely hindered. I use them in MK8 as well so perhaps I am just used to them.



PayMeMunna commented on Splatoon Global Testfire Suffers Major Problem...:

Played 2 matches before I got booted then spent the next 45 minutes goofing off in the tutorial. Searched on twitter to see that everyone else had the same problem. I had a feeling Nintendo would extend the Testfire as would be the right thing to do so no need to overreact or give up. Then I had a good seamless hour of serious and fun playthrough. May 29th cant come quicker!



PayMeMunna commented on Weirdness: Nintendo of America's Splatoon Mess...:

I went to this event, it was really fun! Kinda funny they got Disney on this versus Nickelodeon but I guess they don't really do slime anymore huh? (I have no cable anymore so I wouldn't know). Got to play Splatoon 3 more times (technically 6 because you got to play 2 rounds each play session) and headed home once high school kids started getting out of school lol. The staff in the tents were really fun & helpful to first time players and those who just so happened to line up to play!

My only qualm was that I wish they would have set up more tents with Wii Us as most who just wanted to visit the pier that day would be deterred by the long line just to play a video game they never heard of



PayMeMunna commented on Feature: The Key Details on Splatoon, Nintendo...:

Played all 3 demo sessions and had a great time! Definitely lived up to my expectations. First session I kept getting the "Failed to connect" message as I do in Smash from time to time. Probably due to the hype rush as the next 2 sessions I did not have this problem at all.

I understand the complaints about no couch co-op but it definitely works out for me. My friends dont play video games and my siblings are all doing their own thing now so the online-focus is perfect! My only concern is playing against people with poor internet connections lol

I hope there will be more demo sessions. I can hardly wait til the end of May



PayMeMunna commented on Nintendo 64x64: GoldenEye 007:

Loved this game. Use to play this with my brother and sister all the time! We would call the AI bots "Al bots" since the text was hard to read and we thought they looked like Weird Al Yankovic lol. Only later we realized it was actually artificial intelligence bots lol



PayMeMunna commented on Guide: How to Unlock the Full Roster in Super ...:

I didnt know Bowser Jr & co was that difficult to get. I just played online mode for hours and hours and unlocked them all!

My main fighters alternate between Diddy Kong and my girl Peach. I notice I tend to gravitate towards the ones with a self-launching side+B move like the Villager and Pit/Dark Pit lol



PayMeMunna commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Brings Life to the 3DS...:

Would one be able to transfer their data on their current 3DS XL to one of these new systems? Like my streetpass, pokebank, and other games I've downloaded from eshop?

If it comes in pink then I'll seriously consider upgrading lol



PayMeMunna commented on Video: Nintendo Releases a Pokémon Series Sho...:

Ah yes Crystal version. I remember me and my sister being super excited about finally being able to be a girl in the game

I can imagine myself sticking with this series til I'm old and grey and transferring all my favorite pokemon to my grandkids



PayMeMunna commented on Pokémon X & Y Torchic Distribution Announced:

I don't want Torchic in my starting party but I'll most likely train it for my competitive team. To the box with you, my dear Torchic!

And even though we've known about this for a while, the site recently updated with more information on how to get it so this is just.. updated old news instead of brand new news lol and not everyone is up-to-date all the time so no harm in putting it out there for people who might not have known!



PayMeMunna commented on Pokémon X & Y:

Pre-ordered my copy of Y at Gamestop the other day. I'm seriously drowning in the hype