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Wed 27th Feb 2013

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robbleshague commented on Feature: Why I Love Import Gaming:

I bought a modded Sega Saturn a few years back and let me tell you folks, that console is an absolute goldmine for 2D shooters.

I've played so many awesome games I never knew existed since picking one up.



robbleshague commented on Eurostyle Neo Geo Shooter Gunlord Is Blasting ...:

Not wanting to be a grump, but I backed a Kickstarter by NG:DEV.TEAM for their shooter Redux - A game that we're all still waiting for 9 months after its supposed shipping date. There's been very little in the way of updates and they're nearly always totally vague and ignorant of questions left by disgruntled backers.

In the meantime they've started work on another game and now there's this second crowd funded project.

Just felt it was worth mentioning.



robbleshague commented on Yakuza Producer Describes The Wii U Version As...:

The Yakuza series is one of my absolute favesies. Dead Souls in particular is an overlooked masterpiece.

Odd that they chose to go with an HD 1 and 2 over number 5 though.

I'm sure it's a cost thing, but they'd see a much bigger response to a port of 5, no?



robbleshague commented on Shadow of the Eternals Developer Double-Dips W...:

My guess is that there's a lot riding on this getting funded, so they've panicked and launched a Kickstarter too.

Just feels off to me. "Constant communication with Nintendo" doesn't add up with two separate, and massively massive donation goals.



robbleshague commented on Shadow of the Eternals Will Cost $5 Per Episod...:

Walking Dead actually benefits massively from being episodic, there's a chance this could too.

That said, I'd much rather a full blown retail release with Nintendo's approval...and the gameplay footage shown looks mega bog-standard.



robbleshague commented on Rumour: Nintendo Helping Developers to Convert...:

Would love Wii U versions of some of the iOS shooters. Raiden Legacy, Blazing Star and all that.

Ooh, and a Wii U Ridiculous Fishing too - With the gamepad held vertically and the TV screen remaining above water.

Getting pointlessly jazzed about games that likely won't happen is a pastime of mine!