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Dawn-Shade commented on Humble Nindie Bundle Adds Three New Games:

@DarthNocturnal the only metroidvania in that game is upgrades which makes travelling easier after defeating certain dungeon, boss with fixed attack patterns, and some platforming. Steam world dig is basically a digging game. Dig deep collecting stuff to be sold, buy upgrade for your equipment so you can dig deeper.



Dawn-Shade commented on This 3DS Carry Case Has A StreetPass Window, B...:

I have these. Colors looks great, materials feels cheap but actually durable.
I'm using the old xl model for my new 3ds. I would love to upgrade to actual new 3ds xl one if only they have the purple color. The transparent on the side just feels right.



Dawn-Shade commented on Review: A-Train 3D: City Simulator (3DS eShop):

I am really interested in this game. This is my kind of game and 3DS are really lacking this type of game.
Will wait for a price drop tho since right now I'm saving for upgrade to New 3DS.

@gurtifus did this game has stereo 3D feature? All the screenshots from eshop are 2D and the playable area are even on the bottom.



Dawn-Shade commented on These 3D Printed New Nintendo 3DS Cover Plates...:

@MyBodyIsReggie yes. But it's not the New model.
My friend dislike his boring dull blue 3DS XL, so he airbrushed the shell and painted a cool Giratina on top of it (after he removed the shell first, of course).
Too bad in order to remove the top shell, the four screws near the top screen will be permanently exposed. He said you have to rip the 'rubbery' protector to remove it.



Dawn-Shade commented on Masahiro Sakurai Discusses his Thoughts on Vir...:

@abe_hikura A lot of FPS actually utilize head tracking as camera control and it's brand new input not just a right analog input.

Left analog input will control player movement, right analog input will control gun aiming, and head tracking will control camera (or basically your character head). So you can shoot forward while strafing left while looking up at the sky.

Watch this in action (notice how the reticle is not fixed on the center):



Dawn-Shade commented on Video: Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy Plus...:

I hope it has a lot of extra features and contents besides the amiibo support.
I loved the original game a lot, but from this trailer, I see the exact same game and I still don't see any reason to buy this despite I really want another Ace Combat games that bad...



Dawn-Shade commented on Review: Xeodrifter (3DS eShop):

I don't really like Mutant Mudds.. Will this do?
Because I love Guacamelee and from what I read, this game mechanic on handling power up to revisit stages is similar to Guacamelee.



Dawn-Shade commented on The Wonderful 101 Gets a Wonderful Soundtrack ...:

Great timing, just yesterday I was wondering is there any official soundtrack of this game released.

Do we get the Japanese lyric or the English?
Because I prefer english lyric.
"The won-stoppable Wonderful, Wonderful One O' One!!!"



Dawn-Shade commented on Thorium Wars: Attack of the Skyfighter Takes F...:

Do you think it has more realistic control like classic flight control on Ace Combat games? Based on the video, I think it's more simple flight control like on Star Fox games (duh, it even has one button barrel roll) which I don't like.



Dawn-Shade commented on Review: The Letter (Wii U eShop):

Is it weird that I can't find this on eshop?
I access it from WaraWara plaza, but it just display some kind of error message. I even searched the eshop but still this game can't be found.