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Tue 24th June, 2014

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Dawn-Shade commented on Video: Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy Plus...:

I hope it has a lot of extra features and contents besides the amiibo support.
I loved the original game a lot, but from this trailer, I see the exact same game and I still don't see any reason to buy this despite I really want another Ace Combat games that bad...



Dawn-Shade commented on Review: Xeodrifter (3DS eShop):

I don't really like Mutant Mudds.. Will this do?
Because I love Guacamelee and from what I read, this game mechanic on handling power up to revisit stages is similar to Guacamelee.



Dawn-Shade commented on The Wonderful 101 Gets a Wonderful Soundtrack ...:

Great timing, just yesterday I was wondering is there any official soundtrack of this game released.

Do we get the Japanese lyric or the English?
Because I prefer english lyric.
"The won-stoppable Wonderful, Wonderful One O' One!!!"



Dawn-Shade commented on Thorium Wars: Attack of the Skyfighter Takes F...:

Do you think it has more realistic control like classic flight control on Ace Combat games? Based on the video, I think it's more simple flight control like on Star Fox games (duh, it even has one button barrel roll) which I don't like.



Dawn-Shade commented on Review: The Letter (Wii U eShop):

Is it weird that I can't find this on eshop? :o
I access it from WaraWara plaza, but it just display some kind of error message. I even searched the eshop but still this game can't be found.