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  • Nintendo Download 5th May (Europe)

    Pocket Card Jockey! LEGO Avenger Black Panther DLC! Discounts galore! More!

    It's a Bank Holiday in some countries but Nintendo has still sent out the European Nintendo Download Update details, albeit a little later than usual. This week we have some interesting new arrivals on the eShop stores and a lot of discounts, which are sure to tempt some...

  • News My Nintendo's Rewards Have Been Updated for May

    Discounts galore

    As you may have been aware, a range of My Nintendo rewards expired on 1st May, and new options have now been posted in North America and Europe. They're all discounts, which was expected as those that disappeared were equivalent deals. Due to differences in regional expiry dates the North American region has a lot of new offers,...

  • News A New VoxelMaker Update is Now Available

    Background music! Sample models! Glowing blocks!

    Some of you may remember Nostatic Software's VoxelMaker, which made its debut on the Wii U eShop last October. The game stood out a bit due to its nature of being more of a 3D modeling tool than an actual game. We gave it a solid recommendation, praising the depth and variety of its toolset, though a...