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The Humble Friends of Nintendo Bundle has now passed 150,000 purchases, which at the time of writing brings it just shy of $1.5 million in revenue. It's far surpassed the original North America-only bundle, with a global audience no doubt helping to deliver impressive results.

With the bundle due to end at 11am Pacific / 2pm Eastern / 7pm UK / 8pm CET on 10th May, we thought it'd be worth sharing one of our reminder posts for those that had filed this under "I'll do it later". Once the bundle ends the chance for an outstanding bargain (though you can be as generous as you want and pay beyond the minimum required amounts) will be well and truly gone - until the next bundle, which we naturally hope will come.

As a reminder you can get the following at different tiers:

Pay $1 or more

Pay over the average to add these (around $9.75 at the time of writing)

Pay $13 or more to add these

Later today we'll share a feature with some developer perspectives on the bundle. Until then let us know whether you've picked this up and which games you've enjoyed the most.

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