FAST Racing NEO was a standout title on the Wii U eShop late last year, but Shin'en Multimedia encountered some delays releasing its planned update - the challenge of a global roll-out played a factor. The good news is that the update is coming very soon - on 18th May - and will make some tweaks to how we play online, in particular.

The update will take the game to version 1.1 and Shin'en is calling it 'Vertigo'; the changes are all about improving performance and the user interface. The developer gave us the following images and breakdown of the improvements that'll come.

FAST Racing NEO update.png
  • Online: Improved stability
  • Online: You can now choose a preferred speed league
  • Online: Player tags are now shown
  • Online: Player country flags are now shown
  • General: Mini Map for all tracks available while playing
  • General: Improved loading speed for many tracks (especially from external USB devices)

For players that like pushing the boundaries in tracks general stability improvements are welcome, while an on-screen mini-map will help those of us with more limited abilities. More control in choosing online races, too, will let players tackle higher speed classes against others.

Are you planning to fire up FAST Racing NEO for some races once the update drops? Let us know.