It's no secret that Nintendo's E3 plans are a tad underwhelming, but one Nindie is aiming to add a bit of fun to the occasion with its own themed game - B3 Game Expo For Bees.

The wordplay is obvious, but what's surprising is that this is a first-person shooter that's heading exclusively to the Wii U - its been developed by Famous Gamous, which previously released KEYTARI: 8-bit Music Maker on the system.

It's certainly aiming to be quirky by playing up its parody links to E3, though it is also trying to use the GamePad in a good way. The following is part of what the developer has told us about the story and concept:

It's just hours before the start of B3, the annual Game Expo for Bees. You are the brand new Security Bee at the Convention Hive. During your night shift, you were unable to pull yourself away from reading all the pre-B3 hype on B.Chat. Consequently you completely neglected your patrolling before accidentally drifting off to sleep in the Security Pod. Your adventure begins here.

How would I describe this game? I tried to blend the exploration of Metroid Prime with the zaniness of Animal Crossing. Similar to how Captain Olimar carries the KopPad, in B3 you have the B.Pad, and "download" all sorts of electro-magical apps from the B.Shop to help you solve Zelda-like puzzles OR simply surf B.Chat to enjoy some B3 Hype and maybe get some hints!

Could B3 be hiding real E3 secrets? Could the Beetronic B.Pad be anything like Nintendo's next portable? Could Beetronic's New System give clues to NX? Yes, Nintendo is finally packing an exclusive FPS... and you are a bee. Waiting to explore in that Metroid Prime way - consider B3! Longing for those Animal Crossing wacky conversations - consider B3! What happens if you type "RoboBear @ B3!" in Miiverse??? Will you actually conjure RoboBear?

Though it's all rather silly, some playful fun may be just what's called for on the Wii U right now. This one's coming to North America on 2nd June, while the developer hopes to get it signed off for a pre-E3 release in Europe on 9th June (though that's not 100% confirmed).

Check out the trailer below and let us know whether you'll bee there to check it out (wordplay like that is inexcusable - Ed)

[source famousgamous.com]