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  • Guide Advanced Tactics For Star Fox Guard

    Plus info on all of the unlockable extra missions

    So you've taken out a few bots and think you're a pro in Star Fox Guard? Perhaps you're ready for our advanced tips, which should hopefully give you the inside knowledge you need to take your game to the next level. We've also included info on the extra missions hidden away within the title. Enjoy!...

  • Guide Knowing Your Enemy In Star Fox Guard

    Fighting foes and besting bosses

    We don't know why or from where these bots are all coming from, but we will not let our guard down, no matter how many they send our way. This handy section of our Star Fox Guard guide will tell you how to handle each of the two types of bots. We've broken it down to their model name, HP rating, Speed rating, Threat...

  • Guide Getting Started With Star Fox Guard

    Say hello to your weapons and bases

    You might have heard there's a system-wide war going on. You wisely chose to stay at home, juggling remote cameras on distant worlds protecting President Grippy Toad's precious mineral deposits from the onslaught of robotic invaders. But if you think this job is easier than what those fly-boys strapped on their...

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    Wii U eShop

    Review Star Fox Guard

    En garde, robot scum!

    Project Guard debuted at E3 2014 as part of an initiative from Nintendo to craft new experiences that could only be pulled off with the GamePad. What was then a small, weird, experimental game is now a small, weird, experimental game set in the Star Fox universe. Oh, and a pretty great — if distressing — proof of concept...

  • Video Let the Hype Build With the Star Fox Zero Launch Trailer

    Mission Accomplished

    Star Fox Zero and Star Fox Guard are almost upon us, and the hype is certainly building. They're the first new Star Fox games in a number of years and, as a result, Nintendo is ensuring that they get plenty of attention, even live streaming an animated short. Ahead of the 22nd April release Nintendo of Europe has also released...

  • News Here's How Much Space Star Fox Zero And Star Fox Guard Will Consume On Your Wii U

    "Hey, what's the big deal?"

    Digital download cards released in Japan have revealed the file size data for forthcoming Wii U titles Star Fox Zero and Star Fox Guard. Star Fox Zero gobbles up 6.2GB of storage space, while the spin-off title - which began life as Project Guard - occupies a more slender 2.1GB. Both launch at the end of the month -...

  • Preview Star Fox Guard Just May Be the Scariest Game of 2016

    No, really

    Star Fox Guard is a strange spinoff of a beloved franchise, taking on an entirely unorthodox gameplay loop for Fox and friends. You can glean as much from a quick peek at screenshots and videos. What you won't see in your fancy screenshots and schmancy videos is just how much Guard is secretly a horror game. Nintendo Life, we hear you...

  • Video Feel the Hype Build in This Showcase for Star Fox Zero and Guard

    Everybody, stay alert

    It's not long now until we have an all new adventure with Fox and his crew in Star Fox Zero, while Star Fox Guard will be an eShop extra with a co-operative and tactical edge. As the main event Zero has certainly divided opinion, yet with the final game around the corner there's a natural buzz around its arrival. Nintendo's...