Prolific indie studio RCMADIAX has released information regarding three new Wii U eShop titles, all of which are launching in the next few months. As we've come to expect from the company, these titles present quite a mix of gameplay styles.

Here are the details:

MEGA WIN CASINO SLOTS - Est Release June 2016
Bring home the action of casino slots, without risking real money. Includes 3 themed slot machines in a single download.

INVANOID - Est Release June 2016
This invaders/brick blaster combo combines fun animations with endless high score gameplay.

TAP TAP ARCADE 2 - Est July 2016
A compilation title containing SKEASY and a brand new high score chaser called VOLCANO for a single price.

Aside from some screenshots - which you'll find by clicking the links above - that's all the info RCMADIAX has for us at this stage; regional availability and pricing will follow later.