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The Humble Friends of Nintendo Bundle has enjoyed decent success so far, passing $1 million in money raised. It's now had the standard mid-bundle additions, adding three titles overall.

Of the three new games two are for the Wii U eShop and one for the 3DS eShop - they are Runbow, Swords & Soldiers II and Nano Assault EX. You can see the full line-up below.

Pay $1 or more

Pay over the average to add these (around $9.75 at the time of writing)

Pay over $13 to add these

Overall that's an impressive range of titles, with a potentially huge discount - though you can pay more than the minimum requirements if you choose. Those that have already bought the bundle above the average rate will have the three new additions added to their account already - the codes can be found via the 'Keys' area in your Humble Bundle login on the official site.

The bundle is running until 10th May, so hit up the link below if you still want to grab it. What do you think of this Humble Friends of Nintendo Bundle? Let us know in the comments.