Some of you may remember Nostatic Software's VoxelMaker, which made its debut on the Wii U eShop last October. The game stood out a bit due to its nature of being more of a 3D modeling tool than an actual game. We gave it a solid recommendation, praising the depth and variety of its toolset, though a bit miffed at how there isn't really much you can actually do with your creations. While this still remains the case now, the developer has pleasingly enough opted to put out a free update that improves and builds upon the existent toolset.

The announcement came recently via an employee of Nostatic on Miiverse. In terms of notable new additions, there's now background music, faster rendering, and new block types. It's unknown whether or not there will be additional updates in the future, but it's nice to see the developer giving the game some decent post-release support. Here's the post:

What do you think? Did you enjoy VoxelMaker? What else would you like to see added? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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