Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE is around a month away in the West, and Nintendo has the task of pitching the quirky Atlus-developed cross-over to a new audience. It's always appeared to be a bonkers title, though that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Nintendo of America has now started a new video series that aims to show all the hip kids why they should want this game, or something. It couldn't be more 'YouTube', from the "what's up internet?" intro to lines such as "I'm serious dude"; everything is literally the best thing ever.

Still, maybe the tone will hit the mark for many, as this grumpy 31 year old isn't exactly the target. In any case, the video does provide plenty of details and information on how the game works - for that alone it's well worth a watch.

As an extra bonus, here's our our 15 minute video addressing the key question around this game - 'what is it?'