Don't give up hope...yet

When former Silicon Knights boss Denis Dyack revealed he was producing a spiritual successor to the GameCube classic Eternal Darkness way back in 2013, fans were overjoyed.

However, confusion over the crowdfunding drive for Shadow of the Eternals led to some early setbacks, with the venture hitting something of a dead end after failing to meet its initial goal. The game's development was put on hold, but Dyack refused to give up hope, and on more than one occasion stated that the title was merely resting rather than entirely dead.

It would now appear that work on the title has been restarted. Dyack has a new company - dubbed Quantum Entanglement Entertainment - and has released a new trailer and gameplay video for the game.

He's also running a YouTube channel by the name of The Quantum Tunnel, which has a rather wide remit - games, movies and quantum physics.

In addition to all of this, Dyack is running a regular video podcast, and in a recent episode he touched upon the troubles that surrounded Shadow of the Eternals' original crowdfunding campaign. Around the 9:30 mark, he discusses his concerns with "unethical" games journalists and names Kotaku and Jim Sterling, claiming they are "bad" for the industry.

It's not currently known if Shadow of the Eternals is still headed to Wii U - it was one of the platforms supported by the original Kickstarter campaign.

Thanks to ThanosReXXX for the tip!