North American gamers may remember the Humble Nindie Bundle last year, which offered huge savings on some excellent eShop games. It was only available in that region, but now we have a new bundle announced for both Europe (including Australia and South Africa) and the Americas - the Humble Friends of Nintendo Bundle.

For those unfamiliar with Humble Bundle, it offers a number of games at an enormous discount, as you can can pay as much as you want over $1. Some games do get locked behind tiers, but ultimately this bundle contains content valued at over $179. The list of games is below, but bear in mind that more will be added in the next two weeks.

Pay $1

Pay over the average (around $9 at the time of writing)

Pay over $13

It'll be interesting to see what other games get added, but so far its offering a lot of quality titles at a bargain price, though naturally you can pay more than the minimum that is required. You can also decide how much of your payment is given to Humble Bundle, the developers and the selected charities, in this case SOS Children's Villages and

So, how many of you will be joining in with this bundle over the next two weeks? Let us know in the comments.

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