The ever-useful tools of Photoshop and similar applications mean it's hard to believe much of what we see nowadays, but they can nevertheless bring some wish fulfilment. For example what if the brilliant FAST Racing NEO was allowed to include the iconic Blue Falcon as a vehicle?

Shin'en Multimedia's game is very much its own beast, of course, but the fast-paced action it offers on Wii U has led to some F-Zero fans pining for a franchise seemingly lost. As a result one of our team stumbled across these images on boards.fireden, which try to convince any and all who see them that the Blue Falcon is coming to the eShop title.

Blue Falcon FAST NEO update.jpg
Blue Falcon FAST NEO2.jpg
Blue Falcon FAST NEO3.jpg

It seems highly likely that these are fake, the fantasy of a Wii U owner with memories of the F-Zero franchise. For its part Shin'en also gave us the following statement:

We have nothing to announce regarding FAST currently and these images are not from us.

Pretty clear language to suggest fans shouldn't take images like these at face value. In the meantime Shin'en is no doubt busy working on its update for the game, which will bring in features like a minimap, improved stability and more options when playing online. Originally due in January, the company stated in March that it's having issues rolling out the update across North America, PAL territories and Japan at the same time - likely necessary because of the online component - but that it's still coming. In recent days it's also confirmed that it plans to release the game soundtrack.

In any case, it seems like a decent moment to revisit the eShop hit from late 2015. We'll see you on the track.