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    Let’s get ready to Runbow

    Runbow turned out to be something of a cult classic when it launched on Wii U back in 2015. Mixing a whole lot of colour, chaos, party-style fun, a generous amount of solo player content, and even a selection of favourite Nindie characters, the game was adored by those who played it and for good reason – it was...




  • News Runbow Is Coming to the Switch in Winter 2017

    Round up all your friends

    One of the standout games on the ill-fated Wii U was that of Runbow, 13AM Games’ standout take on a competitive platforming game. It put the studio on the map and eventually saw another release on the New 3DS in the form of Runbow Pocket. Considering the game’s cult status and style, it seemed to be a perfect fit for...






  • News Runbow 3DS Retail Edition Spotted on Amazon

    Update: 13AM Games says listing has 'misinformation', but has E3 plans

    Update: 13AM Games has given us an update on this Amazon listing: We're happy that people are excited about the possibility of a 3DS and retail version of Runbow, but we have to make it clear that this leak is not from 13AM Games and unfortunately contains some misinformation...


  • Feature Taking a Dash at Runbow's DLC Offerings

    ​The Colours Out of Space

    It's really no secret at all that many of us at Nintendo Life are giddy for Runbow and its perilous, polychromatic platforming. We scored it a 9 in our review and it ranked on both staff and readers' digital picks for last year. The crew at 13AM Games has since released some additional c

  • Video Grab a Rundown of all of Runbow's New and Delicious DLC

    Adding additional Val-Hue

    Runbow has been available on the Wii U eShop for a little over six months and it's safe to say it's a favourite amongst the team here at NLife Towers. That love is no doubt going to run even deeper now that 13AM Games is about to release a wealth of brand new DLC for this action-packed party platformer. Check out the video...

  • News 13AM Games Teases April Content for Runbow

    The self-titled "scrappy Canadians" are ready to share more

    13AM Games made a hugely impressive debut with the Wii U-exclusive Runbow in 2015, delivering an enjoyable and clever platformer that also supports chaotic multiplayer modes. The company's always been clear that more content is coming to the eShop release, and appears to be preparing to...



  • News 13AM Games Announces Upcoming Update for Runbow

    Adds 2 player matchmaking and bug fixes

    Runbow has been out for a few months now and by all accounts, it stands as an excellent couch multiplayer party game. We awarded it a 9/10, praising the distinct art direction and frantic gaming, and it's no doubt been a source of much entertainment to many fans over the last few months. 13AM Games is...


  • Guide 9 Tips for Playing Runbow

    Get up and running

    Runbow is finally out in both North America and Europe. But did you know that to Runbow properly you need to follow a series of steps? It is scientifically proven by a group of proven scientists that running is more difficult than walking. Write that down as a fact! Luckily for you we have come up with the perfect guide; no no,...


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    Colourtastic! Colourrific! Colourawesome!

    In the words of the late Satoru Iwata - "Above all, video games are meant to just be one thing: Fun for everyone". Runbow embraces this philosophy and runs away with it. The result is a game that is simple in concept and execution, yet it radiates personality from every shade of its palette. In short, Runbow...

  • Exclusive Check Out Runbow's Complete Cast of Colourful Crossover Characters

    Let the colours run

    Runbow's crazy breed of colour-based running action has already enlisted the help of the likes of Shovel Knight, Scram Kitty, and CommanderVideo to help in the endless task of running from one place to another, and now that list of indie guests has just grown even larger. In this exclusive trailer 13AM Games' frantic 9-player...