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The Humble Friends of Nintendo Bundle is the second 'Humble Bundle' that has featured eShop games, and is the first to be available globally. We previously reported that it had started quickly with over 60,000 bundles sold in under 24 hours, and it's now passed another notable landmark.

At the time of writing the bundle has passed $1 million dollars in total payments, spread across more than 103,000 bundle sales. The current purchase average of roughly $10 is pretty decent going for the Humble Bundle platform, perhaps helped by the presence of a few retail games in the bundle. If you missed it before the following games are currently available.

Pay $1

Pay over the average (around $9.75 at the time of writing)

Pay over $13

The good news is that more games are going to be added very soon. These will be available for those who pay over the average, and if you've already bought the bundle 'above average' at the time you'll have the new games added to your collection. Some eShop store placements have prompted thoughts over what is coming next, but it's ultimately tricky to tell whether they're accurate or just the store showing similar games in a list; we'll all know very soon.

If you want to check out the bundle the link is below and right here. It's due to end on 10th May, and often mid-bundle additions can add a spike to sales; we'll see whether that happens this time.

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With thanks to Ryan Millar for the heads up.