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  • Review Tachyon Project (Switch eShop)

    Shmup or schmuck?

    Tachyon Project is a game on a mission to shake up the twin-stick shooter genre. What started with Robotron: 2084 and then revitalized with Geometry Wars, it must be hard to deviate from the formula and succeed based on the number of games that have released since Bizarre Creations’ magnum opus that have yet to be memorable. What...

  • Review Tachyon Project (Wii U eShop)

    Shoot all of the things

    While twin-stick shooters are relatively common on rival download stores, the Wii U eShop isn't blessed with many. Tachyon Project, then, offers to fill a gap with its arena-based stages and frantic gameplay, and it does so in decent style. Presented top-down with a flat perspective, this title is undoubtedly visually...