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In the past 24 hours Humble Bundle launched the second ever Nintendo eShop offering, the Humble Friends of Nintendo Bundle. It contains a mix of retail downloads and eShop-only titles at a huge discount (with more to be announced in six day's time) and, importantly, it's available around the world across PAL territories and North America.

That global audience is making a difference, too. The North American 'Humble Nindie Bundle' in 2015 passed 37,000 sales in 24 hours. This new bundle has, at the time of writing, performed far better - in less than 24 hours it's passed 61,000 sales and raised around $600,000. The money raised will be split between Nintendo (and presumably its partners for the games themselves), Humble Bundle and two charities - SOS Children's Villages and The average purchase is just under $10 at present, which is a bargain and also suggests that plenty are shunning the $13 tier that includes Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition and Darksiders II.

More games will be announced on 3rd May for this bundle, but if you jump in now and pay over the average you'll receive them when they're confirmed. Head to the official website if you want to pick it up.

Have you grabbed the Humble Friends of Nintendo Bundle yet?