It's-a him!

The head of Microsoft's Xbox division is quite a chilled out guy. Not only does he find the very concept of console wars "distasteful", but he can't stop saying nice things about Nintendo, claiming that the Japanese firm is a "beacon" for its rivals.

Recently, Microsoft has enjoyed a closer relationship with Nintendo thanks to the fact that one of the IPs it owns - Minecraft - has finally made its way to the Wii U. Not only that, but the game is getting exclusive content in the form of a Super Mario themed texture pack, which arrives free of charge in May 17th, followed by a retail release in June.

The whole situation has been pretty rosy from Spencer's perspective:

In the past Spencer has shared the opinion that he'd love to see Nintendo games on the Xbox One, and while we doubt the relationship between the two firms is quite that strong, it's nice to see companies working together for mutual benefit.