UPDATE: Well, this is embarrassing. Thanks to kindly people on Twitter like Prof.9, it has come to our attention that "12/02/16" is actually using the European date system (12th February 2016) and not the American system (2nd December 2016). The 12th was the original launch date for the game in Europe.

It would appear that the Xbox Store has simply neglected to update its listing page since the delay earlier this year, presumably because no solid release date has been forthcoming since then. To add to the confusion, the European date (12/02/16) seems to have been incorrectly copied over to the North American Xbox Store.

Apologies. Suffice to say, we've located the person responsible for this hiccup and reduced them to their component parts.

ORIGINAL STORY: According to a post on the Xbox Store, the much-delayed Mighty No. 9 isn't going to be with us until the start of December.

The listing - a screengrab of which can be seen below - states that the title is expected to arrive on the Xbox One on December 2nd. This is presumably the same date that other versions - including Wii U and 3DS - will also ship on.

We're still trying to find out if this date is official; the listing goes as far as to state the file size of the game, which should set alarm bells ringing as it would surely be impossible to know the final size of an unfinished title.

If the date is correct, then it marks the latest in a sorry series of delays which have impacted Keiji Inafune's Mega Man successor. Originally intended to see release in 2015, the game was pushed into 2016 and then delayed a second time. The "spring" launch that was promised also seems to have passed.

At least Infaune has found time to make Super Mario Maker levels, so it's not a total loss.