For those of us with credit cards buying eShop games is a simple button press away, but there's still a market for eShop fund cards - whether as gifts or cash-bought, they're a handy option if there's a download that you simply must have. The latest range available in Japan allows gamers to top up with some extra retro style.

Tweeted by Nintendo last week - which we've now seen via Tiny Cartridge - there are SNES-themed fund cards. One has the system itself while the other promotes Super Mario World and other Virtual Console games - we've seen this visual style from Nintendo in a few areas now, and it never loses its allure.

We do get some decent designs in the West, to be fair, such as these cards that have been around in PAL territories.

eShop Aus.jpg

Nevertheless this does seem to be a case where a particularly cool thing is limited to Japan, for now at least.

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