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Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut Will Cost $20 More On Wii U Than On PS3 And 360

Posted by Damien McFerran

The Nintendo tax?

When Square Enix announced Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut for the Wii U, everyone was pretty happy about getting to play a past classic with enhanced GamePad functions.

However, when the news broke that this "exclusive" version was also coming to the PS3 and 360, some Wii U owners felt slightly short-changed.

That negative feeling is only set to get worse, as Square Enix has now confirmed that the Wii U version of the game will cost $49.99, while the PS3 and 360 editions will be priced at $29.99.

Charging $20 more for the Nintendo edition seems incredibly cheeky to us — granted, the Wii U version makes use of the GamePad's screen and you could argue that this required additional development to achieve — but does it really justify such a huge price difference?

Let us know what you think about this by voting in the poll below and posting a comment.

Will you still be buying Deus Ex now you know it's going to cost more on Wii U? (323 votes)

Yes, I've been looking forward to it for ages and don't mind paying more


I'll wait for the price to drop before buying it now


No, I'll just get the PS3 or 360 version instead


I wasn't planning on buying it anyway


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wasf said:

i'll never end...
luck we are on Nintendo ship, just imagine the same situation on other platforms... O_o glad to support dear old Ninty!



Samurairu said:

It is the same price if you don`t buy it. With the way the 3rd parties have been treating the Wii U, I`ve been waiting and picking them all up for brand new at a $10 price point, then I dont have high expectations.



sr388survivor said:

Yeah I saw this when I wanted to preorder it a couple weeks ago. Pretty ridiculous. So should all games cost more on Wii U because they have gamepad exclusive features? Lol



Will-75 said:

The Wii U version is the better version and it looks to be an awesome game and there is a shortage of awesome 3rd party titles on the Wii U so to me it's still a good price , people need to support this title so the Wii U will get more support from 3rd party publishers we need more games of this nature on Wii U I mean ultimately I bought the Wii U to play Nintendo games like Mario, Zelda, and Metroid but the really good games from 3rd party publishers are always welcome.



andreoni79 said:

@Will-75 you say: "people need to support this title so the Wii U will get more support from 3rd party publishers"
I say: blackmail



Henmii said:

Huge, HUGE FACEPALM!! This game would fail on the Wii u anyway, now it fails much harder!!

By the way: We life in a crisis! Wii u games should cost 50 Euro, or less!!



seronja said:

second hand purchase indeed! i played this awesome game before on my ps3, but i really want this version of the game on the wii u.



PS4WiiU said:

it's cheaper on PS3/360 because 90% of people who would be ineterested ALREADY PLAYED IT



Peach64 said:

Maybe they saw how happy people were to pay for a HD remake of a 10 year old game that got put together in 6 months? I've been saying for months it's going to get bad for Nintendo fans if they keep lapping up over-priced DLC and remakes. When DLC started off on 360 people kicked up a huge fuss and it changed how the entire industry priced that stuff, but on Wii U people just happily accepted paying full price for the Luigi DLC for NSMBU.



Henmii said:

Oh, it is 50 Euro! My bad! Still, it shouldn't be more expensive then the PS3 and Xbox360, especially since the Wii u is struggling big time!



DualWielding said:


Exactly what I was thinking, everyone was o.k with Nintendo charging full price for an HD remaster when the standard is for HD remaster to be $20 in other consoles, now that a third party wants to charge price congruent with Nintendo own pricing everybody takes arms... Additionally, if you are among the ones that kept insisting that Wii U is next gen because of gamepad even if it doesn't have better graphics then you can't complain that the 'next gen' version of this title is more expensive than the the 'last gen' versions



Nukarmer said:

a strange way to pose a question: do you want to pay more? Nintendo gamers will pay the full price for what very well might be a totally new game for them. X360 and PS3 gamers most probably played almost the same game 2 years ago - so asking less money is just logical for the publisher. better ask X360 and PS3 if they are ready to pay for the second time - I think that would be a more correct question.



andreoni79 said:

^ what? If I go to a concert of a certain artist for the first time should I pay more for the ticket "just because it's my first time"?

meanwhile, Atlus send me this email: "You Asked, We Delivered! Cross-Play Coming to Dragon's Crown!" And what about Nintendo customers? Nothing as usual...



datamonkey said:

Oh dear, more bad news for us Wii U owners. It really has been a bad first year for the console, especially 3rd party support-wise...

I really hope things turn around quickly but tbh I can't see it.



Emblem said:

This game is still 23 pound on Amazon UK which is very cheap for a new game. I already own the first iteration via steam but I may double dip for the new boss fights and features when the price drops further.



McHaggis said:

@Emblem just after I posted a whiny comment about publishers wanting the Wii U to fail, I saw your own about the price in the UK. That pretty much puts it in the "can't complain" category for me.

I had a little trouble finding it as "deus ex wii u" brought up the spanish import version at £33. The link is here if anyone's looking.



PinkSpider said:

That's funny as I have had it on preorder on amazon UK since July and I will be paying £23.99 so in your face square enix



drumsandperc92 said:

jesus. Nintendo gets the shaft AGAIN.
either Wii U misses games completely, or gets incomplete versions (no online) and now, gets charged more? ....what?
Man, let's see how Wii U does this holiday. I hope it the best. But if things don't pick up, the 3rd party situation will only continue to get worse...



EdJericho said:

Didn't most people here complain a few weeks back when Batman Arkham Origins was the same price as the PS3/360 even tho it was missing the online multiplayer and said it should've been cheaper due to that (which later got a cheaper price and people then found it reasonable to buy... sort of). Now we get this game where the Wii U has more content and instead people are complaining because its more expensive over extra content?



DESS-M-8 said:

What a ridiculous move!!!?
I will not be buying this game on the eshop until it retails below £29.99. Was looking forward to this aswell.



Gorlokk said:

I can already see Squeenix sitting in their chairs pondering how their game could have ever sold poorly on the Wii U. OoOoOOoOHH



Marshi said:

@DESS-M-8 Its 29.99 if you buy from game mate,its what im doing,and id hurry if your interested because by the looks of it when it apears in shops they will charge the usual £49.99 price!



Marshi said:

For anyone interested in the uk its £29.99 on the game website. Id consider that reasonable for the extra features being implemented



Beechbone said:

Already played it on 360, with The Missing Link expansion. The game is super awesome. Paying that much more for a different platform is just ridiculous especially considering Wii U is struggling so much on the market. Publishers should support it with competitive pricing instead of charging a lot more than other platforms.



Uno said:

It was number 2 on my to buy list. Since I don't support this kind of practice, I'll wait for a price drop.



Saleemra said:


You miss the point. Nintendo charged full price for the HD remake yes but that price was the ONLY price for the game. If you charge X for platform A and X-20 on platform B and C then you are effectively sending the platform A version out to die.

No one who owns multiple consoles is going to pick up the Wii U version now.



Einherjar said:

Conspiracy theory: Are these developers / publishers intentionally ruining their WiiU games (no online interactivity, no DLC, no exclusives, higher price tag) just to be able to say: "Nintendo games dont sell, innovation isnt worth it, we stick to games that are always the same" ?
I have the feeling, that this isnt just disfavour towards nintendo, its fear, fear for not beeing able to innovate, fear of not beeing able play in the same league as nintendos own IPs, fear for a company, that makes consoles AND games with heart and passion unmatched in the industry.
They try everything in their might to show simple minded consumers how "infirior" nintendo is, just to let the competition stand in a better light.



fluggy said:

If Watch Dogs and Batman Origins are the same price on PS3/XBOX360 as Wii U versions, there's no need for this to cost more!! Sheer opportunism!!



Emblem said:

The RRP is £29 in the UK, which means you can get it for up £6 cheaper via Amazon,Play or Shopto.

To clafiry this game is actually £24 in the UK and €30 in the EU. Only US is getting charged extra.



Einherjar said:

@ferthepoet But the 3DS has no competitors. Other than the Vita that failed on every level, there is no handheld alternative on the market. Thats why the question simply is: 3DS or nothing.
The Vitas price tag is way to high, the game library is incredibly small, online game distribution is a joke considering how small the memory cards and how big the games are and how much these things cost (32gig for over 100$ !). It simply falls flat compared to the 3DSs wide array of different models, suiting everyones needat a reasonable price point, SD card support and an incredibly huge library consisting of 3DS and DS games.



DualWielding said:


Exactly the 3DS get supported because its the best product in its market, the Wii U doesn't get supported because it's the weakest product in its market, there's no conspiracy against Nintendo... there are undoubtedly isolated cases like EA which do seem to have something personal against Nintendo, but to say that all third party developers have banded together to in a concerted effort to screw the Wii U is crazy talk.



MAB said:

MEH! I would rather spend that cash on Sonic Lost World and Watch Dogs... 2 new games that are worth my time and money



Peach64 said:

@Einherjar Look at the irony in your post! You say the 3DS gets support because it's competition is a flop, but that's exactly the same situation for the consoles. The Wii U has sold less hardware and software than the Vita, but you think it's lack of support is a conspiracy. If NLife put out a story next week saying Wii U sales had gone up by ten times people on here would go nuts, rolling out the 'it prints money' gifs, but even then it would only be at the level of sales the PS3 and 3DS were getting on their bad days before their first price cuts. It's selling THAT bad. Everyone is losing money on it apart from Nintendo, so its lucky that companies are even still putting out games.



SKTTR said:

Just like Zelda WWHD this was one of my most anticipated titles. I intended to get it at release, but now have to skip and wait for a sale because I'm feeling overcharged (especially cos I'm buying digital-only).



MikeLove said:


I have no problem calling out Nintendo for their B.S, but the Windwaker HD isn't comparable to other Sony/Xbox "remasters", which only consist of up-rezed versions of non-HD titles. Windwaker has had a complete overhaul and had a lot more work and changes done to it. The $49 price tag is fair in that case, but it would have been nice if Luigi was a few dollars cheaper.



Rafie said:

@Peach64 TRUTH!!! You have one of the most sound post on NL and I see people just like attacking you for some reason.



Bessestad said:

Eh... its a total 20 euro / gbp.. so.. is the other versions free of charge?
This must be some North American pricetag and/or like.. Gamestop or something?



kegluneq said:

conclusion: wii u owners have to pay for an extra work? why the hell they choose to do for the other platforms. it's suppose to be an exclusive. in my point of view the extra work it's not in the wii u version but in the other versions.



MAB said:

Vita has been out for over 2 years and even the WiiU still has more games



DualWielding said:


It still doesn't offer anything substantially new, its not like Ocarina of time 3d which had the master quest or persona 4 golden which had a bunch of new content, so I consider it closer to stuff like ICO/Shadow of the Colossus HD or Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix than to OoT 3D or P4G... and its definetely a remaster it doesn't come close to being a remake



OliverAdam said:

Who cares.

This won't sell at all. It'll drop to 25, where it might push out some units, and then it finally hits the bargain bin.

The game is like 5 bucks on Steam every other day, i even picked the original up for that price in the PS3 and Xbox 360. I know this comes with DLC, but who cares.

Nope, this is business practice at its dumbest.



Wolfgabe said:

@Peach64 First off Wind Waker HD is not just an HD up rez. Its a full remake complete with entirely new features. People bought it because A they want something to play on their Wii U and B. The asking price is quite reasonable. As for New Super Luigi U, they practically redid every freaking level for Luigi. The 20 dollars is well justified



CaPPa said:

There's an error here in that the article says that the price difference could be because the Wii U version uses the GamePad screen and would have required extra development. This is simply not true, as the game was delayed so that the touchscreen elements could be ported to the 360 via 'Smartglass' and to the PS3 via the Vita. Therefore there is no difference between the Wii U and 360/PS3 versions.

Delaying the game for the 360/PS3 had already rubbed me the wrong way and now there's a $20 price difference too. There's no way I'm buying this now, which is a shame as I was interested in the game. I'll just pick it up when it drops below $30.



GraveLordXD said:

@EdJericho so $20 justifies a few gamepad features?
@Peach64 @ferthepoet you cannot compair this with any Zelda game And neither should 3rd parties this is a completely different situation anyway this game should be the same price on all systems makes absolutely no sense kinda like how Wii u got me3 and other systems got the whole trilogy for the same price I'm starting not to care for 3rd parties anymore and guess what its not my fault



CaPPa said:

Games like SOTC/Ico are just upscaled to HD. Games like Wind Waker and Deus Ex have actually had elements changed and received visual improvements. So if a simple upscale is $30 a remastering isn't so unreasonable at $50.

What is unreasonable is charging $20 extra for a game. Had they released the Wii U version earlier this year for $50, then started work on the 360/PS3 versions and sold them 6 or 7 months later for $30 then they may have gotten away with it. As it is they are just trying to con Wii U only owners or force multiconsole owners (like myself) them to buy the 360/PS3 versions instead. Well I'm not doing it and it's these kind of double standards that made me boycott EA's games (on all 5 platforms that I own).



eza said:

vote with your wallets! don't support overpricing and don't spend your money.

show the publishers what your preferred price point is by not buying the game until it's that price in a sale.

I really enjoyed deus ex, right up until the first boss battle, which I couldn't clear because I hadn't chosen the 'correct' upgrade for it. very bad design that.
but the boss battles were outsourced to another developer, which explains their incongruity.
still, I picked up the game for €15 on steam only a few months after release and had some fun with it. would have been quite disappointed had I spent more than that though.



MAB said:

Yeah, what they're doing is just taking advantage of the supposed 'WiiU has no games or 3rd party support' BS so that means we will buy anything at whatever price. I have plenty of games to finish now with more coming this month... So poo on you Square Enix, poo on you




Kirk said:

Well that's just insulting and offensive.

Note: There should be an option in the poll that's just a simple No.



Einherjar said:

@Peach64 @ferthepoet What i said was, that is is no miracle that the 3DFS gets the support it has.
But considering your logic, what makes the WiiU the infirior product on the market ? The price is ok, could be better for the consumer but its affordable. Tech wise, its on par, if not slightly ahead of the current 2 systems. And arguing that it fails compared to the 2 upcomming ones: These systems have yet to proove their worth. They crashed left and right when demonstrated. Games this generation are already plagued by bugs. This whole scenario could very well worsen as games get more and more complex. Not to mention that they get more and more pricey for developers. Ubisoft already mentioned that they cant afford one shots anymore, and that they are aiming for franchises so they can use these costly assets for a couple of sequels.
Simply having better tech doesnt mean anything at all. If that would matter, the Vita would have sky rocketed past the 3DS as it is basicly a portable PS3.
If the two new consoles are out and prooved, that they reinvented gaming and not just look better, then i wholeheartedly admit that the WiiU wasnt the right decision by nintendo.
The way i see it is this: If games get more and more costly for developers, it means that smaller devs have only 2 options left. Go with a not so good looking game on a console that defines itself by graphics, therefore beeing compared to games by big devs, or just be left behind.
The WiiU on the other hand might fall flat if you compare it tech wise to the other two upcomming platforms, but it is the needed middleground, a safe zone for developers if you will. It builds upon tried and true tech that in no way should be considered outdated just because of numbers alone. If offers a platform for devs, that want to make games without a budget that rivals that of, say, big players like EA and UbiSoft.
The WiiU isnt infirior, it simply is a different aproach, a much safer one, admittedly yes, but it has its reasons.
And arguing, that developers shun the WiiU because it is unpopular isnt exactly true. This is all speculation, but what would have happened, if all these developers would have held their promise of exclusive titles, what if they would have made more games on the system from the get go ? The WiiU could have endet up just like the Wii.
But they didnt support it from the start. It had nothing to do with popularity and that sort of stuff, because it was WAY too early to draw a conclusion from that.
If the support had been there from the start and the sales figures STILL would be that low, nobody would argue about the fact that the WiiU failed. But the support wasnt there, it never had the chance to draw consumers in with an exiting library of games.
And this "not having a chance from the start" thing is the whole reason why people like myself come up with such ideas. The WiiU was labeled unpopular before it even started properly just because its competitors announced two new consoles offering the same kind of games we had for years but with shinier graphics before anyone could even say if these thing would even work properly.



Gerbwmu said:

This seems to be the price only in North America so apparent they see a bigger demand for this game from U.S. Wii U owners. If you are unhappy with the price then wait a few months....I typically skip new release titles unless it's a must have game for me and then I don't care about price because the entertainment value is worth more then the price. So it's $20 you have a problem paying more for BluRay over DVD? If Wii U is next gen.....which I insist it is, then the Wii U version will be superior to the other versions and worth the extra cash. And congrats to our European and Australian friends who get to buy it at a discount probably due to the horrific Nintendo sales figures in those markets.



Dogpigfish said:

Got it for free on ps plus a few months back. I didn't like it, that's not to say someone might. To me it feels like a lackluster shooter. This is like putting me3 on wii u a year later. Should we care?



Jellitoe said:

Save your money if you can, buy it on a Steam Sale, if you do not have a computer that can game, ignore this title. Square is giving us scraps and trying to rob our money, but they won't give us a real game we would want like FF or KH.



PattonFiend said:

Since the writer of the article doesn't care about facts, I guess I will point out that the gamepad exclusive features you are talking about are also on vita and smartglass...
This means that they are charging $20 extra dollars for no other reason besides plain greed and to make sure that they do not have to produce any more titles for any of Nintendo's home consoles.



bizcuthammer said:

Its $20 more on WiiU than 360/PS3 because they know the WiiU version sell way less than the other two because only about a third of WiiU owners buy 3rd party games. So they had two choices: either charge more to make up for it, or cancel the WiiU version. Most 3rd parties wouldve done option 2, so for those of you interested in this game, pay the $50 and be glad WiiU has the little 3rd party content it does, because in all honesty, its only going to go downhill from here on that front.



element187 said:

3rd parties are really making this holiday season much easier for me... As an owner of multiple systems, why would I pay an extra $20?

Why do these publishers assume people only own one console? I bet the vast majority of Wii U owners have either PCs, xBoxs and Playstations... Square is literally driving users to the other versions..... and watch, when the game completely bombs, Square will blame the userbase and use it as an excuse not to support the system in the future.

Maybe devs just don't want to support the console so they are doing everything in their power to make their first title bomb and point to it as justification as to why no future title will be ported.

When people say Nintendo owners only buy Nintendo games, well why the heck do you think thats the case? Nintendo is the publisher thats putting quality titles on the system, so why wouldn't owners of Nintendo consoles only buy the quality games?



Yrreiht said:

50$ isn't too bad. Might pick it up anyway since I thought it would be 60$ at first and I never played it since it first came out. I don't really care if it's cheaper on other consoles, although I'll admit it's kinda odd.



WiiLovePeace said:

I'll buy it upon price drop, if ever. Having a larger price on Wii U when a lot of Wii U owners likely own a PS3, 360 or capable PC as well is kinda dumb on their part. The sales on Wii U will drop even further as there's cheaper options elsewhere for basically the same game. Oh well.



EdJericho said:

@Saleemra @LDXD

Yes but you need SmartGlass for the Xbox 360 version and a Vita for the PS3 version. So if you don't have a tablet or a Vita you can't even use the features while the Wii U version is playable because its through the game pad which was included with the Wii U. This is suppose to be one of the advantages Nintendo fans would always go on about that the Wii U has over their competitors when they use SmartGlass and Vita as a 2nd screen, that you "need" to buy an extra devices to use contents for a game. Even then the game was already out before on PS3/360 and unless I'm not mistaken there is no DLC upgrade if you bought the original Deus Ex so if anything the PS3/360 buyers are more screwed than this Wii U price because they have to buy the game again for such features (meaning they are paying about double the price) and on top of that if they don't own a tablet or Vita they have to pay A LOT more to use those extra features. In all honesty this just seems like Nintendo fans just wanting to complain over anything and jumping into conspiracy theories that 3rd parties are out to get Nintendo.



siavm said:

We can blame third parties all we want but at the end of the day it is nintendo that signs off on this. We should get the same game on all systems but since nintendo has not been the best at getting support they let some third parties take shortcuts on their games. Unless a third party has a hit on the wii u expect this just like the last few gens to continue. I would say it should not continue but I don't want nintendo to start dipping on first party support just so they can have on more games from third party games and more on par games.



Marioman64 said:

ummm, usually Wi U games are $60, so $50 is perfectly fine with me. Plus, it hasn't hit a nintendo console yet so as it's first outing it gets the respective price. I am fine with this and will probably get it day one



GraveLordXD said:

@EdJericho I understand what you are saying but it doesn't have anything to do with the fact that just as much effort was put into all three games there is no way to justify the Wii u version being $20 more
And people that have a ps3 like myself or 360 aren't screwed at all if they haven't played the original same as people who just buy Nintendo only systems are being completely ripped off and for no reason what so ever. I want to know exactly why the Wii u version is $20 more when the same amount of effort was put into all ports of the game, to me it should be the same price on all 3 consoles whether its $30 or $50



tebunker said:

Part of the problems is that there is no explanation from SE. And yes to get max value out of this new version on the other systems you need a tablet or vita. However it is disappointing because it is a hard sale to rationalize. I could understand a $10 up charge, but I wouldn't be happy about it.
One thing I would like to is if this is something NOA related. Especially with the eshop release.



WesCash said:

So let me get this straight... A game that was already going to sell miserably on the Wii U (let's not kid ourselves here), is now going to sell even worse. Good job Square Enix.



GraveLordXD said:

@bizcuthammer yes because somehow its all Nintendo's fault this is exactly why 3rd parties suffer on the Wii u and so they should and higher prices always = better profits I wouldn't be surprised if the game sells at all until a price drop yeah I'm glad they'll be putting this on Wii u for $20 more now instead of me getting it on Wii u for $50 or ps3 for $30 I may just skip the game altogether or wait for it to be $1



ShadowFox254 said:

No, I'm not paying $20 bucks more, then the other versions. I'm once again disappointed on SE. -_-



gspro15198 said:

I preordered this game on amazon and it was only costing £23.99. and with their preorder price guarantee i'll get it at the cheeper price



BertoFlyingFox said:

So, just to clarify. The US WiiU version of this game will be $50 MSRP, while all the UK versions(regardless of platform) sit at £30 RRP.

Pretty confusing stuff. I think I have the base game in my PS+ account so I'd much rather play that and get this WiiU version off of the bargain bin....if I even find the game entertaining enough to want to purchase again.

As for WindWaker HD. The graphical update, tweaks in speed, Hero mode, and Miiverse functionality has easily made it worth $50. And that's before taking into consideration that it's a game as high caliber as WindWaker, with great gameplay and good length.



GraveLordXD said:

@BertoFlyingFox pretty odd makes me wonder who's at fault here and what's going on
@shuis I wish someone would reinvent the game bring it back BTW if you haven't already you should totally check out evilquest



Moose_4 said:

why is it more in the US?

iv had mine on pre order for months at £23.99 which is $38

i suppose it makes a change UK not paying the most



Zombie_Barioth said:

I don't know if I'd rule out popularity, that could very well be a factor. Why do they shy away from the Wii U but couldn't be more thrilled to work on the PS4 and Xbox One? Not enough confidence in Nintendo? Too different from the other consoles? Stretched too thin as it is for yet another platform?

Development costs are definitely a big factor. The cost for developing for the Wii U is likely on-par with current consoles so it carries the same risks. They can't even afford to develop exclusively for the next gen consoles at this point. Chances are they've already got their hands full with 5 platforms, and the "Nintendo fans only buy Nintendo" bit is just an easy, politically correct excuse to weasel out of developing for it.



DESS-M-8 said:

It's listed as £29.99 everywhere in uk, is this 49.99 price hike just related to the US then?



Mr_G said:

The chances of this selling well as it is was sooooooo slim but now because of the price increase square enix will be lucky if they sell 1000 copiers of this lol



ultraraichu said:

The way I see it is that the Wii U version isn't $20 more, just that the PS3/360 version is $20 less. As far as I know 3rd party multi-platform remakes for the Wii U have always been $50-$60 at launch. The only different is that it's not an exclusive and that it's being released at the same time.

Keep in mind that Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor's Edge cost $60 when it arrived for the Wii U while the original for the other 2 was $20, then months later PS3/360 got the Razor's Edge version for $40.

I will buy it later when the price drop not out of spite, but because there are other games on my "day one holiday list" and I don't have the time, money, and interest to buy this right now.



DESS-M-8 said:

It is a shame that squareenix went with this over the new tomb raider as teir first venture on Nintendo Wii U.
This game is going to sell unbelievably poorly. It sold rubbish in the first place and was bargain bin fodder within 2 months of release. Ganestation were flogging piles of it at a tenner each, (not far ff where splinter cell blacklist is right now, already down to to £29.99).
If any further square Enix releases are going to be based off of the sales of this?
THIS will be the first and last square Enix game for quite a while on wii u.
Tomb raider followed up with just cause 3 would have been a smarter move. Both are styles of game absent on the wii u and both high calibre games.
Deus Ex is too un-mainstream to be successful. Those that play it know it's a amazing, but it doesn't have a commercial draw to get the numbers in. Same with the first one on PC. Sold well with PC gamers, ported to PS2? Nobody cared.



PanurgeJr said:

$50 is completely reasonable for this game. $20 more than identical versions is not; and that is the deciding factor for me. The thing is, I own a PS3, and I'd rather not play this game than send the message that I'll accept such a large price differential for Wii U games.



Blue_Yoshi said:

Well looks like that just about sinks my chances at ever buying this game new or playing it at all for that matter. Square Enix is really being scummy these days. Taking nearly a decade to release KH3, refusing to remake FF7, shutting down sequels and remakes of games that the hobbyist make better than they do themselves. SE is definitely on the verge of bankruptcy.



burninmylight said:

"Charging $20 more for the Nintendo edition seems incredibly cheeky to us — granted, the Wii U version makes use of the GamePad's screen and you could argue that this required additional development to achieve"

Except the PS3 and 360 versions are getting that same functionality through Vita and Smartglass, therefore they required additional development too. This game is being sent out to die on Wii U so Squeenix can say it bombed and have an excuse not to support the console. No other excuse, period.

And as @fluggy said, Arkham Origins and Watch_Dogs aren't somehow charging extra for more functionality. AO is even $10 less because it's online multiplayer is cut out of the Wii U version. So again, you can't tell us any extra work for the Wii U version justifies an extra $20.

Like Mass Effect 3, this game went from a Day 1 buy to a bargain bin purchase after a year or so. I want third party support and I'm glad to show it with my wallet when the game warrants it, but I won't be screwed over.



brucelebnd said:

It's so hard to support 3rd parties when you own a Nintendo because you get over charged, receive gimped ports, never get the DLC, and the online play is buggy at best or even better non existent.

so why would any fan of Nintendo support 3rd parties when they obviously don't care about making quality games for Nintendo?

why would anybody buy an inferior product? I'll support 3rd parties if they make good games at a fair price but I will never buy a gimped port just so 3rd parties will make games for Nintendo. I'd rather have nothing



gojiguy said:

Square Enix is gonna have to really justify this. Have you reached out for comment?



Haxonberik said:

I got this on the computer for 5$ anyway. This is reallh one of those times when I want to punch the marketing dudes that will then complain about the bad Wii U sales so bad.



audiobrainiac said:

Not completely ok with this but i'm hungry for some good 3rd party games so i won't complain.................this time....



TromboneGamer said:

Players on other systems will be using other devices for a second screen experience, so i assume that's why it's cheaper. I don't know if I want this to become a continuing trend. Unless of course this means more third party Wii U support.



GraveLordXD said:

@andreoni79 lol yep can't wait to get lost in that game for months Maybe longer
I will say that once dark souls ll comes out everything else gets pushed to the side I'm gonna have to remind myself to go to work feed my dog feed myself and check in with family every once and a while to let them know that I'm OK and my phone didn't get disconnected its just off lol I already preordered the limited edition something I rarely do and can't wait for it. Maybe once I put it down Zelda U will be right around the corner



yvanjean said:

Well it's just up to us not to support the game. Wait till next year when there a other software lull in the WiiU lineup and pick it up second hand or hopefully for a discount.

It the same think with Raymand Legend, I bought a WiiU for that game. After, the delay, Ubisoft will not received full retail price from me. I bought Pikmin 3 & Wonderful 101 instead.



Yasume said:

I'm pretty much done with Nintendo. Not because of this news per se, but because of their pricing in general. Stuck with them all my life and unless they change their act drastically, Pokemon X will be the last product that I'll buy from them. Valve with their Steam service and Sony with PS3 and 4 are way more interesting nowadays and both know how to keep consumers satisfied.

Anyway, I'm glad I never gave in to buy a Wii U. 1 year after its release and it still isn't going nowhere.



ACK said:

The way I look at it, there's no market for this on PS3 and 360 at a price point above 30. Square Enix is clearly hoping there is on WiiU (considering the lack of comparable releases).

The question is why they delayed it. The result is an upgraded port releasing in the most crowded time of the year. Makes so little sense to delay this to facilitate further ports only to effectively sink what little prospects it had...

EDIT: I also want to say, let's wait for reviews before completely disregarding this one. A lot us are going to look pretty silly if WiiU gets the hands-down definitive version... Isn't that what we've been coveting with every port released so far? What if we refuse to support the one game that achieves superiority on WiiU? Just because of perceived value?

Just saying, let's seen how it turns out...



ULTRA-64 said:

@PattonFiend well said, they could have sold it as first available on Wii u at a higher price later when other versions dropped if they wanted extra cash legitimately. They didn't, got greedy and have blown it with me anyway. I think someone in this thread mentioned conspiracy, a bit much for me, but there is some serious economic tactics going on behind the scenes! I wonder if Nintendo could do more to pay/subsidize devs to guarantee exclusives more!?!
Btw....fantomas or Mr bungle??



AVahne said:

Square Enix has GUARANTEED that no one will buy the Wii U version. They're just like EA; screwing things up intentionally just so they can complain about no one buying their games on Wii U later.

Jeez, why is it that the ONLY 3rd party games to actually respect the Wii U are 2 racing games?



andreoni79 said:

@LDXD I'll go for the regular edition 'cause I don't like figurines, but I'll miss the artbook and the map... Thank Astoria the soundtrack cd is still there: "Firelink shrine" and "Nameless song" always give me the creeps! I signed the petition for a Wii U version, but...



GraveLordXD said:

@andreoni79 yeah I'm not much on figurines either but I can't miss the artbook and map I signed the petition for the Wii u version too but I don't see it happining if it does it will probably be a late port and that's one game I can't wait for



GraveLordXD said:

@ACK on your edit part yeah I guess wishful thinking never hurts I just want a clear explanation by either Nintendo or square enix why the price difference



LoveSugoi said:

LOL didn't care about this game before and now I'll be sure to not even glance in it's direction when it hits the bargain bin. Thanks, Square Enix. You and other 3rd parties are just making it too easy for a Nintendo/SEGA fangirl with limited funds.



Sceptic said:

You guys are just sad. When you actually get something that's better than on the other consoles, that actually takes advantage of the gamepad beyond off-TV gaming, are you happy? Are you cheering Square Enix for going the extra mile for us, giving us something exclusive? For pulling off what we are still waiting for Nintendo to even try to push beyond just a gimmick with their titles? - No, now you want all that free.

That attitude is killing this console more than Nintendo is even. Square Enix needs to cover extra development costs with less units sold due to WiiU's lousy sales. Of course it costs more. What bizarre world do you live in where that isn't perfectly obvious?

And yes, if WiiU was a raging success by now, they could sell it for less. It's called Contribution Margin-based Pricing. Look it up sometime.



xNoktemAeternus said:

its a huge price difference because its never been on a nintendo system before, hence to the devs its a "new game", which justify an almost full retail price



eza said:

@Sceptic but they're not really giving us something exclusive, not when the exclusive bit is going to be available for XB360 and PS3.
If the Wii U version is significantly (say $20 worth of 'significance') better than the other two versions do then it'll be worth a purchase.
Otherwise, if games are consistently priced higher than the same game on competitors' systems, then how will a system like the Wii U ever get a larger install base?
If it's a niche system with niche pricing then it might do well within its niche (for example, highly-priced simulation games on the PC seem to get away with this approach) but this is directly opposed to what Nintendo want from the Wii U: they want it to be mass-market.



kakah said:

Got mine from shopto in UK for £21. Amazon is selling it for £23.99 which is £1 cheaper than ps3 and 360 versions.
I finished it on PC when it came out.



Sceptic said:

@eza: I know what you mean, but it's not up to Square Enix to sell more WiiU consoles. Ther job is to make a profit from the install base they get.

I don't like $20 more either. But I can hardly blame them and in a world where most AAA developers have tunred away for the same reasons Enix is selling for $20 more, I'll take $20 more over "WiiU is a great console, but we have nothing planned for WiiU currently".



Einherjar said:

@Zombie_Barioth In the long run, popularity is indeed a factor. Again, look at the Vita. A mighty fine device by itself, but things like the initial cost of the system, that not even includes a memory card or a small on board save to at least store save games or the actual pricing of said memory cards lead people to abandon the device almost completely. If sony cared, lowered their prices a little or handed out licenses for third partys to produce memory cards the whole thing would look drasticly different. And it isnt like they didnt try to make the system popular, but they simply failed because they didnt care that much.



SCAR said:

I was thinking of buying this, but... Actually, I wouldn't be surprised that all 7th gen games get a generous discount on the eShop once 8th gen is in full effect.

Since there is only 7th gen games, that's all Wii U is getting. Just wait until Xbox One and PS4 come along, because they'll bring all the multiplats with them in the process.



Quickman said:

Not all Wii U owners are paying over the odds for this game, its actually a very fair price in other territories. What you should really be asking is why is it so much more expensive in the US?



SCAR said:

There are alot of 3rd party games worty respecting on the Wii U. COD Black Ops II, Injustice, Tekken Tag 2, Sonic and All-Stars, ZombiU, MonsterHunter... Those are all good 3rd party games(that I own, BTW).

Aside from DLC prices on Injustice($70 for the full set), and the lack of DLC on COD, they are still the superior versions of the game and cost the exact same price on launch day. Many of the games I listed came out a month or less before Wii U launch. Heck, Injustice isn't even a year old and came out on all platforms in June.

Even if these games are 7th gen, they are still new. Everyone just needs to wait until ALL of the 8th gen systems are available and 3rd parties have moved past Xbox 360 and PS3.

That's why it's ludicrous to say Wii U is "pathetic" for getting 7th gen games. THAT'S ALL THAT'S AVAILABLE.

Kinda went off topic, but whatever...



SCAR said:

Last time I checked, not every single device is supported immediately. When people very first got their blu-ray players years ago, you can bet your face they were mainly using it to play DVDs.



AJWolfTill said:

£21.85 on shopto.
Pretty sure that is a fantastic release price even if it is a revamped port! May preorder now actually...



Lord said:

Hi it stuff like the that gives wii u a bad name!!! Not the price but this article. Why, well firstly is £23 £22 shop and even at game it's £29 so why start a story about how it's a fortune on wii u when it's not!



Zombie_Barioth said:

Thats true but the lack of popularity is just a by-product that causes a catch-22. The Vita isn't struggling because its unpopular, and its unpopular because of its faults.

Nintendo just doesn't have that reputation that makes companies want or feel like they have to develop for their consoles anymore. Thats the kind of popularity I'm talking about. A good part of it is popularity among consumers (a.k.a sales) but they also no longer have the reputation for gaining those sales to begin with. Sony and Microsoft on the other hand do.



moomoo said:

I already own the game on the 360, so I wasn't going to get this version unless if it was cheaper anyway. It's unfortunate, too, since I really want to play it on the Wii U. I guess I'll just wait for the inevitable price drop.



WanderingPB said:

@Peach64 wow as much logical sense as u make sometimes the statement u just made about paying full price for a 10 year old remake really makes u sound obtuse. The game is gorgeous and incredibly fun and only took 6 months to make which means Nintendo as always puts out quality games hence why u dont get BS patches as opposed to most other developers. Also how many HD remakes has Nintendo released on the Wii U…oh jus one? compared to others thats pretty good but let me guess the 3DS remakes r HD remakes to u? Also Super Luigi U DLC completely remade all 82 levels from the original jus for Luigi's jump style all for $20 bucks. Maybe if u owned a Wii U you would understand better than regurgitating what other websites and journalists are saying…buy a Wii U and make a real decision because its a great console and the gamepad feature you will find out u wont play any multiplatform the same

I shall quote @element187 "Nintendo is the publisher thats putting quality titles on the system so why wouldnt owners of Nintendo only buy quality games." To which i absolutely agree

@MadAussieBloke Square Enix Poo on you LMAO genius!



MAN1AC said:

Square: "It's not going to sell well on the Wii U, so we might as well charge $50 and make money off uninformed ppl and gamers that only own a Wii U".



unrandomsam said:

@SCAR392 If you look at All Stars Racing Transformed the PC and Wii U versions are night and day better than 360/PS3. If 3rd parties cannot be bothered to do at least that they shouldn't bother at all. Watch Dogs at 30fps is pointless. (All platforms are which is a joke)



SCAR said:

I know. Mostly every single 7th gen 3rd party game on Wii U is the definitive version. That's why I moved past PS3 and Xbox 360 immediately and bought the Wii U on launch day.

Also, Steam prices that are so low are exactly why I think it will die. Publishers don't want to support a platform that doesn't make as much money as someplace else. It's only a matter of time before PC users won't be able to stand updating their rig constantly and buy games at full price, to boot.



DualWielding said:


What? I admit I don't have a Wii U but I read Nintendo life everyday and every day is a new article about how the Wii U version of 7th gen title is missing content, no DLC, no multiplayer or are inferior in some other way, and the ones where the Wii U version is indeed better are only the ones where the port came to the Wii U months of years after other consoles.... How is it possible then that most titles are the definitive version on the Wii U, is Nintendo Life intentionally misinforming people about the Wii U?



SCAR said:

Dude, you just said Nintendo Life is always reporting how something is missing, then say they are misinforming people. Do you see how you just contradinted yourself?

I'm talking mainly launch titles here. I said besides the DLC, the Wii U versions are better. Off-TV, Wii remotes, and free online are benefits to buying the Wii U version of a game. Alot of people that own COD: Black Ops II use the Wii remote or GamePad all the time. You can also use any mic equipped pair of headphones you want.



SCAR said:

It's also 3rd party company's fault that sort of thing is happening. Not Nintendo's. The install base being "small" won't even be relevant in comparison to Xbox One OR PS4 pretty soon here.

EDIT: Not to mention, that most 3rd party games tend to have an issue here or there, no matter which system it's running on.



uhhhhhhhh said:

looking forward to this game, i always wanted to play it on PS3but never got around to it.

Now i get it on Wii U with enhanced gamepad features!!!!



QuickSilver88 said:

Square has just botched this game all the way. Its easy to see why they have been struggling and their CEO got sacked/stepped down. I was excited for this because I didn't get to it on ps360 and it looks like they gave it some love. It was likely ready at mid year when it was supposed to come out and given the sever drought I would have snapped it up at 50-60. Now price isn't the only issue as sept,oct,nov are loaded and there is just no funds for it. The game should have never been delayed for ps360 because they won't care so it is going to sell poorly across all systems. Most people that want FPS on WiiU are going to likely go for COD ghosts in Novemeber. Nintendo has not been the system for 3rd parties for 4 generations now and I just don't think it will change with WiiU.....its to bad because I love the gamepad and offTv play and would love to see games like Skyrim, dragon Age, Tomb Raider and FF games on WiiU. I have supported Ubi and will likely get Sonic, Batman and Ghosts but this game will be a budget buy.



Pachterkid said:

Like most serious gamers who actually want a variety of gaming experiences, I have another console in addition to my Wii U. That's where I get my third-party fix, and while I couldn't care less about this game, if I did I would buy it for my PS3. The Wii U is strictly for games with "Mario," "Kart," or "Smash" in the title.



Zombie_Barioth said:

Its not quite so cut n' dry as that. What they 'lose' due to price they make up for in volume, lower distribution costs, and Valve taking a lower cut than the big 3. Competing platforms frequently beat Steam's prices as well.

"It's only a matter of time before PC users won't be able to stand updating their rig constantly and buy games at full price, to boot."

How in the world did you come to that conclusion? Why would they have to pay full price any more frequently than we do, let along perform constant upgrades?



AllCreation said:

@Peach64 No one had to pay "Full" price for the NSMB Wii U DLC .. and the Wind Waker Game Was priced so high because Nintendo needed to make the Wind Waker HD Console Bundle More appealing.. It was simply because of demand.. WWHD is a more desirable game then Nintendo Land taking a 60/50 dollar game out of the bundle and replacing it with a 20/30 dollar one would have made the Bundle less desirable... Since the Ultimate Goal was to move consoles and increase the install base rather then focus on the individual sales of the game the WWHD price point made sense.



Saleemra said:

So what about people that already have those extra's? The fact that the Xbox/PS owners need them to enjoy the features is beside the point. The point here is that there is NO reason for WiiU owners who also own an XBOX/PS to buy the WiiU version.

This will result in the publisher claiming that the came didnt sell on the U while simultaneously ignoring the fact that they themselves sabotaged the release. This is exactly the excuse that EA gave for ME3 on the U, despite the fact that just as it was about to be released they gave the other platforms a anthology release that was cheaper!

Consumers arent stupid, and when faced with savings over brand loyalty savings always wins out. So yeah they are sending the game out to die on the U then they are going complain that their games dont sell on the platform and not make any further installments on it.



AllCreation said:

@Nukarmer Do you own a PS3 or Xbox 360 .. I think a lot of people including yourself and these publishers aren't considering that the Wii U came 6 years behind the PS3 And the 360 .. I think a great majority of the people who own a Wii U also own at least one of these two consoles... Its just as likely that a Wii U owner would be playing the game for a second time as well ... also releasing a halfassed or unnecessarily more expensive version of a game on any one system is just going to cause people to buy the better version on their other console or skip the game all together... And thats just one more thing thats Killing the Wii U



AllCreation said:

@EdJericho The Wii U Version doesn't have anything extra though .. the Gamepad features are going to be on the other consoles by way of Smart Glass and the Vita... Nothing is Exclusive to the Wii U Version



EaZy_T said:

I would have "day one"'d this if it had come to Wii U a few months ago...
Like when it was supposed to have been released.



kyuubikid213 said:

I still don't regret my Wii U purchase.
If it goes under, at least I wasn't only playing brown and grey shooters.
This price difference is crazy, but I'll still get it.
The more games we as Wii U owners decide to "put off until a price drop," the less support our system will get.
I say we deal with it for now, and retaliate later with purchasing only the BEST of the third party games and Nintendo's own.



Jimonfire said:

Another developer B.S., but dam, i'm still getting it. The Wii U version will be the definitive one.



softserve said:

@Peach64 This game isn't 10 years old. Nor is it a HD remake.

The original game was in HD, released on 360, PS3 and PC in the first place. For owners of the original, this is basically a game and DLC package with some additional stuff in it.



eza said:

Wii U = $50
PS3/360 = $30
PC = $20
PC if you already own the original = $10
PC if you own original plus Missing Link DLC = $5 !!

Hmmmmm now that's a tough decision isn't it?! (I already own it for PC, but not with DLC)
Some tacked-on second screen functionality isn't worth $40 is it? I could buy TWO recent games on Steam for that, or wait for sales and get four games, or eight indie games.

Try again, Squeenix!

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