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Wed 27th February, 2013

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AcridSkull commented on Nintendo Looking To Offer Affordable Smartpho...:

Playing Metroid 2 at the moment and a remake of that à la Zero Mission would be most welcome.
All games should offer a demo, there's a couple of things on 3DS I've wasted money on and just didn't like (PIX3D), on the flip side of which I'm sure there's games I've not bought and would love.
Not sure about smartphone style games, I'm sure if Nintendo do them they'll be polished and enjoyable, but we don't want a 100 Crappy Bird clones flooding the eShop.



AcridSkull commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Had a Strong Start W...:

I all ready don't like what they've done with Mario Party 10, locking away a third of the game behind an additional £80+ of purchases. Not that I'll be buying it anyway due to not having online play, but it's a precedent I do not wish to see continue.



AcridSkull commented on Level-5 Confirms Some Handsome 3DS eShop Festi...:

Definitely getting Weapon Shop De Omasse, and since I'll then own every other Guild game I may as well get BUGS vs. TANKS to complete the collection.

Love, love, LOVE Crimson Shroud and Attack of the Friday Monsters! A Tokyo Tale. The Starship Damrey was good too, currently playing Liberation Maiden.



AcridSkull commented on Video: Check Out This Mario Kart 8 And Mario K...:

Terrible video, you can't see anything with the split-image side-by-side, unless they wanted to highlight how brown the fences are in Mario Kart 8?

It's interesting that Moo Moo Meadows has a much more real world look to it now though.



AcridSkull commented on Review: Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate - Del...:

Assuming this is ported from the Vita version then are the game breaking bugs fixed that they simply couldn't be bothered to patch out of the 3DS version?

5 hours in and I can't use the lift because of a glitch, don't know if I can bring myself to start it all again .



AcridSkull commented on Inazuma Eleven Shoots And Scores On The North ...:

@faint Yeah it's pretty ridiculous, but thankfully anyone who really want's to play it can pick up the DS version for around £7 - it looks as though the only difference is they've extended the top screen so it doesn't have the borders you'd get playing the DS game on 3DS.



AcridSkull commented on Inazuma Eleven Shoots And Scores On The North ...:

It's not coming to the UK ever by the looks of things, sauce:

Thank you for your interest in INAZUMA ELEVEN. We regret to inform you that LEVEL-5 International America, Inc. has no plans to release the Nintendo 3DS™ eShop version of INAZUMA ELEVEN in the UK regions. While this was a challenging decision, it was deemed unsuitable to release a game with American English voice acting in a territory in which the franchise has been so firmly established with the British English voice cast and downloadable game size constraints prevented us from including both English voice options. While we understand your disappointment, please know that this does not set a precedent for future releases. We at LEVEL-5 International America want to release our games to as wide an audience as possible and we continue to strive towards that goal.

We are truly sorry for the inconvenience and we thank you for your continued support.

— The LEVEL-5 IA Team



AcridSkull commented on Ubisoft Explains Wii U Watch_Dogs Visuals as "...:

I'm getting the PC version as I simply want to play the best version possible. I hope I'm wrong but I can't help but feel the WiiU version will turn out to be the worst of the bunch.

Ubisoft has rubbished those specs which were seen on uPlay and stated that the PC requirements will be much lower.



AcridSkull commented on Nintendo Download: 4th July (Europe):

I was tempted by Master of Darkness as I always wanted it when I was a kid, I had a magazine which posted a guide with the layout of all the levels and back then I thought it looked really good. But I've recently watched a brief Lets Play video on YouTube and it looks just awful, like a poor platformer with too many floating enemies.



AcridSkull commented on Review: Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Lea...:

A truly great game and incredibly fun to go back to today. Recently I spent a couple of hours just flying around the training stage attempting to do the numerous mini-missions, races and discover all of the items; as you say the controls are maybe a little too responsive.
Hands down my favourite Star Wars game.



AcridSkull commented on Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D Maintains Top T...:

Bought Donkey Kong, Luigi's Mansion, Fire Emblem, Lego City, Monster Hunter and CastleVania for 3DS on Wednesday so I've done my bit for the chart for now.

Not sure how the 'So Many Games' promo will affect Animal Crossing's chart position though.



AcridSkull commented on Talking Point: It's Time for a 3DS Storage Upg...:

Completely agree, Nintendo should be looking to provide larger cards in the units now, especially when selling limited edition XL consoles with pre-installed games.
Currently I'm running the standard 4GB in my XL, though with the recent promo I'm considering getting Monster Hunter 3 as the free game which may force my hand to pick up a 16 or 32GB card, I already have Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D Land installed, as well as a bunch of eShop exclusives and VC titles, so space would be tight at best with MH3U installed.



AcridSkull commented on Video: Lego City Undercover: The Chase Begins ...:

Doesn't look or sound anything like a glitch or bug. There are plenty of games which allow you to car surf and, on top of that, you still have to complete the side quests once you find them. This is a complete non-news article, if anything it's a time saving tip which should be consigned to gamefaqs.



AcridSkull commented on Renegade Kid Open To Idea Of Moon Sequel:

I couldn't really get into Dementium, it was okay but there was nothing that really compelled me to go back and finish it.
I've been trying to find Moon at an acceptable price for a long time now but it's just not available anywhere.