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Sun 17th Mar 2013

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kakah commented on Talking Point: Is The Castlevania Series Finis...:

I blame the people who buy nintendo consoles, who for some reason just don't bother buying non-nintendo games. I can understand with old ports which everyone has played on other system but games like splinter cell (a good game) sold like 10,000 units globally on wii u.

I personally, have 11 games (excluding eshop) on wii u of which 4 are nintendo and rest are third party - am i the only one?



kakah commented on Iwata: Nintendo Searching For A "Different Exp...:

I have been using the wii u browser lately and I have to say it's excellent. Much better than tablet.

You watch a video (e.g. youtube) on the TV and browse the internet on the tablet at the same time and have lots of tabs in the browser. All the while the game is paused in the background. Go to eshop, miiverse and then back to browsing and then back to the game.

Come on what other console can do that with so much ease! Just bloody advertise the damn thing Nintendo.

On another note freinds and I played some 5 player multiplayer games on nintendoland and new super mario bros. (and some tekken) for over 5/6 hours straight. lots of fun.

I would encourage every to have a go to understand it as without using the wii u it's difficult to understand the value of the console.



kakah commented on Project CARS Will "Look And Feel Amazing" On W...:


I am part of the WMD (world of mass development - wmdportal) and have seen this game progress on the PC and it's great already and at alpha stage. On my PC it runs around 35-50 fps with max settings with a single GTX460 1gb (and over 60-70fps fps when running two graphics cards in SLI) at this early stage.

It looks incredible already and will be interesting how this looks on Wii U especially how they are going to get around the fact no analogue triggers (NFS Most Wanted should give a good idea albeit different end of the spectrum).



kakah commented on Reaction: Doom and Gloom Merchants on Wii U Be...:

It doesn't help when G@me is selling games for £60 when the equivalent game on the other consoles are £35-40.

Furthermore, releasing games which people have bought on pc,ps3 or xbox at much higher prices don't help. I think the people (inc myself) who have purchased wii u early on will likely have another console/pc and would have played these some time ago.

Nintendo needs to:
1. lower the price to £199/250 for the respective models;
2. better marketing (i don't think I have seen any marketing in fact); and
3. more exclusive/interesting games like lego ciity undercover, nfsmw. They need to work with external teams to ensure they have capacity to produce enough software.

BTW mii verse is great but it needs to be more in your face and not hidden away e.g. on start up have your feeds come up on the tv instead of those miis surrounding various titles people are playing (it's good but need to have choice_).