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Looks Like Batman: Arkham Origins Isn't Getting Online Play On Wii U

Posted by Damien McFerran

Update: Low Wii U multiplayer audience given as the reason for the omission

Since publishing this article Warner Bros. has been in touch with Eurogamer to explain its decision to omit multiplayer from the Wii U edition of Batman: Arkham Origins. The publisher explained that it only wants to develop the feature on the platforms with the largest install base.

Here's what a spokesperson had to say:

Multiplayer will be available for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. The team is focusing development efforts on platforms with the largest multiplayer audience.

Original Article:

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has today given a few more details regarding the online component of its forthcoming title Batman: Arkham Origins, and it would appear that Wii U owners are getting short-changed yet again.

The press release states that the online mode — which is being developed by Splash Damage (Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, Brink) — is only destined for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC; the Wii U is conspicuous by its absence.

Here are the details:

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment today confirmed that Batman: Arkham Origins will ship with a mode that allows players to take the franchise’s award-winning gameplay online to play with friends and foes. The online component blends the traditional Arkham gameplay with third-person shooter mechanics and is in development by Splash Damage.

The online mode will be available for the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and Windows PC. The game is scheduled to launch worldwide Oct. 25, 2013.

The Batman: Arkham Origins Online mode offers players the chance to hunt as Batman or Robin against the most challenging opponents yet, friends and other gamers online. Players can also take on the role of a Super-Villain Elite and get a peek behind the curtain of what it’s like to side with The Joker or Bane as they establish their legacy by taking down Batman and Robin, and anyone else who gets in their way. Fans will even be able call in the ultimate reinforcement to help turn the tide in any match by playing as The Joker or Bane themselves.

Given that Wii U owners will be paying the exact same price for the game as their 360 and PS3-owning pals, it seems rather unfair to rob them of an entire online mode which is included in other versions of the game.

We've approached Warner Bros. for comment and will update this story if anything new comes to light.

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erv said:

Why not call it batman elite then oh and watch it not sell, at all.



ThreeD33 said:

I hate playing guessing games. we know that the Wii U is capable of online play so why wasn't it anounced for Wii U? my guess lazy devs..... It'l probrably be announced later in the year but it's stupid that they do this to the Wii U.



Hunter-D said:

Well that certainly is a disappointment...

but I remember the whole Batman DLC debacle for the Wii U, it took a while but it was finally confirmed.

This shouldn't be happening at all, I just can't wrap my mind around incomplete Wii U ports/multiplatform releases. Just doesn't add up.

What message are they trying to send?



Marshi said:

All joking aside, why is the wiiu this gens dreamcast? Theres nothing wrong with the wiiu and it has the potential to beat ps4 and xbone and yet itl never reach that potential getting the short end of the stick by developes and publishers alike



dumedum said:

It's weird, but immediately saying it's a disappointment when it probably sux, and personally I would never use it even if it was good, so it's a bit weird to say that. Never I imagined Batman Arkham needing online, and this is a disappointment indeed to hear that the poor developers had to tack on a stupid online to their game, because everyone apparently expects it.

I'm actually glad if the Wii U version doesn't have this travesty. And in all likelihood, it will quickly be cheaper than the other versions too, so there's that.

But worse still, I agree that the Wii U version probably has the same online and this is a non story, as so common.



shad0w-7 said:

This is bullpoopiedoodledoo.
Shall we hope that it's the same thing as with the DLC, where it was not mentioned, and then later revealed that we were getting it?
Watch the profanity — TBD



Damo said:

@dumedum The online mode is being handled by Splash Damage, not the core team. Splash Damage do some good online modes, so I doubt it will "suck".



Marshi said:

Whether the online mode is good or bad isnt the point. We should get it like every other version does. We pay the exact same as the other version so we should get it and then its our choice if we wish to play it or not. Its sniper elite all over again



Savino said:

Still getting because I couldnt care less about the MP!
But come on!!!!!!!



Ryo_Hazuki-san said:

i am seriously about to sell my wii u collects dust and bad news after bad news like this crap ! ugh makes me sick and sad to be a wii u owner...



FLipSide5254 said:

Maybe reason their not adding online it's because most of wii u games online aren't enough people playing. Even cod is not enough player. Most of first party games don't have online game which most people play more than 3rd party games.



PanurgeJr said:

I get not developing for Wii U because you believe it won't be profitable; developing for Wii U but providing an inferior product is inexcusable, doubly so if the price is to be the same. It's getting harder not to join those who see anti-Nintendo bias behind "business decisions."



Tysamu said:

That's very lame. What is the reason for why they won't give the system the same treatment?



element187 said:

Well thats one more game I wont be purchasing.

And third party's complain their game doesn't sell... well no s#$% sherlock... When you treat us like second class citizens in the gaming world, why would you expect us to pay for a broken and incomplete game?? Batman Origins moves from my buy column to my Gamefly rent column. Congrats Warner Bros.



MrWalkieTalkie said:

"We'll get rid of many features for the Wii U version and charge them the exact same price! Now no one will buy it on Wii U so we can complain about poor sales and never have to develop for it again! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!"



nocode said:

The only way to justify the exclusion would be to make the Wii U version cheaper....although I can't imagine that will happen.

I'm afraid developers are never going to give Wii U online play a fair chance.



GuttaBunny said:

So by this im guessing Wii U owners only pay 24.99 or perhaps 29.99? There is no reason in the world id pay the same price or even more than the other versions yet get less content.



rmeyer said:

I really enjoyed the black ops 2 Wii u community the best, wonder why they are dropping the ball on this?



theplotlessplot said:

It looks like Nintendo's decision to leave the multiplayer framework and systems up to the developers is coming back to bite it (and us) in the donkey. Nintendo should've just created a LIVE or PSN-like service with its own servers, capable of hosting multiplayer games. Instead, they chose the "it's up to the developers" route and now we're all suffering for it. This is one (of many, I guess) multiplatform title that I won't be playing on Wii U. I love my Wii U, but this is another nail on the console's coffin.



TreesenHauser said:

If a lower price point is announced for this version of the game, I'm in still. If I have to pay the full price for this game that's missing a feature fully present on the other consoles, I'll pass for another great third-party game, like Watch_Dogs.



koops330 said:


Didnt WB say like a week ago they fully support the WiiU and 3DS

They better make up for this somehow otherwise you can count me out of buying it on launch day



hYdeks said:

hits head on desk very hard WHY!!???

I will gladly pay $49.99, instead of $59.99, for this now if your not gonna give us the freakin online. WTF is wrong with developers lately? Looks like it'll be Sonic and Assassin's Creed 4 that month instead of Sonic and Batman.

There goes a day one purchase for me, smooth move WB



Dark_Link said:

This is getting ridiculous! There is no reason to not provide this game with the same online play as they do for all the other systems. Does WB have a comment or contact section for their gaming website? If so we should all contact them and tell them if this game is the same price as the other versions and has no online we won't buy it period! We are not sheep! We are gamer's just like everybody else. You may not think companies read this stuff but they do and if they get a lot of the same complaints they could possibly change it.



shad0w-7 said:

You know what would be cool?
And let me know if you agree or not, but how about everyone just stops reporting the bad Nintendo news, and instead focuses on what WiiU is getting, what it does well, the good things that are said about it etc.
How much happier would everyone be?



Yrreiht said:

The Wii U might not be selling well but third party devs really aren't helping by giving us games with half the content that other consoles have...



TooManyToasters said:

Guess WB would like to ship the online mode separately on eShop for full price as well, a la RE Mercenaries 3DS.



TriforceUnknown said:

Meanwhile, at Warner Bros. Games....

"The Wii U version of our game sold the most poorly. Looks like it's time to cut our support...."

Seriously, if you don't make the games equal, the only people who will buy this game for the Wii U are those who only have access to one, and it will sell poorly. Even I know this. If there are any surprises for Warner when this game sells poorly, then I'm really not even sure what to say. Make one version definitely worse of a value proposition, and people won't buy it. Plain and simple.



Boxmonkey said:

Another game I won't be buying! If you don't give wii u the same treatment as the rest I will not but the game. These company's will complain when it doesn't sell very well. What a joke



Darknyht said:

Well, this just became a Christmas purchase instead of a day one purchase. Good to know that I can move Wind Waker HD up on the priority list, as I was conflicted over which to get (already played Wind Waker on GC). This news doesn't effect me directly as I never intended to play online (just found out about it today), but I refuse to pay the full $60 for an inferior product.



Whopper744 said:

Are you serious? Come's no wonder the WIi U has a hard time. As much as I like the system, little crap like this makes it look bad.



Dogpigfish said:

Bummer, I was planning on buying this, but not anymore. I'm not going to fork out $60 on a lest gen system game, plain and simple. The new features should be displayed on the current gen.



Whopper744 said:

I hate to sound like this against Nintendo, but if systems considered last gen like the 360 is going to have online functions for a lot of games and almost always has, why in the world is the Wii U not supporting it? I don't know who's fault this is but this crap seems to happen all the time.



Einherjar said:

And still, they expect this game to be a seller, maybe even the best of the three, since we have to proove our support.
Im still getting it for the WiiU, no question there, but seriously, how on earth is this justifiable ?
If you ask me, nintendo should outright ban such a behaviour. Lesser port ? No green light. Simple as that. Screw these third party titles. And for everyone who moans about "the WiiU needs these titles...are you really that naive to think that these inferior versions are making enough money to be takes seriously ?
Either we get the game at least on par with the other versions or we dont get it. The dev can beg for attention elsewhere.
The conspiricy theorist in me came to the conclusion, that these devs must get money from MS and / or Sony to mak ethe Nintendo version inferior.



TrueWiiMaster said:

I'd wait for an official confirmation before taking this as a fact. Either way, it doesn't really affect me. I don't really care for online play in a game like this. That said, if true this is still wrong. They shouldn't favor some over another while releasing the same game at the same price and same time. It will definitely cost them some sales, and they'll likely blame Nintendo for their mistake.



Dogpigfish said:

Their execs will explain that batman didn't sell well on the Wii U, but gamers aren't stupid. When the bargain bin has it for $20 or less, we aren't going to buy a year old port with some armor gloss on batman for a whopping $60. Not to mention, it simply wasn't as good as asylum. You're sick the whole game falling over and coughing blood. It was a strong departure from the first game.



Doma said:

Nintendo doesn't include online in any of their own games (Nintendo land, NSMBU, Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101, SM3D World etc. etc...), so you can't really blame third parties for following suit on the console, lol.

The system is a failure.



banacheck said:

PS4WiiU said:
"Wii U is gonna have the definitve versions of all your favourite games"

True story bro.



tsm7 said:

I can understand people thinking this is unfair but, personally, I'm not bothered by it.



Yosher said:

And then they'll complain about how this game doesn't sell on the Wii U. Maybe if they'd actually offer this game for at least half the price than the competition console versions it might sell equally well but even that's a long-shot if they keep cutting important stuff in Wii U versions of multiplatform titles.



DePapier said:

Glad I didn't anticipate this game that much. I wouldn't have been just slightly mad.



YT-SutibunDatsW said:

i didnt anticipate this game. I dont think a game that is stripped of online is worth more than 30 dollars honestly
and also, they showed no gameplay =P



TromboneGamer said:

So um.. when are Nintendo gamers gonna not be left in the dark anymore? Is this fun to the publishers or do they just think of Wii U as that little side project someone mentions/notices every once in a while?



Farmboy74 said:

Hope Warner Interactive don't moan too much when this cut down version does not sell. Not been a good day for Wii U news that's for sure!



AlexSora89 said:

"To the Bat-WiiU-hatewagon!"

Actually, I'm imagining Kaz Hirai as the Joker and Bill Gates as the Riddler right now. You're welcome for the mental image.



Doma said:

You guys should just ignore the other versions and pretend the game is actually a WiiU exclusive.

Then the lack of an online mode would be acceptable, right? Same as Nintendo's offerings.



kevkeepsplaying said:

Wow this was one of my most wanted games this holiday season but that sure took a complete u turn.

I'm not paying full price for half a game.



TingLz said:

@shad0w-7 What you're suggesting is the textbook definition of "denial". Are you suggesting that we simply ignore the Wii U's predicament and sugar coat its situation?



Laxeybobby said:

As I understand it, having read various articles written by developers, is that the WiiU architecture is far more complex/difficult to code for (its the hardest platform to code for even compared with the PS4 and Xbox1) when it comes to multi-platform releases where parts of say the Xbox version can be used on the PS3, ie the game engine running the game. Hence why some games are just not appearing on the Wii U as the game engine won't perform properly with the WiiU architecture without the need of a complete rewrite of code. Same goes for Online play as a lot of these multi format games use the same principle, Online engine tweeked for the server provider. i.e Microsoft or Sony.

theplotlessplot was right with their comment:

theplotlessplot said:
It looks like Nintendo's decision to leave the multiplayer framework and systems up to the developers is coming back to bite it (and us) in the donkey. Nintendo should've just created a LIVE or PSN-like service with its own servers, capable of hosting multiplayer games. Instead, they chose the "it's up to the developers" route and now we're all suffering for it. This is one (of many, I guess) multiplatform title that I won't be playing on Wii U. I love my Wii U, but this is another nail on the console's coffin.

Nintendo need to patch the WiiU architecture to make it easier / cheaper for developers to create / port for. Result Highly unlikely - bordering on never gona happen.

Developers spend more money on Wii U version developed independently from the other main platforms. Result Highly unlikely - bordering on never gona happen.

"the nail in the console's coffin" was already in place on the R&D bench of Nintendo HQ before the console was ever released.



TravisTouchdown said:

I really do think that 3rd party developers are trolling the Wii U. I mean let’s look at their complaints.

Release a year old port, but instead of charging budget price as on other systems, Wii U version is full price despite having NO extra features or any incentive to pay full price when people can get it $40 cheaper on another system. Complain when game doesn’t sell well.

Only release a couple of games during the holiday season and don’t touch it ever again. Complain in JULY that your Wii U sales are low despite not releasing anything new since December.

Release your port alongside other consoles, but take away a few features from the Wii U version for no apparent reason. Act shocked when nobody wants to buy the stripped down version at full cost.

Release exclusive Wii U game. It starts to sell well. Despite it being a promised exclusive, immediately port it to the other systems. Suddenly people who were going to buy a Wii U for your game don't have to because it's available on every other system. Complain now that the Wii U version isn't selling well.

Announce a Wii U exclusive. Pre-orders skyrocket. Announce game is going to be multiplatform. Non-Wii U owners no longer have incentive to buy a Wii U and cancel their Wii U version pre-order to pre-order for the console they already own. Complain when Wii U version has least pre-orders.

I mean they can't really be that stupid. It has to be intentional.



Void said:

I never knew this game was going to have an online mode in the first place.
@bezerker99 No duh, because he's freakin' Batman.



Banker-Style said:

Well they've just lost a sale charging more than the PS360 versions,and including less content.For shame WB,I had a lot of cofidence in you.



Quickman said:

@TravisTouchdown It's almost like people want the Wii U to fail, forcing Nintendo to go multiplatform? I'm not saying that there's a conspiracy here but it certainly feels like the Wii U is a massive inconvenience for a lot of third party devs, especially when you look at these "trimmed ports"...



unrandomsam said:

@ThreeD33 Could be that Nintendo won't let them do the if you get it second hand then you have to pay for online thing that some dev's like.



HolyDiver said:

I could care less about a multi player mode, but right now I refuse to buy a game that leaves out features in the Wii U version of the game for no good reason. It just doesn't make sense. They're just lucky that this is a Batman game that will still probably sell well even on the Wii U.



SkywardLink98 said:

It's a shame if it doesn't come. I was expecting a poor port of this, but I didn't expect it this way :/



wombatkidd said:

@Doma The games Nintendo's offering don't need online to be viable. In fact, this game doesn't need it either. So you're missing the point entirely, probably just to troll.

The problem isn't the lack of online play. It's that the Wii U version lacks a feature the other versions are getting for no apparent reason, but is being sold at the same price anyway.



taffy said:

Can't really say if the multiplayer would be good or bad cause nothing has been said about it but there really is no reason for this not to be included on the Wii U.

Anyone want a good third person action game for the Wii U with multiplayer just get AC 4, SP: BL or W_D. And atleast ubisoft have the decency to make collector's editions for two of those games for people who are into that sort of stuff.

Vote with your wallets people, show that GOOD third party games can sell on the Wii U!



Meaty-cheeky said:

The system with the lowest sells numbers and user base always gets the short end of the stick.

If this is true, than the Wii U version of the game should be priced cheaper, since they put less development time into it.



hYdeks said:

@shad0w-7 if they did that, there probably wouldn't be much news to report I feel we deserve to know if something is or isn't added to an upcoming game, rather it be bad or good. Honestly, it's up to Nintendo to make sure nothing bad is really said, and their failing, big time. When it comes to the doom and gloom bad news though, yes I would agree with you, but this is us being screwed on something we figured should automatically be there.



Pichuka97 said:

If multiplayer is not in this game, consider me not buying this then. So disappointing.



ASonic3582 said:

This is getting out of hand. First Wii U owners had to pay the same price for little to no bonus content if it came out at the same time, and more if the Wii U version came out later (90% of 3rd-party games), Then they charge more for it with the same content situation (Deus Ex and NG3 in NA), and now they still expect us to pay full price for half-hearted versions (BAO and pretty much every EA game). No wonder the Wii U versions sell horribly.



Shambo said:

Maybe they just 'forgot to mention' Wii U? You know, those higher-ups don't give two dungs about what's happening as long as it makes money.
Maybe not talking about Wii U, or making Wii U version less attractive makes them some Micro$ony money? It's a dirty business out there after all
Anyway, incomplete game for full price equals no buy. Simple, I'll go with the 3ds version, and they can try to put the blame on someone else, everyone will know they've no one but themselves to blame.



FritzFrapp said:

It's amazing that, year on year, myopic western publishers cannot see the colossal gaps in the hardcore market on Nintendo consoles that are just begging to be filled.



LAA said:

Sad really. There was actually a chance I could have got this on Wii U, at least if they put the effort in and it was slightly better than the PS3/360 versions, as it should be, but no.
The future just looks bleak for Wii U, its struggling to get COMPLETE 360/PS3 games now, how in the world is it going to cope getting PS4/One games.
I dont think I'll be getting another Nintendo Platform at launch next time, at least if it doesnt scream innovation like the Wii did and it comes with all the things people expect a console to do nowadays. I'm just fed up of the same old mistakes being made. A long draught of games and the constant feeling Nintendo is always a step behind, even more sometimes.
I may just stick to getting Nintendo consoles late in their life and getting all the games I wanted on the console then.
I do notice however, Nintendo advertise their games WAY WAY more and they barely advertise 3rd party. Like look at the E3 Direct, one video for all 3rd parties. I'm sure they know as we do that we were probably most anxious to see their games and games they're publishing, but thats just not very good at all. Microsoft + Sony both gave 3rd parties big sections, and I notice on the eshop for Pikmin 3, they have a Pikmin themed banner. Of course thats going to attract attention. I havent seen that sort of thing done ever for a 3rd party. They should either do it for both or not at all.




I am a bit gutted, because it would have been a fun little curio to accompany the main game.

But that's all it would and will ever be. I could be wrong but I highly doubt this will be any more then a tacked on feature that will have a small community on any platform.

I'll still be getting the Wii U version because I thought that the Wii U version of arkham city was the best version available. But I do agree with what most are saying about the Wii U version having a lower price.

It should be £10 cheaper than the others



jayclayx said:

what the hell! a cheap version is coming for the wii u without online multiplayer because there is not enough people playing online, so at least you should sell this poor port at half price to justify such a silly decision.



Legromancer said:

i respect your decicion to buy it, but won't it be better to not support such version by not buying them? Besides, it doesn't look that the Wii U Version will be better than any other version. It's not like Arkham City. Maybe it is better to support Arkham City like you did and stop their. Credit where credit is due.
Me? I won't buy a version that has less than ANY other version. There is now way to spin it.



jayclayx said:

@LAA You could not have said it better, totally agree with you, I bought the console not for its poor ports and indie games, at this point I don't think Nintendo will support third parties like sony and microsoft do with their consoles anyway last year I though it will be enough to own a wii U but Im seriously getting a ps4 next year.



Mizzah_Tee said:

And they'll be just mystified why this game wont sell well for the Wii U. They'll say our games just don't sell well on Nintendo consoles yadda, yadda, yadda. I suppose the Wii U version will be the cheapest since it will be gimped right? Don't bet on it.



Pachterkid said:

Makes sense. 150 million combined 360s/PS3s sold, 3.6 million Wii U's sold. Only a fraction of those Wii U owners will even buy the game, and not everybody who buys the game on the system will care about online play. Makes total sense.



Relias said:

@Doma Not.. some of Nintendo's offerings I can understand no online play.. .. well actually.. seeing as to how Nintendo wants you and your friends in the Living Room for a party game.. I do understand.. something like this is stupid however.. first off.. this does not even need a Internet Muli player mode.. (It's Batman.. Batman is supposed to run off stories.. not a Internet Mode.. if they need to add that that basically is a indicator of how weak the game is.. in single player mode.. which should never happen..) But more importantly.. it proves everyone right on why they don't buy a Wii U.. or if they do they don't support third parties on it.. because once again.. the Wii U is getting the inferior version.. which is just plain stupid.. (Also shows another reason why a lot of Nintendo fans won't be buying this game..)



jayclayx said:

@koopakid No it does not make any sense to me, if you are willing to make a port to a console at least you are expecting the whole game otherwise dont come and try to sell your rip off.



Midnight3DS said:

Maybe people should petition Nintendo instead, and concentrate on the root of the problem.



Blue_Yoshi said:

Well no problem I mean at least we get special controls like in Arkham City(which I have yet to play) so looks like I'll be waiting on this one to be used and cheap before buying. No money to the greedy publisher who don't think its worth it to give a kickdonkey multiplayer mode to the Wii U which is just what the Wii U needs to jumpstart its online multiplayer popularity.



JuanitoShet said:

Huh. Poor Wii U gets the short end of the stick with every game, eh?

I guess I understand the decision, not that I like it. I myself don't own a Wii U, so all I can do is feel for those who feel like they're being robbed. I'd be upset too.



Stuffgamer1 said:

I'd much rather NO version had multiplayer, really. But for a basic value rating, the Wii U version did clearly just drop comparatively.



ultraraichu said:

Publishers (mainly on the western side) are so funny when it comes to releasing game. They blame everything on the install base and at the same time (and even before the WiiU launch) the game lack familiar features to give people the incentive to buy the WiiU version. Expect a future EA/Ubisoft excuse and statement.

With than said, I would still be interested in the game if it does the same thing "Injustice" did and have a $30 sale less then a month after release.



CAM290 said:

Definatley not picking this title up nor the current batman that is available now.



ricklongo said:

I won't be purchasing this game, much less playing it online - I bought Arkam City Armored Edition and traded it away for Monster Hunter after playing 4 hours. However, this is definitely bad news for the system as a whole. If you were looking forward to getting this game on your Wii U, you should definitely feel cheated. I would simply not buy it at all.

Even if they retroactively add the Wii U to that list, the neglect is astounding.



Wowfunhappy said:

Were people really planning on buying this for the multiplayer? Isn't it a primarily single player game?

Fun fact: Sometimes, the games on less-popular platforms have slightly fewer features. That's just life. If you were going to buy this game for the multiplayer, then of course you shouldn't buy the Wii U version. If you don't care that much, then get the game and have fun with singleplayer. There's no reason to start boycotting.

Personally, I don't care about mutliplayer and really, really like having a map on the GamePad screen. So I'll be getting this game most likely.



Aerona said:

Looks like I'm passing then, unless we're getting a lower price out of the deal. Are we...? Oh.



GearsOfWarU said:

I still plan on making this a day one purchase... I've never played a Batman game for multiplayer so this does not affect me. Game Looks Awesome can't wait to get this and play it on my Wii U. Warner bros will probably add multiplayer a couple months later if enuff people buy the game on Wii U. I plan on Supporting Warner Bros because they have been strong Supporters of Wii U and I hope they continue to be



jayclayx said:

@Wowfunhappy is not the multiplayer online per se, the reason many people are complaining is because there is no real reason third parties should make poor ports of their games for the wii U, if they are not willing to make a better version of the game for the wii u like better graphics and original gameplay on the pad at least they can port the whole game, the lack of support from third parties and the inability from Nintendo to get third parties into the wii u is just pathetic.



Wowfunhappy said:

@jayclayx But that's just life. It's the result of using the less popular platform. PC gamers have experienced it for years (although it is finally getting somewhat better). And outside of gaming, Mac users often get inferior versions of software compared to their Windows counterparts, and/or the software comes out later.

If WB sells a lot of copies of the game, they'll probably put more effort into the port next time around. But right now, Wii U has a lower install base, and games sell less, so it makes sense that they'd leave some features out.



Parkavenue359 said:

Maybe its because Nintendo doesn't do online often. Super mario 3D world, New Super Mario Bros. U, Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, etc,etc. I was Hoping nintendo would learn to put online multiplayer in all their local multiplayer games...



Znerd said:

This is what i mean about third parties. They should just say it 'We dont want to support Nintendo, We want them to fail by giving them inferior versions of games'. I would honestly prefer if the game got delayed on Wii u to fix this kind of stuff.



Obito_Sigma said:

Would anyone care to remind them that the Wii U is generation eight? The Xbox 360 and Play Station 3 are from the seventh generation. Do they just think that the Nintendo isn't worthy enough? I would like to see the Play Station if Nintendo never existed.



SmaMan said:

Y'know why there's a small multiplayer audience on Wii U? There's not many multiplayer games!!

You, Warner Bros. are now part of your own problem.



ACK said:

The explanation makes the situation worse... No publisher is going to make that same argument regarding multiplayer on PS4/Xbone. Gimping fresh platforms based on their lack of user base is a certain way to prevent progress.

And we'll see come MK8 and SSB what kind of multiplayer community the Wii U is capable of.



ScorpionMG said:

i was thinking to buy batman arkham city and origins, probably scribblenauts too!
Now im having second thoughts. Just gonna stick to nintendo games until 3rd party really supports us and not disappoint us.



Nabbit101 said:

I was excited to get this for Wii U but who knows there might me enough madness and all of their upcoming games that aren't already coming to the Wii u come to the Wii U (like ubisoft)



hcfwesker said:

No surprise here, I've grown accustomed to the taste of piss; which is what all these 3rd party developers are doing to WiiU owners, goingnumbah1 all over us.

Even though I could careless for an "online mode" in this game, it's just a shame we're getting butchered ports of games for the same exact retail price. I'll wait for a $20 price drop on amazon, which would be the game's true value when compared to the missing features.



hYdeks said:

wow, that's absolute crap. I guess I gotta buy it on ps3 now, that's pretty stupid.



FJOJR said:

It looks like this gen Nintendo will have to support themselves mostly ala the N64.



AtomicToaster said:

What a bunch of bull! And when it doesn't sell they'll blame the Wiiu. I'm so sick of this garbage! Makes me just want to buy indie games because this kinda crap is bogus! How is Wiiu not an online system?!?!?



Mr-DNA said:

"Let's cut features because there's no 3rd party support!"

"Why won't people buy our 3rd party games with cut features? Curse you Nintendo!!"

Corporate Logic, ladies and gentlemen.



Jacadamia said:

It's just like people have been saying, games are getting so expensive to make that one failure can result in a developer going out of business (a la Epic Mickey 2). This just shows that developers don't want to take risks so badly that they're afraid to support a brand new system because of low install base. I mean, of COURSE it's going to have a low install base, it just came out! They wanted it to pick up so rapidly and be equal with current consoles in the first year? Get real, maybe they'd be closer if they actually TRIED, but no, all we get is bad ports, and the occasional fair multi-platform release, and they sit around wondering why Wii U isn't selling well now, blaming nintendo because they don't want to do any of the hard work of creating a user base, they just want some one to sell their stuff to, and if they can't even help create a place for them to do just that because they're afraid to lose money, then there is something REALLY wrong with the industry.

Who knows, maybe i'm wrong and third parties won't be scared to even support PS4 and Xbone, maybe it's all just anti- nintendo bias... i hope not, or i hope nintendo can prove them wrong and slap some sense into the industry



Senate_Guard said:

This is upsetting. Wii U owners deserve everything other platforms are getting. (the PS3 exclusively getting those extra suits/missions is complete BS) Hopefully they realize how big of a mistake it could be to not include multiplayer. I personally don't know if I'd use it much, but I'd prefer having the option that not have it at all.





The Wii U is my console of choice, so by buying the Wii U version I'm supporting it and hopefully that will go towards preventing this sort of thing from happening again.

Not to mention I love off-tv play and having a map on the gamepad, and I know it's a long shot but I got my fingers crossed for the return of the armored suit and all the other features from armored edition.

Its a vicious cycle, don't buy it=no future support, lets prove them wrong.

But I will admit that this is bang out of order what WB games have done and I fully understand why people would get the game on another platform.

Edit: If they removed something huge, then obviously I would have to draw the line and get it on the PS3. But I can live without a tacked on multiplayer mode.



sr388survivor said:

@SkywardLink98 Thanks! Signed!
Like many others here, it's not so much that I care about the multiplayer, but that's a pretty huge feature to leave out especially since the system could handle it with no problem. It seems like so many people and even devs and publishers are still treating the Wii U like it's the Wii.



GiftedGimp said:

Firstly I am very dissapointed about lack of Online on WiiU version...
Actually WB do have a point, I have yet to come across any game on WiiU that has substantial online playing userbase, where matchmaking will only take half a minute or so due to there being plenty of players. Exception to this is arguably MH3U, and Blops2 but niether of them are excactly overflowing with online activity.
Yes some of it can be attributed to a lower userbase, and compared to XBL/PSN Nintendo Network is lacking some online features that (at the moment at least), makes those with other systems finding the online more social, thus more reason to buy/play online enabled games on other systems.
Hopfully in the future as the WiiU userbase increases and with (hopefully) some features found on PSN/XBL are implimented on Nintendo Network with system and infrastructure updates more WiiU owners will invest time playing online and things might change regarding how developers treat WiiU versions of games. But for now at least it seems if a game is even brought to the WiiU its a bonus.
I just hope that if (or when) the WiiU version suffers in sales numbers due to people opting for online enabled versions for other platforns that WB don't start to withdraw support for WiiU blaming sales numbers for the WiiU version of games.



Chomposaur said:

stick a fork in it buy a second system,

if 3rd party games are going to be like this whats the point ?



gamerphil07 said:

I am SICK AND TIRED of Nintendo owners getting the short end of the stick. I am a HUGE fan of the arkham series and I am PASSING!!!! NOBODY BUY THIS UNTIL THEY MAKE A COMPLETE VERSION!



gamerphil07 said:

Here's the thing. Maybe, if there were more games to play online in the first place, there WOULD BE AN AUDIENCE!! AAAAARRGGHH!!!



MAB said:

This wIll only have a Assassins Creed 3 level of multiplayer participation anyway... Everyone will be playing COD & GTAV instead



FritzFrapp said:

The probable scenario is that online was omitted to get the game out on time and on budget.

With this Origins game it could well be that NIntendo have money-hatted Warner Bros just to get a version on Wii U. The developers of the multi, Splash Damage, have never worked on Nintendo systems before, so better not to risk another late buggy port on Wii U, which would be a tough sell at full price.
In this instance, and with Wii U sales as they are, at least the Wii U is getting a version of the game and hopefully on time.

For God's sake, buy the game though. Boycotting the game is not the answer. Supporting Warner Bros for actually releasing the game and for their continued support of Wii U, then bombarding WB with requests for online via Miiverse,email and message boards – that is the answer.



Metaknight_3Raw said:

All that will cause is them saying third party titles don't sell on Wii U and not put any more on. I know it's because they usually put out a weaker version but they'll spin it like that as an excuse to drop support.



GiftedGimp said:

@mercurio2054 The trouble with this petition is it's really to late. Lets be honest, Those who want to play online will buy the game on other platforms, the people who's not bothered might still buy the WiiU version.
If the petition was able to get enough signatures to make WB change thier minds then that would mean the WiiU version would be delayed due to the online side of things needing to be ported to the WiiU. This will be quite a lengthy process as without doubt no work would of even been started for online gameplay on the WiiU version.
The knock on effect from the delay would be more people wether bothered about the lack of online or not would buy the game on other platforms or refuse to buy the game when it finally got released on WiiU due to the WiiU versions price compared to the price of the (by then) older Ps3/360 versions. Something with seen time and time again on titles released later on WiiU than other platforms, even if although it's a older title on other platforms there has been significant upgrades and/or additions to the WiiU version. (e.g NFS Most Wanted)



ACK said:

Hey, I'll still buy the game on one condition: the Wii U version must run as well as, or better than, any other; the Wii U features must be well implemented; most of all, the game must compare favorably to Arkham City.

None of those aspects have of yet been sufficiently affirmed. Any talk of "should" or "shouldn't" purchase/support is immature, far as I'm concerned.



Trippinator said:

If they could just release a full version of a game, they'd realize there was a market for it. Instead, a large amount of people who would've gotten it for Wii U (including me) are now probably going to get it on PC, making it look like there wasn't a market for the game on Wii U.



arrmixer said:

@Frapp @ACK
This is just a business decision ( if confirmed) WB is making right now. A lot of commenters are taking this personal for no reason... This is not least WB is still releasing games on the system..
Honestly, I could care less about online gaming as long as i get everything else plus the added gamepad features like in city..... And i will buy this at full price.



brandonbwii said:

This is the first excuse that honestly makes sense to me. Sure the Wii U is more than capable if online but why go through the effort when severs will be mostly empty?

It was great to have online COD and NFS, but exactly how much did you guys play online due to low installed base. This is a perfectly reasonable move IMO. Although post Mario Kart 8 release you'll likely see me rant with the rest of you if a publisher ignores online play for the platform.



JaxonH said:

@Ryo_Hazuki-san Pisses me off too. But it would be foolish to sell your Wii U over 3rd party shenanigans. If ya bought a Wii U, there's only one reason for doing so... the Nintendo games. The console has the best 1st party lineup scheduled over the next 6-9 months of any gaming console I've ever seen- it's going to be legendary! But believe me, I do agree with you- this is outrageous, especially because a lot of people, including myself, were really pumped for this game. Now I'm just pissed off and thinking about cancelling my pre order.



sinalefa said:

If they really cared, they would have either offered a lower starting price or additional (exclusive) offline content or DLC as compensation. So my October purchases will be Pokémon Y and Wind Waker HD,



JaxonH said:

@Doma Really man? A failure? That's ignorance I wouldn't normally expect to see here at NintendoLife. In 6 years from now, IF the Wii U has sold less than 10-15 million consoles in its lifespan, you can come back here and declare the system was a failure. But don't sit here and act like a backseat analyst after only 8 months of the console's lifespan. Wii U is sitting at around 4 million units sold in 8 months. That is not a failure BY ANY DEFINITION. But even if the console had just 1 million sales right now instead of 4, it STILL would not be a failure. Why? Because it hasn't even gotten warmed up yet! It hasn't even begun to see the plethora of releases that will barrage the console like raindrops over the next 6 years. It hasn't even begun to see Nintendo's massive advertising campaign, which will start when the first wave of 1st party titles hit this fall. The console is a newborn child, and you're calling it a failure. I own a Wii U, and I can personally attest to how amazing it is- it's definitely the best console I've ever owned, and I'm a multi-console gamer from the 80s- there isn't many a system I haven't owned at some point or another. I know how great and fun it is, so I know exactly how much it has to offer gamers around the world. And once gamers realize what it has to offer, it will succeed. This takes time. It's a slow process, and doesn't happen over a period of a few months. No main-line Nintendo console has ever failed nor ever will- the games are just too good and the public loves Nintendo too much for that to ever happen. Even the Gamecube, at 21 million units sold, was a substantial success for Nintendo. And Wii U will surpass the Gamecube. People just love to jump on the "Wii U is a failure", "Wii U is doomed", "Wii U is done" bandwagon because that's what's popular among fanboys. Yeah, Wii U sales aren't that good at the moment. But um, did anyone really expect differently? I mean, there hasn't been an advertising push yet, there aren't any big 1st party games out yet... I would have been AMAZED if Wii U was selling great right now. Slow sales right now are expected. But also expect those sales to start rising consistently once Nintendo brings it's first batch of 10 AAA first party titles. And when those games drop, the advertising machine will kick into high gear. And believe me, Nintendo knows how to do mass advertising.



Uno said:

Like some of you said, I´m still in if WB sells the Wii U version at a lower price. If it comes at the same price without some of it's features, then I'll wait for a price drop. This was on the top of my list. Not anymore.



JaxonH said:

@JogurtTheYogurt Well, if you want to play the online then yes, I agree with you. But as pissed off as I am about WB omitting the multiplayer in the Wii U version, the truth is I probably wouldn't have played it for this particular game. So for me, personally, the point is the games are better on Wii U with the gamepad integration, some offer alternative Wiimote/Nunchuk control schemes, and the Wii U Pro Controller is SO much more ergonomic than a Dualshock, and dare I say, even the Xbox controller. So there actually are quite a few advantages to buying a 3rd party game on Wii U. Also factor in that the PS4/Xbox One multiplats will offer free online on Wii U. That's gotta count for something too. But yes, I already have a PS4 pre ordered. But it's going to be for the games that don't come to Wii U. If given the choice, I'll always choose gamepad over graphics, Wiimote/Nunchuk and Pro Controller optional control schemes over Dualshock, and free online vs paid subscription. If the game doesn't have online in the Wii U version, oh well- I'm not going to pay a monthly fee for it on my PS4 so it's not like I'm losing anything. Yeah it sucks, but the pros still outweigh the cons with Wii U versions in my opinion.



billychaos said:

Game developer company logic:
Batman III game:
"Let's not put multi-player in the game for the Wii U"
Batman IV game:
"We will not be releasing the next Batman game for the Wii U because of low sales of Batman III."

This seems to be the same pattern for all the developers. Release a half baked game for the Wii U, then when it doesn't sale (because it's half baked), call it quits on the Wii U because of low sales.



mozie said:

That's really lame, ill prolly pick up one of the other version's now particularly if its the same price. sad thing is i'd rather buy the wii u version and support the system but coulden't justify buying a gimped version.



Will-75 said:

Then they wont get my money there will be other games to play , it's a shame if this is true the Wii U has and is ten times better a platform for the online play in my opinion with a front facing camera, a touch screen on the controller ; It's a sin the Wii U has all this Awesome - Awesome potential getting wasted where are the people that make games cause they love to make games that are fun and use and explore the options available to them ; I give up caring about any mainstream title for Wii U unless it's from Nintendo !



Senario said:

So what they are saying is...they are lazy. At least replace it with something you won't find on the other consoles! Don't blame the fans when it doesn't sell well because you didn't put enough effort into it =/.



xKing_Koopahx said:

How does this make sense to them?? The Wii u lacks online audience so we wont help it by making a game with multiplayer. Umm? Wtf..



AtomicToaster said:

Ill still get it because i was getting this for single player but really not happy and I know even though I buy it on Wiiu they'll say it didn't sell and not make the next batman game for w
ii. Such garbage!



Gamercake said:




dumedum said:

It seems like it is a case where a different party is making the multiplayer, and that party has no idea what Wii U is, so it can't even technically suddenly make a Wii U version. It's basically a different game tacked on to the single player. I agree that Wii U should be cheaper, although I don't hear that other versions have Off-TV play for example. I just wish there wouldn't be such negative reactions and disappointment over everything. Even if the games are priced the same, after a few months, you could buy the game for $30 or less. Still worth it. Too much big deal people make of everything.



Cranky said:

Nintendo have to take some blame for this, there are no online multiplayer first party titles. We may have to wait until 2014 when SSB and Mariokart come out for a strong online community to even exist.



Jllanos22 said:

This is a game that I will buy wii u regardless of not having multiplayer.
Who's gonna buy a batman game thinking on the multiplayer???
First two doesn't have it and still they are big games.



WhiteTrashGuy said:

I just filed a complaint with WB Interactive. I am boycotting ORIGINS and BLACKGATE until this is resolved. I'm not paying $60 for a pared down version. And since I have 3 kids, off-tv play has since become a necessi4 for me. I will not give money to a company that wants to slight the Wii U. They need to realize that with competent support it could become a viable console.



S7eventhHeaven said:

dont see the big deal. dont see the point of multiplayer for this game anyways. if i was getting this for the xbox or ps3 id not be bothering with the multiplayer anyways. but let me play the full game on the gamepad and im happy



DarkNinja9 said:

just wait till they later come out and say "oh now the wii u will also have MP" its annoyingly stupid now what they are doing towards the Wii U and saying it isnt capable of things



DarkNinja9 said:

@S7eventhHeaven its a big deal because they still will charge the same price for the game even though it has less content is that fair? even though true this game seems weird to have MP

sorry double posted



AJWolfTill said:

Well this sucks, I hope they can at least offer split screen instead as the assymetric multiplayer would be fantastic on the Wii U. I will still be getting this on the Wii U unless it's full of glaring technical faults.



P-Gamer-C said:

LOLLLLLLLLLLOLLLLLLLLLLLLLOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Another loss for nintendo damage control more corporate slaves lollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll



rylog said:

everyone that has wiiu email WB and complain about multiply player not being added. HERE EMAIL ADDRESS

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