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Thu 23rd May 2013

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Parkavenue359 commented on Looks Like Batman: Arkham Origins Isn't Gettin...:

Maybe its because Nintendo doesn't do online often. Super mario 3D world, New Super Mario Bros. U, Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, etc,etc. I was Hoping nintendo would learn to put online multiplayer in all their local multiplayer games...



Parkavenue359 commented on Talking Point: E3 Exposed the Strains of Ninte...:

I know Nintendo has a huge burden of supplying a desolate console with good games... In my opinion, the weight shouldn't just be on their shoulders. The reason the wii u does not have quality third party titles is because of the third party companies. People point fingers at Nintendo alone, when they should be pointing finger at Nintendo and the third party companies. These third party companies test the wii u by putting out ports that have already been released on other consoles. Some third parties have put out gimped versions of games that have been out for ages (sniper elite v2). And some third parties have been too scared to test the waters and they have made gamed that were once exclusive to wii u, multiplatform. Square Enix "tested the water" by putting out a REMAKE of a game and have made it multiplatform. These third parties complain about their titles not selling when it actually is the third parties fault. I guarantee you, if a third party exclusive that is of the quality if resident evil 4 came out for wii u, the console would sell and the game would sell. Nintendo shouldn't have to bear this burden alone... I think it is getting to the point where Nintendo should pay for exclusives. If these third parties are so worried about money, then Nintendo should pay them. Nintendo is one of the wealthiest gaming companies in the world. I also think there fallout 4 should be ported to wii u. Gamers and developers could draw a connection between the pipboy (inventory menu in fallout) and the gamepad. It would set an example...

A lot of elements in my statement are originally found in reviewtechusa's video. He is an unbiased youtuber who talks about issues in the gaming industry.
The video that I got content from is here: The part of the video which talks about this issue is (5:23- 6:55)



Parkavenue359 commented on Children Of The Sun, Take Note: The Mysterious...:

Hmm, the mysterious city of gold. Im not sure if this will sell well in the states, but it would be a killer gamein Israel. Not to be negative, I would, however, prefer a freeroam, open world game set in the last air bender universe over this.