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ASonic3582 commented on Talking Point: My Nintendo Can Be a Tipping Po...:

I think if there's one thing Nintendo should do with this program, they should remind people periodically that they can redeem the benefits. I completely forgot I was part of the digital deluxe promotion until NL posted that it was about to end the day before and almost missed out on $25 bucks of eshop credit



ASonic3582 commented on Pokémon Go Showcase Session Confirmed for GDC...:

@Gridatttack To answer your question about all Pokemon being available: yes and no. Yes in that throughout the real world, there will be all the Pokemon. But no in that, much like how certain Pokemon are only in certain parts of the main games, a fair chunk of Pokemon will only appear in certain parts of the world, with a few potentially available worldwide.



ASonic3582 commented on LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer Leak...:

I used to really like the lego games, but after Lego City, they kinda just went downhill from there. I played lego Marvel and it just didn't feel good, then there was the delay of lego Hobbit on the Wii U and getting screwed on lego Batman dlc (again, might I add, still a little salty from Arkham Origins) and I just said **** it! Though if these Star Wars games play like the originals, I might come back.



ASonic3582 commented on Video: Chandelure Looks Predictably Weird in P...:

@sillygostly I think Greninja would make sense simply because it's the most popular of the gen 6 starters and marketing/sales wise it would make sense to stick to the popular ones. Look at the roster, all of them are extremely popular save Weavile, Chandelure, Machamp (though some will argue that it's maintained decent popularity), and Braixen (though I hear it's a lot more popular now due to being in the anime). Point is at max a quarter of the 16 member roster is not super popular. Maybe they'll throw in one or two more obscure Pokemon, but it's more than likely Chandelure was our last oddball reveal.



ASonic3582 commented on Talking Point: Learning Lessons From the Past ...:

A lot of people are mentioning the idea of Nintendo going 3rd party, but I don't think that would work since the only games I could see selling on both Playstation and Xbox are Mario, Zelda and Pokemon. Beyond that we have a few franchises that could do well on one or the other, but not both (Metroid comes to mind as one that would do well on PS but not Xbox), and pretty much every other smaller franchise getting the axe. Long story short, if Nintendo were to go 3rd party, let's just say the occasional complaining about constant Mario and Pokemon would be an amplified reality. Don't believe me, let's not forget most of Sega's older IP not named Sonic are basically dead and anytime they try something new it sells horribly (RIP the under appreciated gem that is Rhythm Thief.



ASonic3582 commented on Nintendo Confirms Bayonetta, Corrin & Final Mi...:

@StraTTtheRipper In the US, Bayonetta is $6 for one system and $7 for both, while Corrin is $5 for one and $6 for both. Bayonetta's the same price as Cloud and Ryu in the US, and Corrin is halfway in between the other newcomers and the vets, so that may help you figure out EU prices if you live there since I don't know them.



ASonic3582 commented on SmashPad Arrives on iOS and Aims to Deliver a ...:

I don't know about you guys, or that reviewer for the matter, but I'd expect for there to be much more info on Melee than Smash 4 (though I prefer the latter) simply because competitively speaking, the former has been played a long time whereas the latter's just over a year old.



ASonic3582 commented on Video: Nintendo's Latest Story Trailer for The...:

@able_to_think We (as in the US) are among the few, assuming we're not the only ones, that label our dates mm/dd/yyyy. All of Europe (which this is an NoE trailer) and much of the rest of the world labels them dd/mm/yyyy. So for us 4/3 means April 3rd, but for them it means March 4th, so they get it the same day as us.



ASonic3582 commented on Fire Emblem Fates Removes 'Petting' Feature in...:

At this rate all I have to say is this:

It's optional, so it doesn't really matter if it stays or not. I have moral values towards these things, but I choose to follow them by my in game decisions. For example: why is incest being in the game perfectly fine but a supposed (cause of translation) drugging scene is bad? Morally speaking, I don't like either, but I know people who do believe one, the other, or both are fine. If it stays, I can choose not to marry my in game siblings or drug Soliel if I don't want too and my main progress in any way. Actually, keeping all this stuff in and deciding who does and doesn't do it might be an interesting way to see the moralities of the fanbase. But again, as I've been saying since the female Link/Linkle debate, if it's not important enough to keep in unchanged, it's not important enough to change it either. You're allowed to have an opinion on it, but that shouldn't really affect your stance towards the game as a whole.



ASonic3582 commented on Nintendo Outlines Details of DLC Map Pack One ...:

I think it's cool the bundle has a substantial discount. But given there's other games I want to play this year, I'll probably focusing on picking up the main paths, which btw is also a good deal at 2 games for the price of 1.5 or 3 for the price of 2.



ASonic3582 commented on The Game Lineup for EVO 2016 Has Been Announced:

Fun Facts: Pikachu and Ryu will each appear in a third of this year's games with one overlap between them. And together the two will appear in more than half of them. They also have games or appearances with indirect connections to Tekken 7 (Pokken is a Tekken spin off where Pikachu copies Heihachi's moveset, and Akuma appears in Tekken 7, who's a Ryu semi clone in Street Fighter)



ASonic3582 commented on Fire Emblem Fates Removes 'Petting' Feature in...:

@AlexSora89 I agree with you, the only stuff they're censoring is optional stuff that really didn't matter and you never had to see to begin with. I mean I'm not cool with the fact Corrin can marry and have kids with his/her siblings, which on one side is definitely incest and the other would be considered by many to be incest, but like the rest of this stuff before it was changed, if I don't like like it, I don't have to experience it. Plain and simple.



ASonic3582 commented on Nintendo Removes Infamous Drugging Scene From ...:

Before I get to what I want to say, I'm just going to say that in terms of what they did with this, I think that, mostly for the possibility that people will take this in the whole "drugged the girl" type deal, this seems like a smart approach for NoA. Now with that said: Is it too much to ask for an update on the game that's not something that will just result in either whining about the pricing or something related to relationships? Seriously that is all I seem to hear anywhere regarding this game, while there's basically nothing on the actual gameplay. I'll even gladly take a publicly spoiled ending next week if it means a break from complaining about the same two things every time the game is brought up.



ASonic3582 commented on Fire Emblem Fates New Nintendo 3DS XL Model Co...:

@sillygostly To be fair, each path is as big as Awakening, the developers outright said that cost wise it would've been practically impossible to make back the production costs if they were sold as a single $40 cart, and while they did say that they could've just done 1 cart with all 3 main paths for $80 (aka the special edition) and not have done the individual Birthright and Conquest, that higher price would've drastically hurt sales, especially for those (which I'm assuming would be most of the more casual audience) who would only want 1 version. And compared to Awakening, the side story DLC maps in Fates are overall cheaper since 11 maps in Awakening runs about $23 USD assuming the first 9 are bought in the discounted 3 packs and $24.50 if they aren't compared to $18 for 11 maps in Fates, so you save a decent chunk of change comparatively.



ASonic3582 commented on Fire Emblem Fates New Nintendo 3DS XL Model Co...:

@Xenocity @IceClimbers Correct me if I'm wrong, but if I remember correctly, the dual paired Pokemon games tend to be put together in the charts, so I wouldn't be surprised if these were too. And I'm sure that even if it's not, Nintendo will internally keep track of each version and possibly combine them to show off sales records and/or decide how to go forward with the series (ie more newbie-friendly entries if Birthright does better, and reverting to the older style if Conquest does better)



ASonic3582 commented on Dragon Quest VII Set for a Summer Release in N...:

@Minotaurgamer @blackice85 the 3ds Phoenix Wright games are eshop only outside Japan, as are a few Atlus games in Europe (can't remember which ones since I'm in the US). So it's entirely possible for 1 regions retail games to be eshop only in others, though both of these DQ remakes have been confirmed to get retail releases, at least in the US since I didn't see Europe's direct.



ASonic3582 commented on ​Chandelure Will Be the Next Pokkén Tournam...:

@SmaMan They most likely won't make any brand new Pokémon, probably just forms like Shadow Mewtwo. As far as a Pokémon based on Tekken, they've basically done that already as Pikachu's moveset in Pokken is mostly Heihachi's moveset from the main Tekken games with electric effects and a few different moves.



ASonic3582 commented on Pokkén Tournament Will be Picking Fights on 1...:

@Tsurii the only catch with the Mewtwo card is that it has to be in the 1st print of the game. It doesn't need to be preordered, just a copy with the 1st shipment. Though given how duplicate amiibo work with other games, for example Mario and Dr Mario or Link and Toon Link both functioning as "Mario" and "Link" respectively outside of Smash, it's likely that at least for now, the Shadow Mewtwo card will also function in Smash and Mario Maker (and most likely futuew games save Pokken sequels) like regular Mewtwo.



ASonic3582 commented on ​Chandelure Will Be the Next Pokkén Tournam...:

@IceClimbers Seriously, people are saying that? That's kind of odd since I think we have just as many Psychic and Fighting types as we do Fire, yet people aren't complaining about too many of those.
Besides, counting each fighter's 2nd type (which I will since it seems most of the Pokemon use both of their types in their moves), we have practically every type represented with at least 1 playable Pokemon in this game. The only ones still missing are Normal, Bug, and Rock, but given they got over the "represent all gens" hurdle, this should be doable with 2 or 3 more additions. Although I think they can only do it in 2 if they do Dwebble or Crustle, which I'm guessing is entirely possible now.



ASonic3582 commented on Bayonetta 2 to Have a Standalone North America...:

I may be looking to deep with this, but I think this basically confirms Bayonetta and Corrin to launch in the 1st or 2nd week of February. Reasons:
1. Bayonetta and Corrin are supposed to launch at the same point in February.
2. Corrin is being added to market FE Fates, and Sakurai said something along the lines of "get to know him before you play Fates" in the Smash direct, hinting that he'll come before Fates.
3. This standalone Bayonetta 2 release comes out in the US on the same day FE Fates does, February 19th, at the end of the 3rd week of February.

My theory: Bayonetta and Corrin will come out in Smash between February 1st and 13th (last day of the second week of February). This will give fans an opportunity to play as these characters for a week or 2 and seeing as they are both from semi obscure series, some fans may wonder "when/ how easy would it be for me to try these characters games?" Which then 1-2 weeks later (on the 19th) FE Fates will launch in US stores with the Bayonetta 2 restock, giving 3DS and Wii U owners, respectively, the chance to play the origin games of these mysterious fighters. And given NoA doesn't do many ads and is adding Corrin to help market, it makes sense to rerelease Bayo 2 at the same time so that she can help boost game some sale numbers too. Admittedly this only applies to US players, and it wouldn't make sense to just launch Smash DLC in the US before the rest of the world, so preseumably the whole world would get the dlc despite the games not being out/available at the DLC release. It makes sense as long as that last point is in consideration.



ASonic3582 commented on Poll: Are You Optimistic About Nintendo's 2016?:

I think one thing that could help Nintendo (and a very large chunk of the readers here) is note that an innovative controller and hardware power don't have to be mutually exclusive as a lot people make them out to be. We take the designs of the NES, SNES, and 64 controllers for granted these days, but they were seen as innovative at launch as our generation saw the Wiimote and ds touch screen when they launched. On top of that, they were either 1st or 2nd in terms of power for their generations. And although the Wii showed that occasionally 1 without the other would work for them, usually choosing power (see the Gamecube, which was near on par with ps2/xbox powerwise, but didn't try anything new controller wise) and the Wii U (the exact opposite situation in relation to the ps4/xb1), indicates that one or the other will likely mean they'll get 3rd again.



ASonic3582 commented on Gallery: Have a Gawk at The Legend of Zelda: T...:

I see a lot of people pointing out the Midna thing, so I figured I'd put my 2 cents in. Nintendo stops caring about spoilers after about 2 or 3 years from release at this point. Otherwise Lucina wouldn't be in Smash or PXZ 2, Mecha Fiora wouldn't be in PXZ either, Midna wouldn't have her human form in Hyrule Warriors, etc. So if you want to play a game spoiler free, your best bet is to play in the 1st year or 2 from here on.



ASonic3582 commented on Garchomp, Braixen and Mewtwo Will Join the Fig...:

@Ogbert Frogadier is a support, it was confirmed around the arcade release as a pair with Eevee.

Personally I hope we get Jigglypuff and Greninja since we now have most of the Smash Pokémon, might as well put the others in. I also want: a gen 5 Pokémon, it's my least favorite gen, but it'd be nice for every gen to get a rep, and for however many more Pokémon we need to do the same for every type.



ASonic3582 commented on Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games Hi...:

I'll be holding out for the Wii U version if it still exists. I've enjoyed playing the console versions at parties since the Vancouver game. That and Bejing was the only decent handheld one. I'm actually surprised Rio is getting a handheld version at all since I think Sochi skipped the 3ds.



ASonic3582 commented on Feature: Exciting Wii U and 3DS Games to Play ...:

@Notshane I wouldn't worry about the smash dlc release date since in the US Smash direct (not sure if Europe's was different) it said something along the lines of "you can get to know Corrin before you play FE Fates" so that combined with what seems to be the fact that both Corrin and Bayonetta look finished save the final balancing, likely means it'll come out 1st or 2nd week of February since Fates comes out in the US at the end of the 3rd. I could be wrong, but it's a decent educated guess.



ASonic3582 commented on Feature: A Pokémon Retrospective: Generation ...:

@FriedSquid I'm pretty sure the monkeys were made as a way to work around the whole "have to grind to beat the 1st gym if you pick the 'wrong' (as in weak to the leaders type) starter" situation that was in the 1st go of gen 1-4 since they did it so you fight the 1st gym leader who's monkey beats your starter, but can get the monkey that beats their's before the gym to effectively put all 3 starters on equal ground for the 1st gym, which was my personal favorite quirk/gimmick of gen 5.



ASonic3582 commented on ​Another Fighter Character for Pokkén Tourn...:

@sillygostly To be fair Pikachu was, is, and most likely will always be the most popular Pokemon in the series and it's kind of a shoe in for anything remotely related to the series (though I do think having Pikachu twice is a bit annoying, even if Libre has a different moveset than her normal counterpart). And the only real oddball choice is Weavile since all the other Pokemon are extremely popular like Suicune and Charizard, or like Machamp just fit the fighting game material pretty well. Heck I'd argue that the roster save Machamp and Weavile are all in the top 50-100 most popular Pokemon.

Though on a personal note, while I'm not a big fan of their Pokemon, I hope that we get at least 1 rep from each of gen 5 and 6 so that each gen gets a rep, even if my favorite gens (1 and 3) are getting the lion's share of the roster.



ASonic3582 commented on Video: Relive The Hype With This Japanese Smas...:

You know, ever since Corrin's reveal I've felt a need to say this, so I'm gonna let it out. As a full disclaimer, aka not trying to make a bias towards one series or another, I love every franchise that gets into Smash and can get hyped for pretty much any and all fighters added.These final Smash 4 reveals taught me something:

A good chunk of Smash fans get butthurt over every FE character that gets added that's not named Roy. Seriously, people whined about Lucina being a Marth clone and Corrin being in as marketing for Fates, and complained about both (who were the 4th and 6th FE characters in Smash 4 respectively) as there being "too many FE characters." You know who else is Marth clone? Roy. You know who else was originally added in to market a new FE game? Roy. You know who was added as a 5th FE character in Smash 4, which according to Lucina's reveal, was when we already had "too many FE characters"? Roy. What does Roy get? Thunderous Applause and hype.

It's not the idea that one thinks we have too many FE fighters that bugs me, everyone's allowed to have an opinion on that, it's more the inconsistent logic that happened with Roy's reveal and the others mentioned above (that and some of those same fans were butthurt about not getting more Zelda, Pokemon or Mario characters, which pre-Corrin (and in the latter 2 cases post-Corrin), had the same amount or more fighters than FE, but that's another topic to go off on another day. I know not everyone is satisfied with every reveal, but I figured I'd give my 2 cents on the complaints about Corrin.



ASonic3582 commented on Accusations of Plagiarism Directed at Popular ...:

Just my perspective on things (you're free to agree or disagree): If this is plagiarism, then we basically couldn't and wouldn't have any level creation tools or games period. Think about how many times more iconic levels from throughout history like Green Hill Zone and Rainbow Road, among others, that have been remade and recreated to almost perfectly match the originals in titles like Little Big Planet and Disney infinity, among others. If Nintendo or Sega, again among others, started making claims about this stuff either, all of it could/would be shut down and we'd basically have squat in terms of level design in games.



ASonic3582 commented on Super Smash Bros. + Splatoon Wii U Hardware Bu...:

Another noteworthy fact of that ad that seems to have passed over is that a Gamestop exclusive
Ike restock will happen around that time, which more or less confirms that amiibo exclusitivity will rotate different ones in and out.



ASonic3582 commented on Nintendo's Awesome Super Mario Maker Overview ...:

I saw this and said "Holy cow, there's FINALLY a game other than Smash that has a meaningful function for Pikachu (and the other Pokemon)" Seriously why did it take Nintendo this long to release a game besides Smash to utilize their 3rd most popular amiibo and mascot of their 2nd biggest IP?



ASonic3582 commented on GameStop Confirms amiibo 3-Pack Pre-Order Even...:

@Rafie Your right in Getting to know the employees is pretty much the best way to get what you want at GS. Before I worked there, I knew the whole staff at my store and they wanted me there so badly. It was literally reach working age, submit the application, come in the next day. A lot has changed since then but to get back on topic, they likely were able to set aside a preorder for you for both facts that you know them and odds are an employee who doesn't care about amiibo didn't want his/her hold to go to waste since each store was given a number that would be relatively high compared to Ness/Shulk numbers regardless if employees used the 1 hold they were given



ASonic3582 commented on Nintendo Confirms September amiibo Release Det...:

@UnseatingKDawg Yeah it might be unlikely, but it would've given Walmart a hidden pattern in exclusives like every other store that has gotten 2 exclusives by the end of July. The other patterns I've noticed are
GS: cult classic RPG protagonists (Shulk/Ness)
BB: "Edgy fliers" (Meta Knight/Dark Pit)
TRU: blue/not gen 1 Pokémon (Lucario/Greninja)
Target: female characters from the big names (Rosalina/Jigglypuff)
Though assuming the retro pack is GS exclusive, odds are these patterns were pure coincidence



ASonic3582 commented on Nintendo Confirms September amiibo Release Det...:

@bstoppel Odds are that means that those 2 will also be exclusives, as the amiibo kiosks hinted at beforehand (the kiosks in May only had ZSS, Ganon, and Olimar in their coming soon section, and each retailer only shows its own exclusives in the kiosks)
My guesses
Retro pack-Gamestop (read all the evidence this week)
Bowser Jr-Toys R Us (closest thing to a blue Pokémon this wave, and just wishing since TRU did good with Greninja)
Dr Mario-Walmart (been a while since Walmarts had an exclusive, and they seem to like different versions of Mario)