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Thu 28th February, 2013

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ASonic3582 commented on New Pokkén Tournament Controller and Gameplay...:

For everyone complaining about no confirmed Wii U plans, calm down! BN has been this way with Tekken for quite a while.
Tekken 6: started on arcades, came to console a year later.
Tekken Tag 2: started on arcades, came to console a year later.
While Pokémon are the stars, this is still a Tekken game. BN likes to give this series time in arcades before launching it on console. Just be patient, I'd assume mid-late 2016 for the console launch so they can clear the arcades for Tekken 7 before launching that on PS4/XB1.



ASonic3582 commented on Super Smash Bros. Pro Players Tackle the Probl...:

So what I still don't get.
Pikachu dominates 64 scene, everyone complains he's broken (and still do).
Meta Knight dominates Brawl scene, everyone complains everyone complains he's broken.
Diddy Kong dominates Wii U/3DS scene, everyone complains he's broken.
Fox dominates Melee scene, everyone's somehow fine with that.



ASonic3582 commented on Looks Like Batman: Arkham Origins Isn't Gettin...:

This is getting out of hand. First Wii U owners had to pay the same price for little to no bonus content if it came out at the same time, and more if the Wii U version came out later (90% of 3rd-party games), Then they charge more for it with the same content situation (Deus Ex and NG3 in NA), and now they still expect us to pay full price for half-hearted versions (BAO and pretty much every EA game). No wonder the Wii U versions sell horribly.