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Mon 21st Jan 2008

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SmaMan commented on Super Mario Maker Patch Speeds Up Tool Delivery:

Yeah, I got it today and after fooling with it a bit, the message said the next tool shipment would be tomorrow.

That said, I did manage to make a basic level. Sure could use a starman though...



SmaMan commented on Ninja Pig Studios Accused Of Stealing Pixel Ar...:

And Ninja Pig needs to get his (or their, though I seriously doubt there's more than one person in these "studios") The excuse given in the tweet said the things were from a store front that he had license to use. After that was exposed as a lie, he gave us the 14-year old story.

Stay classy.



SmaMan commented on Club Nintendo to Close, With Replacement Loyal...:

Sad news. I've always just kind of used this in spurts, with the past few days being one of those spurts. (hooray for the flu) Still... I'm just about 100 coins away from that sweet NES Remix T-Shirt!

I hope this paves the way for a much more streamlined system. Products are already registered as soon as you download them, so I hope we get something where retail games will automatically register as soon as you start playing them on your console. Your loyalty points (or whatever currency) should be tracked on the console itself, and you should be able to do the surveys and manage your account from there as well. Having to go over to your computer just breaks it all up.



SmaMan commented on As The Maker Of Flappy Bird Withdraws His Crea...:

Huh, I thought about the pipes looking too much like warp pipes. Hell the whole game looks like a really boring Super Mario World level.

But upon closer inspection, anyone else think that bird looks like an Opa-Opa from Fantasy Zone?



SmaMan commented on Nintendo Provides Reassurances on Wii Availabi...:

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't one of the Wii U's problems brand recognition and all around confusion on how this is different from the Wii?

If people think the two are one and the same, why not only sell the Wii U this Christmas? Especially considering the Wii U can do pretty much everything the Wii can do... and then some.



SmaMan commented on "Uninformed" Store Staff Are Hurting Wii U Sal...:

Best Buy staff also don't know crap most of the time.

I asked one about Nintendo Zone once. Mind you, it's running in most Best Buy locations (goes by router name) and they even had a display up saying "connect here for Nintendo Zone!" I asked someone at the front about it when it wasn't working. Didn't know a thing about it. That's your "blue shirt" approval right there.



SmaMan commented on Tommo Refuses to Follow SNK's Neo Geo X Termin...:

Probably SNK is just pissed that all this is is an emulator in a box... In fact, I'm surprised this isn't a cease and desist from the makers of Final Burn Alpha.

Not to mention if you crack open this box, you'll find many other emulators for PSX, GBA, SNES, just to name a few.



SmaMan commented on Hardware Review: Neo Geo X Gold & Mega Pack Vo...:

I still remember when this thing got hacked within days of it being released.

We all know it's just running a Linux port of Final Burn Alpha, right? Well it turns out there's loads other working emulators in the system memory for GBA, PS1, SNES, and others. If one could get the roms in you essentially have an emulator to go.



SmaMan commented on Nintendo Download: 5th September (North America):

Sigh... figures the two games I've really been waiting for BOTH come out the same day... and when I just renewed my XBOX Gold subscription and need to save up a bit... and then there's Bit.Trip Saga still on sale.



SmaMan commented on Review: Super Street Fighter II: The New Chall...:

Sigh... you guys realize that this game DOES have a TURBO mode, right?

On the Title Screen, press left and right on the d-pad to select your speed. No, I'm not getting this game confused with Hyper Fighting. Super Street Fighter II for the SNES has turbo, too. 'Nuff said.

Except for Akuma, and the updated visuals (and difficulty) that pretty much sets it on par with SSF2T.



SmaMan commented on Keiji Inafune Addresses Concerns Over Capcom L...:

Here's my prediction...

Capcom, who will be absolutely blown away by this project's sales when it comes out, will decide to partner with Inafune and BAM! We'll get a DLC package that puts MegaMan in this game. Classic NES sound effects and all.



SmaMan commented on Weirdness: ABC News Tells Us All About How the...:

I think we should all take this with a good grain of salt.

Speaking as a broadcast journalist/producer, in your average news outfit, and this goes especially to the big four, not a lot of time/resources go to "video game journalism." (notice how this was squeezed into their "TechBytes" segment) This is most likely the work of one producer who wrote this, and quickly sent it to the prompter for this anchor to read.

As much as I'd love to say the big guys like ABC have a fact-check team, they probably didn't even touch this one. This is one guy's misguided assessment of the story. Does this excuse Nintendo? No. But in a world where the 3rd console in a series is called "One," you can hardly blame them.



SmaMan commented on The Wonderful 101 Misses the Top 20 in UK All-...:

Well it's not out here in the US yet, but I played the demo and... I don't get it.

For those that have played the full version, there IS a tutorial right? That would be the dealbreaker here, since it looks like I could figure this game out, but...



SmaMan commented on Petit Computer Looks Set for the 3DS:

Me too! I was about to buy it either this week or next.

Hopefully this will make the code sharing a little bit easier than scanning pages of QR codes. A good online transfer perhaps? Would make coding team communication a whole lot more streamlined.

Also, look no further than our very own forums to see just how dedicated some people are to this app.



SmaMan commented on Retro City Rampage is Totally Coming to the 3D...:

The only problem I could see with this is a lack of 2nd stick for aiming. Granted there are other ways including an auto-aim, but it's soo much more fun to strafe while mowing down a wave of cops.

EDIT: Ooh! Maybe they'll include Circle Pad Pro support? ...if that hasn't been considered a failure yet that is...



SmaMan commented on Retro City Rampage is Totally Coming to the 3D...:

I own this on PC and XBOX 360, and there's a 90% chance I'll buy it on 3DS too. It's that good!

Any word if they'll do that save data transfer thing from Wii to 3DS like they do on the PS3 to PSP versions?



SmaMan commented on Nintendo Download: 15th August (North America):

That my friend, is the question of the day. It was originally advertised to be released in June. It was held back by Nintendo for what is believed to be game-breaking bugs in the multiplayer department. There was a rumor that Capcom would get it together and release it in mid-August... so yeah.



SmaMan commented on New 3DS Update Brings StreetPass Relay Functio...:

Actually that's exactly how it works... at least before this update. All the 3DS is looking for are certain SSIDs like "ATTwifi", "bestbuy", and so on.

The relay system might not work on your home network (as the update said) if they are sending special software to those who are running legitimate Nintendo Zones, in which case we may have to wait before we can take advantage of this, as I can't imagine most businesses getting around to setting it up, if at all.



SmaMan commented on Nintendo Download: 1st August (North America):

Well I know it's really hard to emulate the SGB aside from the custom borders and such, but the code for all the bonus features is stored within the ROM chip on the cartridge itself, but rendered and decoded by the adaptor. The GB video signal that originated from the adaptor itself, and only the end result was processed slightly as it went to the screen. Still, you'd think Nintendo would have way better, more detailed disassemblies and schematics to work from since they, y'know, made the dang thing.

The GB Donkey Kong is almost a completely different game when played on the SGB, and KDL2 has some really neat features that we're missing out on the 3DS VC right now. I really hope we get SGB support in the future.



SmaMan commented on Nintendo Download: 1st August (North America):

@kingston589 If you've played other Kirby platformers, you kinda know what to expect here. It's a little on the easy side, but it's an enjoyable experience. The only thing that will keep me from getting it is that the GB cartridge has an awesome 16-bit sound enhancement when played in the Super GameBoy!



SmaMan commented on Nintendo Download: 1st August (North America):

Wow! Not the best week but a lot of nice stuff! But isn't Hulu already on the Wii U? I could be wrong. Either way that 2 months deal seems pretty nice especially since they have the entire DragonBall saga on it now!

Despite all this, I'm probably just gonna pick up Fire Emblem: Awakening so I can get the $30 deal.



SmaMan commented on Review: EarthBound (Wii U eShop):

I think they meant the 9. They mentioned the sluggish pacing at times, and I have to agree with that, as big a fan as I am. This game takes a while to get started, but it builds and builds. The last two hours are INTENSE!