It's Friday, so there's a temptation to quote the lyrics from the worst pop song ever, but instead we're going to get ourselves ready for another gaming weekend. After we first shared our weekend plans with you a few weeks ago, we thought that more members of the team should share the most intimate details of their gaming lives as well.

Check out what some of the team will be playing, in their own words, below; if you don't know who we are check out the staff page. Beware, some games not on a Nintendo system are mentioned. Those responsible are being prepped for Nintendo rehab.

Anthony Dickens

F-Zero GX — I'm giving it another chance, the game that I've always wanted to love but it never felt right when compared with F-Zero X, one of my favourite games of all time.

Mario Kart 7 — Behind the times as always, starting to unlock all the courses and characters as I work my way through the latest "best-of" Mario Kart.

Darren Calvert

VVVVVV — I'll be rocking this one on 3DS this weekend. In-between doing the usual dad stuff!

James Newton

Sonic Labyrinth — Notoriously one of the worst Sonic games, I'll be seeing if it really is as bad as everyone says (hint: it almost certainly is.)

I'll also be playing two other games I can't tell you about for a few weeks. Sorry!

Thomas Whitehead

VVVVVV — I've been desperate to play this since it was released in North America, and already beat the main game the day it arrived in Europe. Despite the unlockables I'm planning to wipe my save data and go again from scratch, because it's simply that good.

Curling Super Championship — I've always wondered what curling would be like in its own video game, and I'm looking forward to finding out whether it deserves to have 'super' in its title.

Epic Mickey —This one had long been on my to-do list, and after picking it up in a sale I've enjoyed what I've played so far. The camera is iffy, no doubt, but it's got enough charm and loving care bundled in to make me want more.

Jonathan Wahlgren

Batman: Arkham City — I won't have much time to play this weekend, but what time I do have at home will be spent lurking from the shadows in this Daz (Calvert) simulator.

Kid Icarus: Uprising — Nearly 20 hours in and no end in sight. Hopefully I'll have time to treasure hunt some more or get killed online.

Mike Mason

Wonder Boy in Monster Land — I'll be digging back to arcades past and playing this on Wii Virtual Console Arcade.

Awesomenauts — If I get half a chance, I may have a quick go on Awesomenauts (read: get destroyed on Awesomenauts).

Oh, and I'll also be offending my neighbours by SingStarring or Rock Banding on Saturday night.

Desiree Turner

Xenoblade Chronicles — Xenoblade, Xenoblade, and more Xenoblade. I've put about 45 hours into it by now and I'm sure I'm barely halfway through, damn sidequests!

That's an insight into some of our gaming weekends. What about you, what will you be playing? Share all in the comments below.