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Sat 26th Mar 2011

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626b commented on Rumour: SEGA Preparing a Third Sonic Storybook...:

No problem. Let's just hope the last storybook tale is the one of fast blue hedgehog with attitude.

But seriously, I think SEGA won't screw this one up. They'll just use a storybook tale as the main story, but build some good Colour/Generations gameplay around it. ...I hope.



626b commented on Rumour: The Mercenaries 3D to be Recalled in A...:

"The source claims the recall is because of the fact that the game data cannot be deleted and thus, makes the store's 7-day refund policy impossible as consumers are not able to bring the game back "as new"."
So if I'm correct, the people who bought a broken game won't get their money back? Well that sucks.



626b commented on Talking Point: Your Sonic the Hedgehog Memories:

I remember it well. It was the 5th of December, Sinterklaas, and I got Sonic Heroes for the Gamecube. I loved the game a played it for HOURS (seriously, if I look at my old save it says I played over 40 on that game). So I decided to look in my local gamestore and discovered two other games: Sonic Adventure DX and Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. Bought them, loved them. As I grew up I found out that there were a lot of other Sonic games thanks to the Internet, and since I've bought every Sonic game there is (for a Nintendo of course). Can't quite say I missed out on Sonic '06 cause I don't have an Xbox

I bought the Classic Collection for the DS to play all the old Sonic games I missed, so by now you could say I've played almost every Sonic game there is. And yes, I considder myself a Sonic fanboy.



626b commented on Review: Madden NFL Football (3DS):

I'm Dutch, but I always try to speak British English instead of American English (It's Sonic Colours! ). We Dutch usually call this Madden Stuff either American Football of Rugby. And what the Americans call soccer is football.

...Nut despite all my effort I still pronounce tomato the American way xD