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Wed 23rd Nov 2011

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JohnPhilipSousa commented on Rhythm Thief Joins Layton in Jump to iOS:

I just wish that Windows Phone would get stuff more often. The OS has a much better UI than iOS, but since all the sheeple went and bought iPhones to be "cool" and "hip", that's where the money is, and as such, the developers follow, similar to how the hunter ruthlessly stalks the bison.



JohnPhilipSousa commented on NES Signed by Stars of The Wizard Up For Sale:

I just looked this up. I saw this (at least the end of it, maybe more though) as a wee youngin. I remember seeing that ending with a never before played game. It's ironic that I saw this much after said game was released. (Curse you being born in late 90s, CURSE YOU!



JohnPhilipSousa commented on Talking Point: Challenges for the Future of Ni...:

I personally find that a smartphone is quite an important device in this day and age. I myself decided to get a Windows Phone so that my money would go to a company that makes real gaming machines. For me games are a small part of smartphones. The real important thing about them is internet and productivity usages. Games belong on game systems. Not phones.