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Sun 19th Dec 2010

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abINC4L commented on Pachter: Wii U Will Sell Between 30 to 50 Mill...:

Graphics are phenomenal, therefore the system will obviously do well (where have we heard this before?). LOL, huge RAM will make innovation easier? BS!!!!!! When the 360's RAM was considered huge, what was all that innovation? I still call bull crap when people have the gall to say that all developers need is more power to be creative and innovative when this generation has shown quite possibly the least amount of innovation and creativity overall with gaming, and they had much more power to play with compared to previous generations.



abINC4L commented on Project X Zone Suffers Massive Price Drop In J...:

I've been focusing on my Wii U but this is one game I would definitely pick up day one if it were to come to the US, looks like a ton of fun and a game I could easily sink dozens of hours into. Please bring it over!



abINC4L commented on Feature: Time to Vote For Your Game of the Year:

I can only really go by what I've played so here goes:

Wii U - New Super Mario Bros. U (honorable mention Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed)
Wii U eShop - Trine 2: Director's Cut (honorable mention Nano Assault Neo)
3DS - Kid Icarus: Uprising (although I'm sure if I played Virtue's Last Reward that would get my vote)
3DS eShop - CrashMo (lots to choose from)
DS - Pokemon Conquest (over 150 hours clocked in before I stopped playing and I was no where near finished X_X)
Wii - Xenoblade (no contest even though The Last Story was also awesome)



abINC4L commented on Give Your Wii U A Retro Makeover With This NES...:

Dammit! And I just bought a cover for my GamePad, hmm, this is something I'll definitely want to get in the future (maybe next month). I want a matte one, the one shown here looks the best out of the ones I've seen so far.



abINC4L commented on Michael Pachter: Activision Demanded Wii U Pro...:

He's full of crap because TreyArch Studios already stated that the GamePad could very well advance the Call of Duty series, so why would the studio that makes Call of Duty: Black Ops try to force Nintendo to create the Pro controller?



abINC4L commented on Review: Rayman Origins (3DS):

I have it on the 360 but decided to try the demo from eShop and glad that I had the 360 version. From the demo, although the visuals are indeed worse (not too concerned about that), the framerate was worse and considering the nature of this game, that's a deal breaker.

Can't wait for Rayman Legends though! Haven't even finished Rayman Origins yet XD



abINC4L commented on First Impressions: Pikmin 3:

Indeed. I love the fact that they included two different play styles to give us options, but it really adds massively to the replay value. I could first play through the game with the WiiMote, then again with the Game Pad. Something I hope other developers utilize.



abINC4L commented on Pikmin 3 Will Not Include Online Multiplayer:

I'm not much of an online gamer anyways and I hardly know anyone with the same taste in gaming as I do so I'm not really affected by a lack of online multiplayer or co-op. I'd much rather play locally with someone anyways.



abINC4L commented on Wii Pikmin 2 Hits North America on 10th June f...:

Haha, I know what you mean, although I am fairly interested in trying out Pikmin 2 (since I want Pikmin 3 for the Wii U), the fact that DK Country returns is seeing a price drop is awesome. I want the game but its been way too expensive for me.



abINC4L commented on Rumour: Retro Studios Preparing Star Fox Wii U...:

I would love to see a new Star Fox game. I remember being a kid and I LOVED playing Star Fox 64 at the store (because we never owned an N64). Plus Star Fox is really one of those series that would highly benefit from HD so I'm excited, especially to see if Nintendo will breathe new life into their other IPs.



abINC4L commented on Real Life Skyward Sword Controls Don't Work:

I feel bad because I waited for this game and got the golden Wii mote and everything and I've hardly played it. I'm only on the 2nd field dungeon >< although I've been playing the hell out of Xenoblade