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United Kingdom

Fri 12th Dec 2008

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Caster8 commented on Resident Evil:

Dont know if i should get the wii version or the Gamecube version i suppose they about the same , might have a few tweaks here and there on the Wii version



Caster8 commented on Review: Medal of Honor: Vanguard (Wii):

Nothing wrong with the MOD games pity they didnt release a few more new titles
If they can do it with COD , surely they can with MOD or combine the two that would be something ' COD V's MOD



Caster8 commented on Review: GoldenEye 007 (Wii):

Its a good game dont get me wrong ' but why o why didnt they use the correct Bond for the game ( Pierce Brosnan ) it would have been more realistic to play



Caster8 commented on Review: Arkanoid Plus! (WiiWare):

I got Arkanoid for the 360 and i didnt think id say this , but this is actually a very good game i might download the wii-ware one as well as its a bit more updated



Caster8 commented on Prince of Persia:

SNK i was going to download this but not sure now ive seen the trailer , looks a bit basic , think i got it on Mame anyway



Caster8 commented on Review: California Games (C64):

i had this back in the early 90's for the comm 64 with the joystick i had which was the Competition Pro you had to waggle it back and fore with todays joypads it should be a lot easier good game tho



Caster8 commented on Impossible Mission:

I loves this game back in the early 90's but damn its so hard to complete if fact its so solid i gave up in the end not enuf hours in the day!!!!



Caster8 commented on Mario Bros.:

Where would we be now if they hadnt had made this Classic ?
that more or less started the Big Bang