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Male, 33, United States

Mon 31st May 2010

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Splat commented on Dying Light Set To Skip Wii U:

Dead Islands story,voice work and graphics are average at best. That said I find the leveling up,looting and modding weapons highly addictive.



Splat commented on Poll: Do You Follow and Watch Rival Console Re...:

I don't consider either a Rival since I don't work for Nintendo. That said I won't be watching because Xbox has never interested me.

I will be sticking with my PS3 and might get a PS4 down the road. I will be passing on the Wii U do to their lack of 3rd party games.



Splat commented on Wii U Software Sales Are "Struggling":

To be honest the only game that would make me feel like I'm missing out by not having a Wii U is Monster Hunter Tri Ultimate and it isn't out yet.

I'm not saying I'll never get one I'm just in no rush. I did the something with the Wii.



Splat commented on Talking Point: The Critical Importance of Blac...:

@Retro_Hype - Are you joking? This was posted on Push Square.

"Call of Duty: Black Ops II is poised to become another blockbuster of epic proportions, if early indications from online retailer Amazon are to be believed. A report on MCV notes that early orders for the upcoming title are already triple those of the original Call of Duty: Black Ops which released in 2010."