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metafaniel commented on ​Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Gets a Wi...:

People please help fund this project. With your help we can get this amazing game, but we need your support now. Please pledge at Kickstarter the amount you can afford now, also you'll get great collectibles.
WiiU now is supported, why not to pledge? We all can reach the $3KK in no time. It will be a fact it gets funded anyway. Please help this project at Kickstarter



metafaniel commented on Wii U Stretch Goal Seemingly Teased for Bloods...:

I agree with @proffrink1986
I can't believe some comments...
Come on people -__- first you were saying "HEY I won't back because there is no WiiU support, I WOULD HAVE backed if there was a WiiU version" Now WE HAVE a WiiU version (we'll get the stretch goal with your support) and now, they're just making up more excuses =/
What's worg with YOU????

Maybe you din't have much interest in the first place?
Come on people, please support the campaign, with your support there will be a WiiU version.
Did some people expect a game on level with the ps4/xbox one? WiiU isn't as powerful technically speaking. Those people need to get over it.
Having said thet, considering they're going to do a WiiU version if we meet the goal is a GREAT step forward, as for technical stuff is like making an entire new game because of the technology to be used.

We all should be happy. Please support NOW and not later. Please re consider it. Thanks



metafaniel commented on Wii U Stretch Goal Seemingly Teased for Bloods...:

Yeah there is no doubt about it, it's the WiiU logo.
People if you don't think that's the WiiU logo, please take a look at this little comparation I did, it's the same image posted in stretch goals, I just added more light and balance it's colors a bit and added the WiiU logo below:

No doubts about it, it IS the WiiU logo, but just done in pixel art form to match the rest of the goals.



metafaniel commented on Nintendo Download: 12th July 2012 (North America):

@Flowerlark I didn't hated MSF,it was good but suuuUUuuuper short: I ended it completely even with the time mode challegnges in a few hours counting the extra levels. Tooooo easy but entertaining.
And yes, Shantae was great! I read somewhere, maybe at NL, that the original Shantae for GBC will be available in the eShop some time in the future



metafaniel commented on Nintendo Download: 12th July 2012 (North America):

@Miss_Birdo Why is that? All the Mighty series from Wayforward are GREAT! I've really enjoyed all of them. Mighty Switch Force it's the "easiest" one, but the rest are really, really hard! The Mighty MilkyWay Time Bomb Mode it's quite quite difficult!! If you enjoy challenges, get one Mighty game =)



metafaniel commented on Site News: James Finds a Warp Zone:

So many good articles where written by @James and made me follow the site and sign in even if I don't live in Europe. His quality has been seen for Nintendo itself so it's an honor to him and Nintendo Life as a quality site.
Let's hope he can share top-secret Big N info with Damien in the future =)



metafaniel commented on 3DS Patent Can Tell When You've Returned Home:

I can't see the magic here unfortunately... Sounds somewhat interesting but, at least in my case, mi Wii remains turned off until I want to play with it. Once my videogaming session ends, I turn it of completely (I mean I don't leave it in stand by mode nor my TV)
So for people like me, who their main TV where we see the TV and stuff it's not the same one as the one for videogaming and it remains turned of, it's not so useful...

They could do something similar if the 3DS detects the access point denominated previously as your home connection, don't you think?



metafaniel commented on Castlevania: Mirror of Fate "Definitely Not Me...:

@fchinaski "Portrait of Ecclesia"???? Do you mean Portrait of Ruin or Order of Ecclesia??? XD
This are good news for me, actually I love Metroidvania style but a classic style it's awesome too! And if it's based somehow in CvIII:DC couldn't be better! I loved that game!!! Can't wait



metafaniel commented on Mercury Steam Talks Up 3DS for Castlevania: Mi...:

@ocarinadude14 I haven't bought anything since then too, the Hades challenges are difficult, I won't stop until I got them all! (or Cv-LoD: MoF it's out!!!)
This Castlevania it's a day one buy, or even presale, sounds quite promising!!
About this note I'm also very very excited about the fact they managed to adapt the LoS engine to the 3DS. If they say it was a challenge, then they won't use this engine in JUST one game... That would be none sense!!

Then, more games will come in the future if Cv-LoD: MoF sells well =) Can't wait =D



metafaniel commented on Shantae eShop Release Gets Closer:

Day 1 buy! I also enjoyed Risky's Revenge a lot and, a 3rd part in the series it's NEEDED to fully understand Risky's game ending.
I wonder if they'll add the Tinkerbat Dance transformation will be available
Because it was only unlocked if you played the original GBC game in a GBA...
They really should add it as it's the most powerful transformation in this game!



metafaniel commented on E3 2012: New Super Mario Bros. 2 Gets Co-opera...:

Mmm... No online? OK I can handle it, but 2 copies of the game? Mmmm... MMM............................ I wish my girlfriend wants to buy it, because if she doesn't wants to spend the money on this gem, I won't buy it 'cause I want to play with her...



metafaniel commented on Poll: Which 3DS Game at E3 Got You Most Excited?:

I'll buy day one (preorder if possible) Castlevania: Mirror of Fate 'cause I'm a fan of the series. I've played all the games.

I'm also TOO EXCITED about New Super Mario Bros 2 because of the cooperative mode!!! I'll play it with my girlfriend so I'm quite excited! We haven't play any 2 players game except Mario Kart 7!!



metafaniel commented on Peter Molyneux 'Not Really Decided' on Wii U G...:

I don't find the problems handling 2 screens! The DS, DS Lite, DSi, DS XL, and 3DS have had 2 screens from a long time and, of course all these consoles exist because the concept of 2 screens introduced with the original DS WORK.
I consider WiiU an extension of that concept to home consoles, so I don't find the problem.

Of coourse if you have a FPS for example and a sidescroller in the GamePad at the very same time for the very same game and needed to be played perfectly both at the same time, OF COURSE it will be confusing...
But for ideas like seen in Batman: Akrham City, I don't think they'll be uncomfortable or confusing... Those ideas are innovative, perfectly handleable and immersive!!!



metafaniel commented on Nintendo to Offer Triple Layer of Miiverse Mod...:

This is non sense... I mean the idea of a safe, respectful community it's nice but 30 MINUTES TO POST ONE MESSAGE???? Incredible... If the idea it's to get help about a game, we we'll want it as soon as possible because we will be playing in that instant.
The idea it's OK but surely there would be better options. What about a filter by age ranges for example? This will be very functional IF IT'S OPTIONAL, as the parental options are now optional. That way and only that way it will be excellent =)



metafaniel commented on E3 2012: Every 3DS Game Announced So Far:

@Bobhobob Belive it or not, I'm excited for Hello Kitty: Picnic!! Of course it wouldn't be for me (I'm excited for Castlevania, the Marios, even Castle of Illusion maybe... CaveStore + maybe) My girlfriend just looOOOooove Hello Kitty, so this one will be a day one buy for us!
And yes, Flipnote Memo has been lost in the dark for so much....................



metafaniel commented on E3 2012: Pre-E3 Nintendo Direct Round Up:

I won't buy the Wii U anytime soon u.u It's a great piece of hardware and software and amazingware, but for many reasons I should wait... but I'm excited to discover this new console =) SO I'm excited about all the 3DS announcements we'll hear today =) I'm quite happy right now ^^

Anyway, thanks for the briefing; there are plenty of us who are at the office working at this very moment! So we can't see everything live. Thanks for your posts and tweets =D =)



metafaniel commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Awarded Prestigious Spanish P...:

He has received in the past memorable awards too, but I believe this is much more important as it's one of the most recognized awards in the world!! If you see the winners in his category in past years, we can see organizations as big as CNN (1997), National Geographic Society (2006) or Google (2008), so now everyone will know about this great achievement surely in the News =)



metafaniel commented on Mighty Switch Force Update to Remaster All Levels:

What's going on in the artwork??? Seems to be the sisters have destroyed his exit/sidekick robot!! But apparently Patricia has an idea reusing his parts hehe. Awesome game but TOOOOO SHORT! I beat it at 100% with time trials in just 1 day haha. This new levels are appreciated



metafaniel commented on Organise a Big Kid Icarus Event, Win Prizes:

"Using a broadband Internet connection or local wireless connection, players who own a Nintendo 3DS and Kid Icarus: Uprising can compete in the game's frenetic multiplayer modes, whether battling it out in three-on-three Light Versus Dark mode or six-player Free-for-All mode. The 20 groups with the most participants will receive special Kid Icarus: Uprising premium items such as AR Card packs and T-shirts, while supplies last."

SO... How can this be possible?? More info is needed about this, do you know something @James ? Is it possible to win playing only online? Or this requires playing in local wireless? How will they at Nintendo know who wins? Much much more info about the prizes and how to get them is needed!



metafaniel commented on Sakurai: Dual Analog Control in Kid Icarus: Up...:

I'm super enjoying the game, it's too awesome for me. At first when I didn't own it, I read those reviews complaining about the control, I almost didn't buy it because of this, but the positive comments where enough to give it a try and WOW I enjoy this game so much!

While playing at first I felt I wasn't playing well so I ADJUST THE AIMING RETICLE to my personal needs and the way I play. Now I can play easily and precisely even with my thumb on a moving bus!!

So, my conclusion it's players doesn't bother to adjust the reticle to their needs. I think the control it's quite good and, yes, it need practice at first but it's a quite good control scheme FOR ME



metafaniel commented on Fan Video Gives a Tease of Star Fox HD:

@Donjwolf It's incompressible why there aren't much more people who think the same way... Just imagine the original StarFox as a 3D Classic title =D =)
@LittleIrves StarFox as a 3D classic will be mega awesome but it will be even better if it was an unlockable in a remake for 3DS. I would have love much more an original StarFox remake rather than another iteration of the N64 version.

Anyway, have you seen this parody??? It's quite funny, watch it haha.



metafaniel commented on Fan Video Gives a Tease of Star Fox HD:

A remake of the first Star Fox, the one from the SNES will be great! That was the best Star Fox for me, I enjoyed it much more than N64 one... And those weird digital voices has personallity =P



metafaniel commented on Mario Kart 7 To Get Shortcut-Fixing Patch:

Mmmm I wonder... If this patch will remove the famous glitch, if we update our console but many others don't, this means they can cheat even more than before? 'Cause we'll loose the ability to do the glitch and so, we'll loose every time in that track if those people doesn't update their consoles! I doubt everyone in the entire world will patch it's Mario Kart 7!! SO? We'll loose no matter what against those foes?? U_U
If this patch it's not mandatory or automagically downloaded, this is NOT a solution but an even worse situation than before ¬¬



metafaniel commented on Nintendo Download: 19th April 2012 (North Amer...:

@motang Yeah you're right, I played it again when Pit and Palutena reappeared back when Super Smash Brawl was even been released yet, so I have it somewhat fresh in my mind, so I probably play it again, but I'm not so certain, just maybe. I'm super mega enjoying Uprising it's just an amazing game!!!
@Knuckles I'll definitively buy Myths and Monsters 'cause I never played and it's worth the pay



metafaniel commented on Uh Oh, Castlevania: The Adventure Rated for 3D...:

I've already played and beat this game and I didn't enjoy it a lot, it's just OK, so I'll pass... Anyway DOES SOMEBODY KNOW WHY KONAMI ISN'T DEVELOPING A NEW 3DS CASTLEVANIA GAME?????? All the games for the DS were great and they developed a lot of games for that platform, I thought they'll develop more Castlevanias for the 3DS in the first year one game at least! BUT NO!!! Anyone knows WHY??? @James Any ideas why? THANKS!



metafaniel commented on Nintendo Download: 12th April 2012 (North Amer...:

A sequel of Doll Studio: Gothic Collection?????????????
Well that's not amusing at all! Is the first being bought by ANYONE after all? I've seen the video (no, I'm not a masochist) and a free Flash app does much, much more surely.
Ketzal Corridors seems acceptable, but as @Joshers744 said, I have enough for now with Kid Icarus: Uprising, Metal Gear Solid 3D and Colors!3D.

If only that Louvre app was in sale in the eShop... That would be nice



metafaniel commented on The Louvre's 3DS Tour App Detailed in Video Form:

@Mowzle HAHA Sometimes I write a lot as you, but here at the office I need to be fast to keep working hehe.

@Luigi_is_better I'll be able to use this app with my mom, who currently uses the camera app sometimes and used the Nintendogs demo a few times and that's it =P She found Colors!3D interesting so she'll definetively love The Louvre app

@James There are some screenshots out there, like in this link:

@Mowzle The screenshots I saw in that link are just plain JPGs. In the zip you downloaded, are there MPO files??



metafaniel commented on The Louvre's 3DS Tour App Detailed in Video Form:

THIS IS GREAT! But It will be greater if this app could be sold globally! It's great for the people who can visit the museum, but, what about us who live thousands of miles away and can't go to The Louvre??
It will be much more awesome to sold this in the eShop so we can also visit the museum!
@James Do you know if this will be possible someday??? =) Thanks



metafaniel commented on Namco, SEGA and Capcom Reveal Project X Zone:

@Joshers744 I feel the same. I only know well Capcom characters, the rest come from game I haven't played or just played a little or just know about the game existence. This can be a chance to know them better and meet with characters we don't know!
Looks promising, but I can't say for now I'll get it.



metafaniel commented on Colors! 3D:

@Flam Hey thanks for the link! Nice interview Even if I'll buy this app day one (tomorrow!!) I wish there are reviews available to read as soon as possible Will NintendoLife do one? =D =)



metafaniel commented on Mutant Mudds Demo Coming This Week:

I've just finished Mutant Muds at 100% yesterday!
At first I wasn't convinced, I thought it didn't worth it's price, but I was wrong, I enjoyed it so much! I just was confident of the good scores and reviews it has. I agree this demo should have been out from day one or before, but maybe some others who aren't convinced yet will buy it after trying it