Number of Players
1 (Single Player)
Release Date

Game Gear

  • US Nov 1995
  • JP 17th Nov 1995

3DS eShop

  • EU 10th May 2012, £4.50
  • JP 16th May 2012
  • US 27th Jun 2013, $4.99


  • Review Sonic Labyrinth (3DS eShop / GG)

    Maze craze

    Failed game pitches from the 1990s: Madden without the ball. Mario without the jumping. Sonic without the speed. Except someone at SEGA must have thought the last one was a good idea, and gave Minato Giken the go-ahead to develop Sonic Labyrinth for Game Gear. As the story goes, Dr. Robotnik has tricked Sonic into wearing special shoes...

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Sonic Labyrinth Screenshot
Sonic Labyrinth Screenshot
Sonic Labyrinth Screenshot
Sonic Labyrinth Screenshot

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Sonic Labyrinth News

About The Game

Dr. Robotnik has tricked Sonic into wearing a pair of magical sneakers that prevent Sonic from running at super-sonic speeds.

Sonic knows that the sneakers may keep his feet from moving fast, but luckily they won't slow down his Super Spin Dash! The only thing that can restore Sonic's speed are the Chaos Emeralds hidden in Dr. Robotnik's super labyrinth. Help Sonic find the Chaos Emeralds before time runs out as he spins through four Labyrinth zones, each containing three regular stages and a Boss stage.

Step into special sneakers to make you run faster. But hurry, the power only lasts a short time
Use square warp gates to help you find special items
Grab 100 rings in the bonus stage to win an extra try