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Tue 24th Feb 2009

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Hawker commented on Soul Calibur II HD Online Not Announced For Wii U:

@Sanqet & the excuse for why the Wii had the same thing happen was because it wasn't HD. the fact is, if you say "well if the Wii U sold more consoles 3rd party companies would release their games on it," others can say "well if 3rd party companies would released their games on the Wii U if would sell more consoles."



Hawker commented on Annoyed About Age Restrictions On The Euro Wii...:

Nothing stopping anyone from just going to a store & buying the games on a disc, it's the same price & won't take up any space on the Wii U's hard drive. Unless it's a download only title I don't see what the big deal is, you can still get the game.



Hawker commented on Yoshinori Ono Still Overworked Despite Health ...:

Capcom has already lost Shinji Mikami (Resident Evil), Keiji Inafune (Mega Man), & Hideki Kamiya (Devil May Cry) & as we've seen, Resident Evil hasn't been the same, Mega Man has been sent to purgatory, & who can forget what they are doing to Dante in Devil May Cry. Get ready people, Street Fighter is next.

Word of Advice Capcom, stop being stupid & take a lesson from how Nintendo treats Shigeru Miyamoto, they know better then to upset the golden goose.



Hawker commented on Rumour: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Heading...:

Konami screwed up by making this the "rebooted" Castlevania, They need to reboot the reboot & do it right. The Belmont should NOT be Dracula. The main villain should be Dracula, not Satan.

Lords of Shadow is Castlevania in name only, & only sold because of the name. I tend to notice that the people that liked LoS usually start off saying something like "I've never played a Castlevania game before" while the people that didn't like LoS start off saying "I've been a hardcore fan of the series for years."



Hawker commented on Super Mario Galaxy Blasts Past 5 Million Miles...:

@2 Because a lot of people actually believe the lies about there being no good Wii games when I can easily name 20 just off the top of my head that wouldn't be considered a casual game, & that's just looking at my collection, there's a good 30 or more that I want that also fits as being a good Wii game.



Hawker commented on Talking Point: Achievements, Trophies and Wii U:

@MasterGraveheart I like the idea of stars for achievments, that would fit with Nintendo.

As far as should they be in the WiiU, why not? You don't have to do them, even though the people against the idea are making it seem like you do. I know plenty of people on the 360 that don't have a single platinum trophy & don't care, & I also know people that will play a game until they get that plat, or finally give up because it's just too hard & move on.

It's all up to how you want to do it. Knowing me, I'll try to 100% my games with or without any achievements.



Hawker commented on TIGA Calls for Clarification on Download Sales...:

You notice it's companies that are making bad games doing the complaining & throwing blame at Nintendo? Keep in mind this same company states the same game sold more on the psp, but added the free downloads with those numbers.

Best advice I can give to game developers is: don't make garbage & you'll make money.



Hawker commented on Icon Games: "Nintendo's Policies Put Jobs at R...:

@ 7 My point as well, funny how the company complaining about this didn't have any games on the service that rated higher then a 4 on this site. Blame Nintendo all you want, if you make bad games they won't sale no matter what the company's policy is.



Hawker commented on Aonuma: "Zelda Timeline is Less Important Than...:

I always find it funny that when a company like Nintendo does something that fans have been begging for for years, the fans automatically hate it because "it's not how they thought it should be" Like you know more about how something should be then the people that created it.

People really need to grow up sometimes.



Hawker commented on Icon Games Breaks WiiWare Sales Figures Silence:

@XCWarrior: the "crappy" numbers as you put it could also be because they were all crappy games, notice not 1 game got a rating higher then a 4 on this site?

I'm willing to bet the people on the psp who downloaded it for free felt ripped off at that price even.



Hawker commented on EA Pledges "Key Franchises" to Wii U:

Where have I heard this before? Oh yes, everytime Nintendo announces a new system companies like EA promise to support it with it's biggest games, then either don't put the same effort that they do for other systems, or don't release games people would actually wanna play.



Hawker commented on R-Type Being Removed from Virtual Console:

I bought the TG-16 version when it came out so I was never interested in the master system version anyway, TG-16 version is as close to arcade perfect as there is without putting the arcade version on the VC



Hawker commented on Dragon Quest X Requires Online Connection:

well, this will be the only Dragon Quest game I will never play then, just like I never played Final Fantasy IX & will never play Final Fantasy XIV. Sorry but if I'm gonna pay $50-$60 for a game, I should be allowed to play it, & if I'm told to play a game I have to pay a mthly fee, then I shouldn't also be forced to pay $50-$60 for the game. I mean, what am I paying $50-$60 for a game if I can't play it?



Hawker commented on Talking Point: How Much Fan Influence Should G...:

About the only input fans should have would be what characters are in games like Smash Bros or Mario Kart, anything else, half the time the devs listen to someone that wants something that almost no one else wants, & before long the game is broken because they are listening to too many people.



Hawker commented on Are We Nearing the End of Consoles? Nintendo T...:

Soon as you said the source was Fox News I knew it was someone who didn't do any research. This is the same Fox News that reported that Mass Effect featured a hardcore porn scene before the game was released.



Hawker commented on Talking Point: Why Nintendo and Rare Should Re...:

Even if Nintendo & Rare reunited, it doesn't mean Rare would all of a sudden make good games again. People really need to stop living in the past & realize that Rare is no longer the company they knew in the N64 days.



Hawker commented on NBA Jam Man Disappointed by Gamers' Negative A...:

@ 5. No, I've found that even when gamers are given everything they've asked for, they're still mad because it wasn't what they really wanted. Either they need to speak clearly about what they want, or just shut up & enjoy games for what they are.



Hawker commented on Nintendo Download: 13th & 14th July 2010 (Japan):

Japan isn't getting Wiiware titles, & everyone else isn't getting VC titles... anyway we can switch that around? I'm more interested in VC then Wiiware.

& since I don't have a DSi I don't care at all for DSiware.



Hawker commented on Iwata: Blame Poor Games Not Poor Economy for S...:

I actually agree with Iwata, I've bought several games on the PS3 mostly because there's not really been much on the Wii that I want that I don't already have. After seeing what's on tap for both those systems, most of my money's going to go to Nintendo & the PS3 will be taking a backseat again.



Hawker commented on Miyamoto Hints At Wii 2, Wii HD:

you guys are reading way to much into this. Until someone says "yes we're working on the next system" it's basically a bunch of people reading way too much into people saying "eventually we'll be working on the next system". That's what I got form that comment, there's no hint anywhere there. All I got was, "when we start making the next system we'll want to use the most up to date tech" nothing more, nothing less.



Hawker commented on Reggie: Innovation Is Still Nintendo's Priority:

pretty much everyone that wants a WiiHD only want pretty graphics to look at & really don't seem to care at all if the game is fun or not, which is the single most important factor in a game. Lot of games that these graphic lovers think are awesome I frankly find to be just pretty pictures hidding the fact that the game itself is just not good.

With games like Zelda TP, SMG, Metroid Prime Trilogy, Fire Emblem RD, NSBW, MKW, Brawl, Murimasa, & about another 20+ games that I just can't think of at the moment that I have or want to get (just on games that are out now, I'm not even talking about Metroid other M, SMG2, Zelda Wii, ect) I've gotten more for my money on the Wii then on the so called "hardcore gamer's" consoles.



Hawker commented on Zelda II: The Adventure of Link:

Alot of people love or hate this game, but it is still a great game. My best friend's mom to this day says this is the greatest game she's ever played. It's probably the worst Zelda, but it's still a great game.



Hawker commented on The Legend of Zelda:

Thanks to Nintendo Power back in the day, I had beaten the 2nd quest & was stuck on the 1st quest for months. I just couldn't find dungeons 3 & 6, then one day I was at my cousin's house playing the 1st quest & accidentally found both dungeons looking for moblins that give rubies. After that I had no trouble, other then figuring out level 9.



Hawker commented on The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap:

This is one of the few Zelda games I've not beaten yet. I got to the final boss, but then I got a game called Guild Wars & was stuck on that for 4 yrs. I'll need to start this game up again & finally beat it.



Hawker commented on Talking Point: Does Nintendo Need to Exercise ...:

Every popular system of each gen has tons of shovelware. NES had tons, despite the limits they put on 3rd parties. SNES & Genesis had lots of shovelware. Playstation 1 & 2 had lots of shovelware. even in this gen, PS3 & 360 isn't without alot of shovelware.

This trick is, knowing what games are worth your money. Those people that are buying the quickly made party games that will only entertain people for a week will stop playing games sooner or later, & some of these casual people will also become part of the true hardcore gamer crown, not the "it's only good if it's M rated with lots of gore cussing & sex crowd.

The real reason companies keep making games like this is simple, people that just don't know buy them. When that stops, so does the shovelware.



Hawker commented on Cursed Mountain Developer Closed:

reason I haven't bought this game is because I can't find it anywhere. & where was it advertised on tv? I never saw any adds, I only found out about this game from this site.



Hawker commented on Sega to Abandon Mature Wii Audience?:

I just don't get why people think that if a gun has blood, cussing, & nudity, it should sell millions of copies. I've got Madworld, & after the 1st 5 mins you know what the rest of the game is going to be like, & it get's old fast. I also bought Conduit, & tried to like it, I really really tried, but the more I played it, the more I hated it. That game had so many bugs that should have been caught by even an untrained monkey doing game testing.

If Sega wants to know what kind of Mature titles sell well, they should look at the Call of Duty games on the Wii, & the Resident Evil games on the Wii.

& btw, games like Punch-Out!!, Fire Emblem, Zelda, NSMBW, SMG, Metroid Prime Trilogy are games that aren't M rated but are true hardcore games.

Again I say, M rating does not equal hardcore.



Hawker commented on And The Most Pirated Wii Games Of 2009 Are...:

Only roms I download are either games that never came out in America, or games that I'm unsure if I want to spend the money on. If it's something I'm unsure about, after I've played enough of it to get an idea if I want it or not, I delete it, whether I buy it or not.



Hawker commented on Legend Of Zelda TV Series Hits Hulu:

Back when this was a new series, I liked this show much more then the Mario Bros cartoon, but I tried to watch it again a few years ago, & couldn't believe I thought this was good....



Hawker commented on Nintendo: We Don't Want To Remake Past Zelda G...:

List of Nintendo made remakes:
The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX (not actually a remake, they just colored it & added a new dungeon, otherwise exactly the same as the none color game.)
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past GBA (also not a remake, it's a port of the SNES game to the GBA with a new multiplayer game & adding the voice of kid link to the game)



Hawker commented on Pixmania: Wiimote Tech Is "Endangered":

I love how everyone thinks Natal will kill the wii & seems to forget something that was just like it on the PS2 that failed miserably. Eye Toy anyone? ya that sold didn't it?



Hawker commented on Bomberman Blast: Battlefest Coming to WiiWare:

I hope the disconnection issues from Bomberman Blast will be fixed. I can't even play that game online because I get disconnected almost everytime. I have no problems with any other game's wifi, but Bomberman.



Hawker commented on Nintendo Rep: Virtual Console Being Toned Down:

funny how they are just gonna stop supporting the VC because of poor sales but failed to look at the reason for the poor sales...... 1 game a week for over a yr & the one game is something that maybe only 12 people wanna buy. I have 6 Wiiware titles & almost 60 VC titles, there are maybe 4 more Wiiware titles I even wanna think about buying while there are still another 20-30 VC titles I'd like to get.... I wonder which I think nintendo should focus more on.



Hawker commented on Shia LaBeouf Disses the Wii:

This coming from the idiot that ruined the Transformers movie for me. That movie should have just been called "what the no talent hack did while all the cool stuff was happening".