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North American NES Ambassador Games Announced

Posted by Zach Kaplan

Same as Japan's

In just two days, early 3DS adopters will have the chance to download 10 free NES games from the eShop with an additional 10 Game Boy Advance titles to follow later in the year. We announced the Japanese Ambassador titles earlier, and now Nintendo has published the North American list as well. No surprises here; in fact, the selection is completely unchanged. For the record, that's:

Which games are you looking forward to downloading?


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SuperLink said:

Yeah, I expected this from the comments in the other article about NoA's Twitter account. Still, I'd have rather had Super Mario Brothers 3 or Punch-Out!! or what have you...

But, it's free, so I'm good with it.

P.S. (in response to the question at the bottom of the article) Can't I download all of them? 'Cause if so, then I am.



Buster13 said:

It's at this moment I realize I somehow don't actually own a copy of the original Metroid in any form. Well, that won't last long.

Overall a pretty cool list. Can't wait to see the GBA titles.



LucinaSmash said:

Now please hurry up with the Restore Point update so I could play those hard Zelda titles.



hatty475 said:

Only 4 of these games are worth actually paying money. See Nintendo's strategy here?



Link79 said:

Ice Climber, Wrecking crew, Golf and Balloon fight are Meh.
The rest will do I guess.



Snes_is_king said:

All of them seem to be pretty good. Can't complain about free games!!! these will keep me busy till the new professor layton comes out.....



Gavin_Rozee said:

Nintendo of Europe will probably announce our games in November or something. Maybe we'll have the Ambassador Tool by then!



Linkstrikesback said:

@SuperLink Only Mario Bros, Metroid and Zelda 1/2 would be worth paying for. The other 6 are laughable. Give away what you can't sell, seems like a good enough idea.



19Robb92 said:

I hope there's a good reason Super Mario Bros. 3 isn't there.

And with a good reason I mean I'm hoping they're gonna make it to a 3D Classic.



NESguy94 said:

@Project-L You're gonna need those on Zelda 2
This is a good list, I would alter it slightly, other than NES Open I will download them all. Wait, this means will get 2 copies of Metroid.



Dharyhm said:

KInda weird not seeing mario 2/3, maybe they're holding out on that for a 3d classics remake?



Link245 said:

I'm really exited for the Zelda games and Metroid. Plus, it's all free. Thanks, Nintendo!



Hokori said:

sweet I like the list, besides I dont have about half of them on my wii, so ill play them on the Go



Supremeist said:

I'll happily take all of them. What I'm most excited for is Super Mario Bros. - The original will always be the best. (with 3 and World), and The Legend of Zelda and Zelda II. I have never played the original LoZ's so I guess I'm in for a treat, eh?

Ice Climber doesn't look too bad.. Balloon Fight as well. Wrecking Crew looks AWESOME!

I really like this list and I'm so glad we are getting these 10 free games in a couple of days. AMBASSADORS UNITE!



Birdman said:

Eh, would've replaced Metroid with a Zero Mission release on GBA and putting in Punch-Out!! in its place, but I'm fine with the rest.



Natie31 said:

I'll download all of them, have a 8gb card so i have all the space. Can't wait till the first



Philip_J_Reed said:

Great ones, if you ask me. I'm excited about Balloon Fight on the go...definitely one of Nintendo's best early games. (Though I guess this disqualifies it as an eventual 3D classic. That much is a shame...)



she_gamer said:

Considering I would have never bought any of these, getting them for free is like... Winning a free lottery ticket, only to win another free lottery ticket, only to win another free... the end it's just a bunch of nothing. (For me anyways. I'm well aware these are great games for others...)



Superducky said:

Don't see myself playing too much Golf or Yoshi. 8 quality games makes me very happy.



pntjr said:

I'm soo exited for SMB, Zelda, Metroid, and Ice Climbers. The rest (Including Zelda II) are meh.



Scissors said:

This is terrible I don't want any of these, and the ones I did want I already bought. I was hoping for atleast Punch-out, Kid Icarus, or Super Mario 3.



Milkman-123 said:


look closer at the question. it says 'which games are you looking forward to buying?' not 'which games are you going to get?'



Milkman-123 said:


i wouldnt know, since i wasnt born in the 8-bit era, but according to hardcore fans online, its apparently hard as sh*t. i guess we'll have to find out.



littlebigplanet said:

@daznaz It is probably the most difficult Zelda. Dont let that stop you from playing it. With the save states, you can just cheap-shot through the game xD

As for the choices, I love them all except Yoshi.



moomoo said:

I would have prefered Kid Icarus and Punch Out over some of these other games. Yoshi, Wrecking Crew, Ice Climber and Donkey Kong Jr. aren't that good...
Plus, I'd prefer Zero Mission over the original Metroid, since Zero Mission actually had the original Metroid on it.



Ristar42 said:

Glad to know I'm not the only person who thinks Balloon Fight is great - the 'Balloon Trip' music is really memorable too. I hope it is playing at the correct speed though, and that we dont get '50Hz' style emulations in Europe.



Milkman-123 said:


i read that when you die in a temple in zelda II, you have to walk ALL the way to the temples from zelda's glad we have a save feature XDXD lol, im so stupid



AlmightyDerek said:

Golf isn't too exciting as I already own a DSi golf game and Lets Golf 3D but the rest of them I might play. I actually don't own Zelda II in any working form anymore so that's nice. A few of them like Ice Climbers, Balloon Fight, and Wrecking Crew I've never played and would never have bought but as they are free I'll give them a try. Maybe I'll end up liking them. Also I've never played the original Metroid so now I have an excuse.



Sneaker13 said:

Still disappointed that Kid Icarus isn't one of the games. Otherwise I look forward to the Europe announcement and the games themself.



daznsaz said:

@42 i was playing in 8bit but on sega systems so missed it @43 will definately be getting it.guessing it was pain because you had to start from scratch each time



cheetahman91 said:

Not bad, but not great either. The only one's I'm looking forward too are Super Mario Bros., Wrecking Crew and Balloon Fight.



tovare said:

I'm looking forward to having these available on my 3DS. A nice collection.



littlebigplanet said:

@49 Well, startting from the beggining isnt that bad, considering the overworld isnt that big. you can walk every single pixel in under 10 minutes (minus monster encounters). The boggest pain inn the game are the bosses. They are immensly difficult, except for dark link. If you stand in the corner, he cant hit you. whcih is sad, because in OoT, he was the hardest miniboss



daznsaz said:

started zelda games with oot64 played all since that.looking forward to getting the free zeldas also been playing links awakening not far off finished.



Azaris said:

all right i was hoping for aol (not my favorite zelda game but a good game) really ill probally get all of these.



komicturtle said:

I only own 3 of those games- 2 with very limited access and Balloon Fight and Ice Climber, where I may be missing certain cards to scan on the e-reader.

Whatever. It's freaking free, and I finally get to try Wrecking Crew



MasterGraveheart said:

I'm fine with all those but Wrecking Crew. I dread it based on reputation alone. Although, it's awesome we're also getting Zelda II with it, so I'll forgive it and give Wrecking Crew a fair shot. Who knows? I might like it.



Froggievilleus said:

All are fun titles. I am another who actually ENJOYED playing Balloon Fight back in the day. My brother and I would have a fun time trying to knock each other out of the sky. All are worth a download, especially for free.



Linkstrikesback said:

For people who don't want to look at nintendolifes 10 review pages seperately, these the scores:

Super mario Bros: 9/10
Legend of zelda 8/10
Wrecking crew : 8/10
Zelda 2: 7/10
NES open tournament golf : 7/10
Baloon fight 6/10
Metroid 6/10
Ice climbers 5/10
Yoshi 4/10
Donkey kong jr 4/10

Several absolute turds here then. It gets even worse when the Multiplayer modes in some of them which were highlighted as pluses won't work for now on the 3DS



Odnetnin said:

There's no way I'm complaining, though I will say it would of been awesome to have Punch-Out!!, Kirby's Adventure, and Kid Icarus in place of some of the worse-sounding titles.



NintyMan said:

I think I'll be downloading all of them. They're all free, so what's to lose?



Bucho said:

i've read a few complaints about nintendo including wrecking, yoshi and DKjr. but i really think those games are great choices because they represent quite well what games were back in the day, not everything was as innovative as metroid or zelda but arcade type puzzles are the spine of the videogame industry.



TwilightV said:

Good list. I imagine more (though not free) NES games will be available at a later date. Either way, looking forward to these on Thursday!



CerealKiller528 said:

On Nintendos homepage, it shows how to download them & I think the games will be separated for 1 a week.
Search up "3ds ambassador program" and click the 1st one



FJOJR said:

Pretty sure the GBA games will make up for this lineup for most disappointed people



Noire said:

Roll on the GBA line-up! All these NES games are games I've played before/never wanted to play in the first place, so it's not exciting at all ... but that GBA line-up is totally different personally.



NX01Trekkie1992 said:

Yes, I emulated the game and I use the state saves like crazy to try and survive it, STILL can't finish it though, the game is ridiculous, though I am looking forward to playing it with actual controls instead of a keyboard (made playing Majora's Mask easier when I got it on VC instead of Project 64), also, I love this list, kinda 'meh' about the golf game but I'll get it anyway



3Daniel said:

Somewhat disappointed this means no SMB DX for GB VC? Kid Icarus? How about a curveball like Doki Doki Panic or Earthbound? MM5? Glory of Hercules? Anything but Yoshi.



YorkshireNed said:

I am suprised at no Kid Icarus. Seems very odd. Some fluff there. Some gold. Couple of games I already have on my Wii VC or GBA but what the hell, thanks.

But why did people think Super Mario Bros 2 or 3 would be on there? Surely if they were to give those games away, they'd give us the superior GBA versions with SNES graphics and save features [they were known as Super Mario Advance and Super Mario Advance 4]?



Luigi_Vercotti said:

Absolutely loved Zelda 2 when it came out. I played it through more times then any other games. I guess you could say I made speedruns on Zelda 2 before the word speedrun was even invented. With me being 14 bqck then or something.
Never played Wrecking Crew, Yoshi and Golf, so I will be very happy to give them a try. And I remember Donkey Kong Jr. from the arcades. it's just about highscore, but I guess a game like that will be really nice to play on the go.
I loved all the other games as a kid and some (SuMari, Z1, Metroid esp.) I still love today.
Not sure about Ice Climber, played it some time ago and it really felt outdated. I'll give it ago anyways...
And all that stuff's for free? Great job, Nintendo!



aoeder said:

Wonderful. I would have liked to see Super Mario Bros. 3 but like Tod from Dinosaur Office says "I can't complain!"



Ryno said:

87. sykotek 30 Aug 2011, 15:55 PDT
No NES Duck Tales, nnnnooooo!!! Curse you Nintendo, Capcom and Disney!!!

I am shocked that DuckTales wasn't included



chiefeagle02 said:

I have a question: How does the 3DS's battery hold up when playing Virtual Console games? Is it the standard 3-5 hours when playing 3DS software or is it longer because of older graphics needing less power (e.g. DS games give you 5-8 hours)?

The US list looks pretty good. Yoshi's not bad, but I would have preferred Dr. Mario (yet, I figured it wouldn't be on the list because a version is already available on DSiWare. Call it "Nintendonomics").



bboy2970 said:

This is a good list for me. Who doesn't like The original SMB? Its a classic and a masterpiece. I've never played Zelda 1/2 or the original Metroid for more than 30 seconds so I'm very excited for those because of what everyone says about them. I own Yoshi and Balloon Fighter on Wii VC already so I like those well enough and its nice to have them portable. I've never played Ice Climber, Donkey Kong JR, Wrecking Crew, and Golf either so those are nice and i'm looking forward to trying them. So yeah, pretty good list. I kind of would rather have Punch-out, Mario 2/3, or Kirby rather than a couple of these. I kind of find the lack of Kid Icarus weird. I thought the pending release of Uprising guaranteed that game a spot. Oh well free is free. Thanks Nintendo Now about those GBA games...

@Ryon: Yes, these NES games are out this Thursday and the 10 GBA games (of which we only know of 5) will be out before the end of the year.



zionich said:

Ill take it. Anyone else play Battle of Olympus, man I wis that would have at least came to Wii VC



TKOWL said:

Again, as I have said:




tripunktoj said:

What I get from reading this posts some games are widely accepted (SMB, Zelda, Metroid) and other dividing opinions (Balloon Fight, Ice Climber), but I think we all agree the Golf one is garbage. I know they are free games, but dont forget we are getting this as an apology to loyal gamers for droping the price, so I think that gives us every right to complain.



SuperLink said:

Those games better not come out ONE WEEK AT A TIME!.

(ahem)...If that's the case, then I am going to destroy everything...that's right...everything.



Colors said:

I like the choices for all the games, but I think they should've replaced Yoshi with Kid Icarus



SKTTR said:

@99: I don't think that "NES Open Tournament Golf" game is garbage. I think it is the best Golf game on the NES. Maybe you people mistake it with Nintendo's other, earlier NES golf game that was simply called "Golf".



Pj1 said:

So does Europe get the same line-up as everyone else and when do tbey become available, I think Thursday?



tripunktoj said:

@102: didnt mistook it, maybe its my paradigma that 99% people finds golf really boring. Seems a missed slot for SMB3, Kirby, Punch-out, Cluclu, Kid Icarus, Dr Mario... hck even Tennis!



SMBSS said:

So here's a question, how long is this going to last? Can I not download these and just save them for other time



grumblegrumble said:

YES!!!! Zelda 2, SMB, Zelda, DK Jr, Metroid, Ice Climber my youth!

For the bitter ppl who have commented, Ice Climber ROCKS!



Natie31 said:

Face it Nintendo not goin to give out the good games for free. When they do come out we will have to pay for them in the eshop. Nintendo know what they wanting to be free games or not. Wish but we can't change them, my guess is take them or leave it!



Ryno said:

96. zionich 30 Aug 2011, 16:19 PDT
Ill take it. Anyone else play Battle of Olympus, man I wis that would have at least came to Wii VC

Funny you should mention Battle of Olympus, I recently got the NES Gme Pak and playing it on my NES now. Cool game, would be a good a game for the VC but Brøderbund is defunct so I don't know who "owns" there games (Deadly Towers. The Guardian Legend, Legacy of the Wizard, etc.). Spelunker came out though on the VC so I suppose there is a chance.



MetroidMasher17 said:

Eh. I'm getting all of them just because they're free. Even though Yoshi got a 4...

But really I'm just glad Metroid appeared on the list. That's enough to shut me up. Can't wait to download Fusion!

P.S. I wrote this comment whilst listening to Metroid Metal. Escape, to be exact.



cheetahman91 said:

@Ryno: The Guardian Legend is a Compile game so the company who put Zanac (also a Compile game) on the VC could put The Guardian Legend on the VC. As for Legacy of the Wizard, that one's a Falcom game so they could put that one on. Not sure about Deadly Towers though.



ooofooo said:

What the hell!! Why would we want to play a crappy old golf game. Its boring enough on tv and now for the 3ds



Detective_TeeJay said:

We're all complaining about the golf game but I just checked NL's score for it and it got a 7/10. Maybe it'll be decent.



Mandoble said:

Todaty's value of the whole bundle might be around 1€ if any, if Nintendo's intention was to compensate, better they think what to do with the other 99.



suburban_sensei said:

Awesome. I am so happy for Metroid and Zelda II. I am surprised at how many people are so "meh" about FREE games...can't please everybody, i guess.



HandheldGuru97 said:

Getting about 6 games of this list. Super Mario Bros., both Zelda's, Wrecking Crew, Metroid, Ice Climbers, and either NES Open or Ballon Flight.



KAI7321 said:

UK will probably get 10 versions of the controller settings/setup ROM, right?



Kid_A said:

Personally, I'm excited. I haven't played most of these games, and I'm getting them for free



WolfRamHeart said:

I'm perfectly happy with the line-up of games that we are getting. I have no reason to complain anyway considering that I am one of the "lucky" ambassadors.



TheGreenSpiny said:

My only dissappointment here is not seeing Kid Icarus. Wish they would remove Zelda 2 and place him there instead. I probably haven't played half those games so they will be new to me.

@93 Thomas: We're not getting Dr. Mario for the same reason we're not getting Mario Bros. Both of those game are included in the GBA set.



bahooney said:

Golf? Seriously? No Kid Icarus or Punch Out, or even SMB 2 or 3? Nintendo really doesn't get it...



Dr-Rockzo said:

131 well said. and i'll try them all, if i don't like one after i play it i'll delete it.



Tare said:

Actually just so we can maybe end the wave of complaints

The game was actually called "Mike Tyson's punch out" They'd have to change the game, and I don't know what Nintendo's rights are on that game. First party only folks.

I'll be downloading all of them. Because we get coins for them at ClubNintendo



RotNG said:

Looks like I'm skipping this week's VC update as always...Zelda 1 is the only NES game I actually still care about in 2011 and I already own 4 other copies of it.



shinobi88 said:

I'll only be excited when I hear NES and GBA games that are available to the general public, not just the ambassadors. Not that these are the most exciting NES games ever invented. But some classics that tweak nostalgia nerves.

Now...does anyone recall the silver tuna of all retro games: Astro Boy: the Omega Factor



tripunktoj said:

@131: Technically this arent free games, its a lot of 20 games intended to be worth the extra 80 USD (most) early 3DS adopters paid only 5 months ago (even worse, the extra 2,500 MXN I paid on March 28 at a mexican legit retailer), which is why people like me complain.



TingLz said:

@137: Quoting from Chicken Brutus "It's a matter of understanding that, at the time, you paid full price, and thought it was a good enough deal at the time in order to do so. You didn't expect you'd be getting free games, and now you're getting free games."
Technically they are free games. You did not pay for them. You only paid for the system itself.



WaveBoy said:

I just can't see myself playing something like 'Metroid'(Nes, for ex) on the 3DS's small screen when it was intended for the big screen for the original Nes. These 3DS NES releases, while neat...For me, will just end up getting 15 minutes of playtime for each title just for kicks.

Besides, Nintendo should of ditched this silly idea all together and spread these titles out with 3D techonology. Releasing Nes titles on the 3DS, would be like releasing GameBoy games on the Wii....It's just an odd bad mixture and it doesn't sit right with me. it almost reaches the 'milking status'

As for the other free 10 GBA games....Those I'm looking somewhat forward to unless the scaling blows. And no Kid Icarus, Punch-Out!! and Super Mario Bros 2 makes me a Sad Panda indeed.



RantingThespian said:

I have never played:

  • Ice Climber
  • Balloon Fight
  • Wrecking Crew
  • NES Open Tournament Golf
  • Yoshi
  • Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

So, this is a great lineup for me



Bass_X0 said:

None of these games I would pay to download for 3DS. Either I have them on my Wii already or I don't want to pay for them. However, getting them for free means I can enjoy them without feeling bad that they are duplicates or bad/simple/dated games.



Highwinter said:

But people also expected the system to be better supported. Several months in and the only real standout title for the system is a port of a decade old game. Having a system drop in price so quickly is almost completely unheard of as well.

Yes, people thought the original price point was good enough at the time, but Nintendo also completely failed to market and support the system properly. I'm not saying I agree with them, but "ambassadors" are well within their rights to feel ripped off and nobody should be telling them otherwise.



tripunktoj said:

@lz20XX: Would you agree if I say "indirectly paid" or "relatively free"? I think your statement is correct but incomplete, we didnt expect 32% price drop within 5 months. Plus apologizes, compensations &/or acknowledgements (like this games) are not given for free, usually you experience hardships (early huge price cut) as a reason for getting them (payment).



gojiguy said:

meh. its free so i get what i can get but i was hoping for cooler games. these are so standard fare.



Dizzard said:

Haven't played eight of these games so looking forward to it.

These the most:

Legend of Zelda
Legend of Zelda 2

The others might not occupy my time as much, but I hope to be surprised anyway.



Highwinter said:

For the record, I'm happy with the games we're getting, I'm sure I'll enjoy playing through them a lot, especially Zelda 1 and 2.

However, I don't think it makes up for the mistakes Nintendo have made with the 3DS and while I blame myself for buying the system early, this is certainly not reassurance that the same thing isn't going to happen again with the Wii U, so in that sense it is a bit of a failure

Again, I think people are well within their rights to be complaining and I don't think their points should simply be met with "stop whining". That doesn't deflect their argument and is just immature. The bottom line is that Nintendo are in a very bad position now and a few free NES games does little to help.



Olaf-symbiote said:

Never played a Metroid game before and now they're giving me the first one for free . That's a very good way to introduce me to the series. Bet Nintendo was like: "What, you still haven't played Metroid even though it's on the VC!? Dammit, we'll MAKE you play Metroid, like it or not!!!"



Kit said:

>I hope there's a good reason Super Mario Bros. 3 isn't there.

Erm, because it was a SNES game not NES?!!



Late said:

@Olaf-symbiote: I by myself got into Metroid about 1,5 years ago when playing Metroid Fusion. I had played original Metroid as a child but didn't like it that much (and it was too had for me). I'd say that if you don't like Metroid after testing NES Metroid, don't forget to try other Metroid games, they're better and also have a map which helps a lot. (Metroid 2 didn't maybe have a map, I haven't played it yet).



Gemslime said:

i own all the 10 games exept nes open golf so this is no big deal to me, but i still wish they included punch out, mario 3 and 2 and kid icarus, i dont care for DKjr, yoshi, metroid or wrecking crew.



chiefeagle02 said:

@TheDarkness: Which of the five confirmed GBA games has Dr. Mario? I looked and I couldn't find it.

Thanks, by the way.

Still wondering about the Virtual Console's effect on battery life. Is it the same as any other 3DS software (3-5 hours) or longer because of less graphical and programming power required to run these games? I looked and couldn't find an answer either.



TingLz said:

@7A: I suppose "indirectly paid" is more appropriate for the situation. While that may be true, I hardly consider this a "hardship". At least they're offering something for compensation.

Also, who suggested Dr. Mario? There's a DSiware Dr. Mario that you can download



TromaDogg said: that we still can't download these in Europe yet. Guess I'll just have to console myself by playing some more Xenoblade Chronicles on the Wii until they are available here



pikku said:

They're probably saving Kid Icarus and Punch-Out for 3D Classics. That's what I would do, anyway. especially seeing how the latter two 3D Classics have been considered overall meh.



StarDust4Ever said:

I will download all of them, even Golf (if for no other reason than to collect my 200 nintendo points). Golf is going in the recycle bin, though. wRecking Crew and Ice climber play pretty slowly and certainly have a bit of learning curve to them. I am surprized they did not include NES Donkey Kong. Oh well. I've got an NES repro cart of the superior version, with the Cement level included. hopefully, they have save states with unlimited resumes, so I can abuse Metroid a bit. I never played any of the NES or SNES Zeldas, but am thoroughly enjoying LOZ:OOT 3DS, so I will give the NES Zeldas a try. I've no longer got an excuse not to now.



LittleIrves said:

Man, to everyone saying only Mario/Zelda/Metroid are the ones worth playing... yes, those are amazing games. But explore the lesser-known titles a bit, yeah? Try an underappreciated game, maybe you'll like it. Play outside the box sometimes. If nothing else, to see how far we've come.



CiaranKimberlin said:

Hey guys no complaints but can somebody just answer me this:
Where can we, the people of the UK, confirm that we are an ambassador..?
I would very much appreciate an answer



tripunktoj said:

@CiaranKimberlin: As far as I know, the online confirmation tool for 3DS Ambassadors is not yet released in Europe. Keep checking NoE website, or just follow the steps on this article, if the games appear on your 3DS, then you are an Ambassador for sure. Hope this helps.



Justaguest said:

I have a question and I am really sorry if it was answered already. I know that we now have those NES games available and i know that there will be gameboy and (virtual games?) too later. My question is: Do you think that we will choose from more games that will come or the limit 20 games is actually set for all games that will be available now and in future.



chiefeagle02 said:

@Justaguest: Nintendo picks the 10 NES and 10 GBA games we get for the Ambassador Program. I think that's all we're getting so far. Leastways, nothing else has been announced (to my knowledge).

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