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Sun 18th Oct 2009

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barneygumble commented on Feature: Five Nintendo 64 Games We'd Love to P...:

If its just Nintendo Titles, good picks (SM64, F-Zero, Sin & Punishment) but I would go further and add Doom 64 and Goldeneye, the Castlevania Series and a few more 3rd Party Titles to the wishlist.

But I fear "Rare" Titles are out of reach, as they left the Nintendo Boat long ago and sailing (not so successfully?) with another big company.



barneygumble commented on Escape From Zombie City:

Downloaded it quite a while ago from JPN Store, top down shooter, looks quite nice ( Flamethrower, lots of guns, screen filled with endless zombies ) but gets boring too quick as its a quite brainless shooter 5/10



barneygumble commented on Review: Commando: Steel Disaster (DSiWare):

Im Level 4 and no freezes, you might check your 3ds @micapple.

Two things i realisted : Point is I played the Ds retail game a lot earlier, so Im glad to get the game on my 3ds via cheap download. But there are quite some differences between the retail and download version.
The retail version was very hard ( as this review mentioned ) like one enemy hit takes 25% of your lifeline. New Download version : By far easier, one hit takes just about 10% of the gamerslifeline. Especially the superhard endbosses are quite easy now as it seems the need less hits too.

One other point : in the new Dsi Ware Version the levels are different. The first level of the retailversion started with the snowmobile racingstage, the Dsi Ware Version starts with Level 1-2 and each Stage is now In 3 Parts ( 1-1, 1-2 and 1-3 is boss, 2-1, 2-2. 2-3 Boss etc ) means more splitted and more safepoints.
The hidden "discs" from the retailversion are gone in the Dsi Ware release, instead you get more ammo (= game is more easier, you almost always have specilguns now )

Im not sure if you guys tested the retail or Dsi Ware release, but for me the game got more playable then before and is by far better then Metal Slug 7 Ds or about same quality like Contra 4



barneygumble commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Digital Pricing:

For a download to expensive, I prefer to have the game as cartridge & box not just because of Collectiorsvalue, Resale it later if necessary and not to forget - a huge download like NSMB2 needs memorycard space which costs also, ( memorycards are not growing on trees, you have to buy them too )

I would love to get downloads for older DS games (for a fair cheaper price) but paying same price for a download isnt interresting, not even with those bonuspoints of old freegame dls.



barneygumble commented on Feature: The Life and Times of SEGA's Game Gear:

Honestly Gameboy and Game Gear both kind of unplayable systems these days, the display is blurry as hell & almost unplayable for fast sidescrolling titles as sonic. A real bad time for portable gamers that time, but it got a lot better with Game Boy Light, Gameboy Color and Neo Geo Pocket Color later.

GG Shinobi was and is still a great time these days, lucky we can replay it now "unblurry" on 3DS.



barneygumble commented on Metal Slug-Style Action From Cinemax Coming to...:

Its a great game, one of my favorites one the DS back then,
by far better then Metal Slug 7, but they should change the continue feature ( Retailgame was its really hard no continur, dead on the spot happens to offen - which made it one of the most frustrating games next to Ghouls n Ghosts )

Otherwise - great, love to have this on my 3DS without swapping gamecarts.



barneygumble commented on Talking Point: Where Nintendo Went Wrong with ...:

Simply to slow, and in my personal opinion the Dsi Ware games at the moment mostly arent worth the loadingtimes you had to suffer until you can see and choose them.

I downloaded a few ( Asphalt, GT, Lets Golf, Dr. Mario, Mr Driller etc ) which are worth their money but just those few titles are not enough to come back every day / week. For a real interresting eshop Nintendo needs to release more games & faster and work on the loading times ( which should Sony fix too )

I still have hopes for the 3ds, maybe the old classics ( GB, GBC, PC Engine etc ) Virtual Games will keep me check the new eshop more offen - but if it will be like Wii Virtualgames releases ( nothing, nothing, crap, crap, oh finally a good one, nothing, crapc etc ) then at least I dont have wont waste money on downloadgames use it for boxed games bought with real cash in a real store which I really can hold in my hands.



barneygumble commented on Features: 10 Sega Games We Want on 3DS:

Hopefully the make something new too and dont just warm up the old stuff with a few 3D effects

My sega alltimeclassics are

Daytona USA
House of the Dead
Virtua Cop
Dynamite Deka / Die Hard Arcade / Streets of Rage
Panzer Dragoon
Hangon / Outrun series
Shinobi Series

And the lots of Arcadeonly racinggame "crazytaxi games" titles like
Emergeny, Scud Race, etc



barneygumble commented on Nintendo Files Patent for Wii Hard Drive:

Sounds nice to "install" Wii Games to Harddisc but commercially its would mean Wii Gamessales go down ( a) buy - install - sell or b) rent-install & return ) Im pretty sure N knows that.

On the other hand it maybe be a hint to the next generation of Nintendos Homesystem or Nintendo wants to start gamesales online ( Buy full Wii Games like Super Mario Sunshine etc for download & install them to HD )

But Sony and XBOX360 downloadsales shows its not yet the big hit, just pocketmoney. Real gamers prefer to OWN a game with case, manual and disc then buy a download which can not be swapped or sold later.

What do you think ? Is "Downloadgames" the future or are you still prefering buying and really owning a game with case, manual and gamedisc in your own hands not just virtually ?



barneygumble commented on Zombie Panic in Wonderland:

Looks like the Arcadeclassic "CABAL" ( or its followup "Blood Bros" ) with zombies. ( note the way the characters walk into the next level - same as cabal ) Nice, I love this games, will get for sure



barneygumble commented on Review: Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing (Wii):

Most Tracks remind me of F-Zero AX / GX.
Seems Sega "re-used" their acknowledge from their Arcade F-Zero ( ported and known as Gamecube F-Zero GX ) with their Charakters.

For me Mario Kart had the better Stage design, Sega Allstars is more colorful ( some stages are to dark ) and more crazy design - but very playable & fun. I just dont like those Pinball-Stages.



barneygumble commented on GTI Club Supermini Festa! Under Starter's Orders:

The PS3 Car pack was released ( New Mini, VW Polo etc ) but it still has only the Cote de Azur Track Originaltrack which makes at very short but still entertaining game.

Playing on (japanese) Wii - there is a lot of differences to the PS3 Version. The handling is more simple ( or in my eyes more playable and Arcadelike ) but of course the grafiks are lacking the PS3 HD and small details like chairs that can be runover. The Original Arcadegame had a great atmosphere because of the bikes and Coffeshops with chairs, tables and running away passengers - the Wii Version ( and also PS3 ) Version is missing that, which is a pity.

The new Tracks for the Wii Version ( Italy, USA, England, Japan ) are perfect designed like the original France Course. The Minigames ( Soccer, Bomb, Tomato etc ) are a cool Bonus, not my type of game but well "bonus". Great racing game



barneygumble commented on GTI Club Supermini Festa! Under Starter's Orders:

@ JimLad
Konamis GTI Club was first (Arcades) , actually games like Beetle Adventure (N64), The Italian Job (GC) and lots others are kind borrowing ideas from Konamis GTI CLUB

@ JebbyDeringer
The Arcade Version had same spinouts, I hope the quality of the Wii Game comes close to the Arcadegame - and as we can see with lots of extra Tracks ( Arcade : 1 Track !! )



barneygumble commented on Shadow Dancer:

This game hat a really terrible Coverartwork in US and Europe. JAP Boxartwork looks great
Definitly worth the 800 points !



barneygumble commented on Shinobi:

My alltime favorite - hope they hurry and bring it to US Wii !!



barneygumble commented on Ninja Gaiden:

Very different to the Ninja Gaiden Trilogy ( NES/SFC ) looks more like Double Dragon. But I hope more Arcadeclassics are coming like this.