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United Kingdom

Mon 18th Jul 2011

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Rocketship commented on Out Today: LEGO City: Undercover And Luigi's M...:

@Peach64 Oh yeah, I should really know that! The Tesco I work in wasn't stocking Lego City today and it's a big store but then again it only stocks 5 WiiU games. When does that discount code expire? I get my staff discount back in 3 days so I'll wait til then if possible to use it for Luigis Mansion.



Rocketship commented on Titanic Mystery Sails Onto Wii and DS:

To those of you sick of hearing about the Titanic, consider this, I live in Belfast, everything you hear these days is Titanic related! (Although I'd just like to point out, it was alright when it left Belfast.)



Rocketship commented on Feature: The State of WiiWare:

Just remember there are good games on WiiWare, but the interface really is a problem, put me off buying many games. All in all the 3DS's service is much better, but still not up to standard. IMO I think the downloads on the Nintendo store are better than the other two, most people will just never know. (Small games that is, PSN and XBL destroy WiiWare on retail games obviously).