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Mon 1st Jun 2009

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Buster13 commented on Majora's Mask and Dr. Mario Join Club Nintendo...:

3DS Ambassadors probably shouldn't waste their coins on Dr. Mario Express. WarioWare Inc. has an impressively fleshed out minigame called Dr. Wario that's to my knowledge essentially the same thing. (Not in aesthetics, of course, but in gameplay itself)



Buster13 commented on Club Nintendo Now Lets You Buy Download Games ...:

The North American system works that:

50 coins for a Wii Game
30 coins for a 3DS/DS Game
10 coins for a Downloadable game

Two weeks after filling out the initial survey, a post-play survey is made available for each title, which is worth 10 coins. There are sometimes special deals which can add a few more coins per game (for example, with certain games registering within a month of its release will add another 10 coins)

Anyway, compared to the physical items available, these are all really good deals. I've already snatched Xevious, and I plan to pick up Super Mario Kart and Fluidity later today.

Also, it might be worth noting only the eShop version of Mario vs Donkey Kong is available, as the DSiWare shop doesn't support download codes.



Buster13 commented on Just Dance 3 Gets Mario DLC on 14th December:

This is the first time I can recall seeing the idea of paid DLC and Mario used in the same instance.

This is actually kind of neat though, bringing the song to the West and whatnot. When the time comes though, I wonder how Nintendo will handle DLC for its own titles.



Buster13 commented on Japan Gets Super Street Fighter II with Online...:

Those voice clips...!

You know, even considering we probably won't get this anyway (at least for a while, if ever), would using the arcade version have been too much to ask? I mean, Capcom has been a decent supporter of the VCA (Well, as decent as one can get), wouldn't using the most superior version for this update make more sense?



Buster13 commented on Review: 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Do...:

One of the things I really loved about this game was how I kept thinking about it even when I wasn't playing it. For example, after I'd find a bad ending or two, I'd question myself "Well, that was grisly. I wonder how I can prevent THAT from happening again." and then I'd think about what was allowing each character to do and what path could I take that would prevent them from doing it, or allow them to do something else that was beneficial. Thinking like that, I was (eventually) able to reason my way to the good endings.



Buster13 commented on Mario Tennis 3DS Screenshots Are a Smash Hit:

What? No hammers?

This looks really nice though, but would it kill to add real shadows instead of just circles under the characters? I know Mario games aren't supposed to be realistic, but when the rest of the game looks that good, small things like that become really noticeable.



Buster13 commented on Zelda Developers Want to Judge Your Zelda Flip...:

Haha, It seems like it, huh?

If it's anything like the Mario Flipnote Contest last year, then the winners receive nothing tangible, only recognition on the website and having the note posted on the Wii's Nintendo Channel.

The animations can be from 20-25 seconds. (That's 240-300 Frames at speed 6 for those saavy to Flipnote Studio). However, the music sample notes the contestants are to build off of only contain 20 seconds of music, so expect many to be that length.



Buster13 commented on Rodea the Sky Soldier Flying to Wii and 3DS:

At first I couldn't quite make out exactly what the game was supposed to be, but after watching the trailer a few times I think I get it. It seems like Sonic Adventure, but only if Sonic could fly, and the homing attack can target onto any land mass.

Whatever it's supposed to be, the art style looks beautiful, and I'll definitely pick up a 3DS copy when (if) it comes Stateside.



Buster13 commented on Learn to Draw Mario with Nintendo's Official F...:

I just finished my entry last night, and this sure would have been helpful!

Well actually, not really. It only shows you how to draw him from the front, head on, which wouldn't be THAT helpful at all in a dynamic animation.

Also, for those wanting further torment, the song can be downloaded in Flipnote form from Hatena in French and Spanish.



Buster13 commented on Super Mario Bros. 25th Anniversary:

So at first I thought, you know, 25 winners, I gots me some good chances!

And then I saw how many comments had amassed on the first day... and wow.

But win or lose, holding this contest is incredibly awesome of you guys. Seriously, this is freaking radical.



Buster13 commented on First Sonic Colours Gameplay Trailer Drills, D...:

After seeing that trailer, I realized just how much I want to see a Sonic game for 3DS. The "behind-the-back" game play opens a whole bunch of potential for 3D effects (Imagine the grinding sparks coming out at you, or the dust clouds as he skids). Add the blistering speed and the enhanced sense of distance and it could end up being one hell of a roller coaster ride.

As for Colors, I'm optimistic about it. As long as SEGA doesn't drop the ball with some new, crazy, gimmick before the game's launch, then I'll definitely be purchasing. Probably not day one, though.

But that theme in the video... I'm not so sure...



Buster13 commented on 3D Space Tank:

Isn't this a sequel/remake to X, a japan only Gameboy game, because it definitely looks like one.



Buster13 commented on Reggie: Innovation Is Still Nintendo's Priority:

I don't know why, but I couldn't help but chuckle at the picture of Fils-Aime in the article. It's just sort of funny to me.

Anyway, industry asks the same old broken record questions, Fils-Aime gives the same old broken record answers. Nothing really special.



Buster13 commented on Nintendo Download: 14 December 2009 (North Ame...:

I'm really interested in Rubik Rush, at 6 dollars, it seems like a pretty good deal to me, even if the game isn't that good, four different sizes of Rubik's cubes are well worth that price.

Other than that, I'll probably get EarthWorm Jim 2, but not until I get more points.



Buster13 commented on Rubik's Puzzle Galaxy: Rush Coming to Euro Wii...:

@ryanknight717: From my experience, a decent Rubik's cube will cost you at least ten dollars. You spend anything less and you probably bought a cheaply assembled knock-off.

Not to mention, the actual Rubik's cube is included as a bonus, as says the press release. The main attraction is that puzzle mode. At only Six dollars, you've got a purchase right here, Two Tribes!



Buster13 commented on Yet Another Sonic Collection Inbound - This Ti...:

"Is it possible to have too many Sonic the Hedgehog compendiums?"

Yes. I'm pretty sure the original Sonic the Hedgehog game is in the running (pun not intended) for "most ported console game of all time," and the other three probably aren't that far behind.

They also better have this at a discount price straight from the get-go. Portability and save states are nice and all, but when for the same thirty dollars you can net the 360/PS3 Genesis Collection with these games and 45 others, you really have to question how much these four games are worth.



Buster13 commented on Review: LEGO Battles (DS):

Does anyone else find it strange that Warner Bros. let a game based on the family- friendly liscence of LEGO be developed by a team called HellBent games? I don't know, it just seems wrong...



Buster13 commented on Competitions: Halloween with The Three Muskete...:

This game had my intrest when it was first announced for WiiWare, but after seeing some of the reveiws (some of which weren't quite as forgiving as N-Life's, but never entirely negative) I became a bit hesitant. Still, psyched about the contest!



Buster13 commented on Ubisoft: The DS Salad Days Are Over:

Well, only the earliest of the original and DS Lite models can print money. As far as I know, the money only comes out of Slot-2, so unfortunately I don't think the DSi can do it without a yet-to-be-released attachment.

On a more serious note, isn't the DS's Market big enough to shrink and still pull a profit? I mean, there's millions of systems sold. I mean, wouldn't shrinking in the DS's market be like taking an ice cube away from an iceburg?



Buster13 commented on Wii "Most Reliable Console of This Generation":

My Wii has been running great ever since launch. The only Nintendo system I ever had a problem with is the GameCube which stopped reading discs after five years (Which, thankfully, was only about a month before the Wii was released)



Buster13 commented on Man Sentenced Over Pirated DS Games:

Only wish I could hear that jailroom conversation.

"So what you in for? I robbed a bank and I killed seven people."
"I set fire to an aparment complex. Killed 50. What about you new guy?"
"I illegally copied video games and sold unofficial copies to the unsespecting public.."