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Maggots commented on The Next Nintendo Direct is on 12th November:


The difference is I really think nintendo intends to release games when they say they will... and end up post poning for various develoment and sales strategy reasons... Other companies I think just blow dates out of their butts and then blast past them...



Maggots commented on Gallery: Catch Up With Nintendo's Miitomo Reve...:

what if it was like an online social version of Tomodachi life... where instead of pre-scripted programmed dialogue... It takes responses from your friends and uses that instead... and if it Talks in the weird voices? ... 10/10

I'm In if it's online tomodachi life



Maggots commented on Fresh Project H.A.M.M.E.R. Details Reveal Shig...:

"Miyamoto's Role In The Game's Downfall"

Wow... he had nothing to do with it... his role was to be bugged at people wasting money and making costly decisions that didn't necesarily flow with nintendo's way of doing things.



Maggots commented on Nintendo Life Weekly: Nintendo NX Rumours Sugg...:

I second this.
One handheld, one console, one OS

Didnt the actual report this rumor stems from say there was litterally a hand held and console?... I'm gonna try and find it...

edit: from the wall street journal"
"The exact shape of the NX hardware isn’t yet clear. People familiar with the development plans said Nintendo would likely include both a console and at least one mobile unit that could either be used in conjunction with the console or taken on the road for separate use. They also said Nintendo would aim to put industry-leading chips in the NX devices, after criticism that the Wii U’s capabilities didn’t match those of competitors."

a console and at least one mobile unit... that's 2 separate devices... in the same breath that mentions these industry leading chips. I cant see how anyone can take this quote and make it into one unit. Unless there's a different quote I'm missing?

Please enlighten me if I am.

by the way I don't consider a console with a controller that is actually a handheld to be a hybrid... that's still 2 separate devices... a hybrid would only be a handheld that can output to a TV which I think is a bad Idea...



Maggots commented on Talking Point: The NX Hype Will Ramp Up as Nin...:

I agree they need to gain a fanbase and quickly... and price could affect that for sure... But I still stand by the perceived value must be high for anyone to buy it. 20 million PS4's sold on hype alone because despite the $400 price tag... the console was perceived as the most powerful, fastest, fully featured, out of all the 3 (even though it had very little going for it software wise for months). Consumers don't mind spending money if they get their money's worth.

With that being said I do agree that Nintendo tries to aim for the best value for price. They always try to make it affordable, and I would love it if it was priced at $299 or lower. $300-$400 is the sweet spot for consoles right now and I dont think there is a reason that Nintendo couldnt launch a decent spec'd console with a cool new hook at a price high enough for them to make a profit. SO LONG as it is valuable enough to the consumer.



Maggots commented on Talking Point: The NX Hype Will Ramp Up as Nin...:

I dont think it's a matter of price... but a matter of value... a new NX would sell just fine at $400 if it had a perceived value..

Wii U never felt like a good value at $350 especially compared to PS4 at $400
so many features were missing from wii U (and still are) and that really makes it feel not as valuable as a PS4.

I expect NX to launch at or near $350 again.



Maggots commented on Sources Suggest Nintendo NX Is A Fusion Of Hom...:

@russellohh wonderful 101, Hyrule warriors, Affordable space adventures, Mario Maker (you'd be doing yourself a disservice lumping this with all other mario games... its a vastly different experience), Sonic Lost world, Monster hunter 3 ULTIMATE, Wolly world, Captain Toad, Runbow, NES remixes... all these are fun and worth a try..

Your argument does not stand... there are many games out there that aren't mario If you're not into them that;s fine but they are there... Also if you're like me and didnt get to play mass effect, darksiders II, assassins creeds, on 360 or ps3 All those are available on wii U as well... also splinter cell was fantastic... not exclusive but still offered on the wii U for those of us who only ... or mainly gamed on Wii for a whole generation. Tekken tag 2 is even on wii U.



Maggots commented on Sources Suggest Nintendo NX Is A Fusion Of Hom...:

@bloodycelt Yep iphones currently use ARMv8-A dual-core chips designed by apple themselves and a PowerVR gpu to go with it...

I would probably have to disagree somewhat with your statement about architecture though... Its the fact that apple uses the same chips in all their products that allows them to make one OS that spans all devices ... they really dont have a lot to change to make it run on all devices either... If nintendo had say PPC and ARM as their two main processors for console and home... (which is what they have now already) they would have to make 2 separate OS's that function as one... it's just a lot simpler on their end and for developers if they had the same architecture on all hardware configurations. One OS, and all games function across all devices. (give or take some unique features ... also I believe having those pieces of hardware communicate with each other would also be simpler. Its basically like having the same exact device twice ... (of course ... a handheld would probably have less ram and other such limitations... so it's more like same hardware, lesser specs basically)



Maggots commented on Video: This Super Mario Maker Player Captures ...:

honestly if anyone is looking for normal levels to play check mine out NNID-maggotcakes... I don't profess to be the best maker but My levels wont be impossible or rediculous... and they won't make you hold still. They tend to be more normal than Insane... yet offer a certain challenge. Often with secrets.



Maggots commented on Retailers In North America Merge Wii U & 3DS L...:

I have to say as well... I really missed the days where Nintendo flaunted their logo in red... for 10 years now the nintendo brand was backseat to Wii and DS...

It was never the Nintendo Wii ... it was always referred to as "The Wii"

I'm looking at this as a good thing. ALSO ... This could have something to do with Nintendo's internal restructuring and merging of handheld and console divisions. Makes sense to portray that even down through the retail space



Maggots commented on Apple Just Announced Its Own Wii, Almost A Dec...:

I think a lot of you have forgotten... Whatever casuals Nintendo introduced to gaming with the Wii... have long since moved on to apple and mobile gaming ... Apple isn't behind the times... it's catering to the 90+ million users that migrated from Wii to iPad

no one does integration like apple, this will be great... I'll end up getting one eventually. But will me and my family game on it ... probably not. Thts what the NX is for.

There is plenty of room for all devices to exist in the same space. When TV came out did it kill movies? NO ... they evolved and things changed and now movies and television co-exist.



Maggots commented on Rumours and Speculation Stir Over Potential In...:


I sure hope so...

Actually if both handheld NX and NX home console both had the same wii U wifi streaming chips ... there shouldn't be any reason why either device couldn't stream to the other. Stream handheld to TV and TV to handheld with ZERO latency... it's still something that hasn't been perfected yet.



Maggots commented on Rumours and Speculation Stir Over Potential In...:


apple really only has 2 ecosystems... devices that run OSX and devices that run iOS.... Thats why they can do what they do so seamlessly... I hope Nintendo can somewhat replicate the environment that apple has facilitated for developers. It would be great if the next handheld was supported for 5 years upon iterations... meaning... apple's iOS still runs on iphone 4s. that was years ago... many apps work across multiple iterations of the same hardware...
How great would it be if developers could just make games and release it across all devices (3DS and n3DS and NX handheld just as an example... ) without splitting the install base with new hardware... xenoblade is only on n3DS... but imagine a new Nintendo ecosystem that would be like apple's ... new and old devices running the same OS and using the same development tools... games could be beckwards compatible rather than the device.



Maggots commented on Video: Fan Recreates Stunning Build Of Ocarina...:

While I can certainly appreciate this from a "that's a lot of hard work and dedication" standpoint. I cant really say its all that great... the waterfall is wonky... and the vapor is weirdly placed... the walls are overly normal mapped and have a bit too much texture... there's no real style just a bunch of assets that probably use all the in engine textures and shaders... Its cool... but It could be so much better if in the right hands.



Maggots commented on The November Club Nintendo Rewards Are Now Up ...:

Why all the hate? Imma let you finish but.... STARSHIP DEFENSE IS ONE OF THE BEST TOWER DEFENSE GAMES OF ALL TIME! If you haven't played it and are talking trash on this months downloads now is the time... Honestly I really like it a lot. Simple yet complex ... You can beat a level normally if you like but then there are these sos cards that call in help or increase your power and stuff.. if you can beat it without Using the cards you get a bonus, on top of that if you defeat every enemy without missing any you get a perfect bonus and a medal displays by the level... MUST HAVE ALL MEDALS.. It's good trust me