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AlmightyDerek commented on The Splatoon Inkbrush Weapon is Set to Arrive ...:


I'm 32, owned most consoles, and have played and beaten probably around 1000 games and I don't know about this "big scene" Lol. I'm probably in the minority of course, but Final Fantasy is one of the few series I've never got around to playing and I can't bring myself to play a PSX era game that I have no nostalgia for. And I haven't heard anything about any big scene until just now. But I guess I don't want it spoiled in case they ever remake it and I actually play it.



AlmightyDerek commented on Free-To-Play Puzzler Pokémon Shuffle Gets Upd...:


The hate is unwarranted. I hate microtransactions as much as anyone, but this game isn't that bad with them. You can play 5 turns every three hours for free which is about as long as I'd want to anyway. You can pay money to make the game a lot easier, but you definitely don't have too and I never have. The game also doesn't require you to bug the crap out of your friends to move onto new levels like certain microtransactions games do.



AlmightyDerek commented on Review: Toon Tanks (Wii U eShop):

I love NintendoLife but there reviews are way too harsh. Gave this game a 7.5 on my site. I really agreed with a lot of the points in this review but don't think a cheap, good game deserves a 4/10.



AlmightyDerek commented on Review: Heptrix (Wii U eShop):

Well I feel better about the 4.5 I gave this game on my website. I felt like I was a bit harsh but at least I wasn't the "harshest". The lack of soft drop was the biggest killer of the game.



AlmightyDerek commented on Review: SDK Paint (Wii U eShop):

I reviewed it on my site and gave it a bit higher. I think the fact that it constantly receives updates and is the only Wii U painting app with layers gives it a nice boost.



AlmightyDerek commented on Review: Frederic: Resurrection of Music (Wii U...:

I reviewed it for eShop Companion last week and I gave it an 8. It's a really good game, that's just a bit too short. If you like rhythm games than it's worth getting. I did notice the one stage where the notes stop a minute before the song ends but it didn't ruin my experience. I'm also one of the people who enjoyed it on Miiverse for those who mentioned that.



AlmightyDerek commented on Video: What Could Super Mario Galaxy Look Like...:

The people who see no difference are crazy or leave the video on the default 240p resolution. There's a huge difference. I love HD remasters. You get the original look of the game mostly preserved but with all the little issues fixed. Also even if a game is pretty in 480p it would be even prettier in 1080p. I'm an old school gamer who's been playing since the NES days and I'm all for technology. As long as the original gameplay shines through better or at least cleaned up graphics are always welcome.



AlmightyDerek commented on Renegade Kid's New 3DS FPS Is Moon Chronicles:


That's what I was wondering. It says there will be a sequel for season 2, not sure why people are complaining about it just being a remake. It's both. On topic though, not sure I want this. I did play Moon for the DS and only thought it was okay. Kind of a Metroid Prime lite with really boring scenery. Still I may give the sequel a chance.



AlmightyDerek commented on NPD Results Deliver a 3DS Milestone And Modest...:

Pretty much what I expected for the Wii U. Some thought it would do great, most thought it would do terrible. I figured it'd be somewhere in the middle. Not high enough to prove the system isn't doomed, but not bad enough to write the system off. Hopefully December will tell us more. It will also be interesting to see if the other systems continue to sell well after the launch period.



AlmightyDerek commented on Wii Sports Club Goes Live Right Away in North ...:


It technically is a morning update. Nintendo headquarters is on the west coast so they release it at 9am there.


Seriously? It made a huge difference. The resort version actually tracked your full motion instead of just when you released the button like in the original. Resort was much more accurate to my real life bowling skills (unfortunately).



AlmightyDerek commented on Nintendo Updates Available Club Nintendo Rewar...:

Don't know why people go with the "I'm not getting it cause I already have it on the original console response". Hooking up old systems to HDTV's looks terrible. Even if you have an old CRT around it's still not convenient. Anyways I don't have any interest in Cubello and I already have all the rest of the rewards. Still a good week. Dillon's Rolling Western is really good and A Link To The Past is the best game ever made.



AlmightyDerek commented on Shadow of the Eternals is Officially "On Hold":

Well I backed it the second time, so I did my part I guess. Would have really liked it as I loved Eternal Darkness. I really think Nintendo should fund it. They could call it Eternal Darkness 2 then also. I guess I'll be happy if we get the original in some form, preferably as a remake.



AlmightyDerek commented on Peter Molyneux: If I were Nintendo, I'd Put Ma...:

Why do they even have to say iPAD. Android tablets have now surpassed iPADs in market share. Just saying iPAD means your ignorant of technology. But anyway yeah Nintendo doing that would be dumb. Besides like someone said why is it just Ninendo having to put games on tablets. Why not Microsoft and Sony?



AlmightyDerek commented on Runner 2 Patch Now Available To Download:


A few other things. I know it fixes the bug that each level saves your last score instead of the highest score (which was the worst part for me) and the screen where it asks you if you want to play online is supposed to look better and not seem like the system is stuck. I know a few other things were changed but that's what I remember anyway.



AlmightyDerek commented on Renegade Kid Worried About 3DS Piracy:

Why are some people saying the 3DS eShop is a points bases system? It's based on real money and you can add just the amount you need to buy a game. Also although I'm sure there are some benefits to hacking the 3DS they aren't worth it. The system is fine the way it is, don't ruin it just for a tiny amount of people who want to play imported games or homebrew games.



AlmightyDerek commented on Pachter: "I think Nintendo becomes completely ...:

For clarification Black Ops Wii U tends to have between 300 and 1500 people online at a time. It has been growing every few days though. Obviously not a ton of people have Wii Us yet so the install base can't be super high. Although as long as their are at least 600 people online there are enough to play all the modes fine.



AlmightyDerek commented on Nintendo Download: 29th November 2012 (North A...:

Was hoping for some Wii U demos. That Rayman demo was promised at launch. Oh well. Also people shouldn't expect any Wii U vc games for a while as they haven't even really talked about it. Pac-Man is kind of tempting. Wish we had championship edition DX though. That would be an instant download.



AlmightyDerek commented on Ikachan Confirmed For Both DSiWare And 3DS eShop:

It's sad that they even had to explain the reason for releasing both versions. You would think people would know that the 3DS is a higher resolution than the DS and playing a DS resolution game on a 3DS isn't something you'll want to do if you don't have to. It's not only the 3D effect that's different between the consoles. I know Crazy Chicken did that recently too, with offering both versions but only on their native platforms. You couldn't get the DSi version on the 3DS and they were the same price. Hopefully it's the same of this game.



AlmightyDerek commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Takes One Step Forward...:

I"m glad Nintendo is doing this stuff, even if the system isn't perfect. I will decide on retail vs download on a game by game basis. If I'm planning on keeping a game forever such as New Super Mario Bros 2 or Paper Mario I'll download it. If its a game that I just want to play and then sell I'll buy the cartridge. Animal Crossing is a very tempting download as its a game you will always want on you. Also download sizes aren't that big of a deal. You can buy a 32GB SD card for $20 and that will save an average of 40 retail games ( 750MB a game seems pretty average so far.)



AlmightyDerek commented on Nintendo Download: 4th October 2012 (North Ame...:

Why isn't New Super Mario Bros 2 DLC on the poll? This is a pretty nice week. The two retail games are nice although a bit too expensive. I already own Cave Story on Wiiware or I'd download that. Might get Pokemon Dream Radar, although it doesn't list a price. Also Dr. Mario should be listed under 3DS VC. I got excited that it was a new Dr. Mario for the eShop, only to realize it's the game boy version. Dr. Mario is a game that benefits from color. I'll just have to settle for the DSi version for now.



AlmightyDerek commented on Capcom: The Next Gen Doesn't Start With Wii U:

I really think they just meant that the whole next generation doesn't kick off with just one new console. They said time is required before the next console cycle begins in earnest. Sounds like they are just saying that they don't really think the next generation will truly begin until a couple of years from now when more new systems are out and are gaining momentum. It makes sense. As a business stand point it probably didn't feel like a new generation when the Dreamcast first came out or even the Xbox 360.



AlmightyDerek commented on Nintendo Download: 3rd May 2012 (North America):

Why is everyone saying this is a bad week? Bird Mania looks pretty good. We should be all happy we're getting our first $2 3DS game. Not sure about Amoebattle but it does say long awaited, so in theory that should be decent. And we are also getting a Wii VC game which everyone used to complain about not getting. I do think Nintendo should give us more Game Boy games but I'd rather have new content.



AlmightyDerek commented on Review: Golf (3DS Virtual Console / Game Boy):

This game really has no point in being released. Other than the free NES Open Golf most of us have, we already have Let's Golf 3D as well as about 5 DSiware golf games, some of them being really good. Gotta love Nintendo for releasing games for the sake of releasing them. There are so many more deserving titles. Also we need more 3DSware games, that's what I want. Enough with mediocre/obscure GB games.



AlmightyDerek commented on North American NES Ambassador Games Announced:

Golf isn't too exciting as I already own a DSi golf game and Lets Golf 3D but the rest of them I might play. I actually don't own Zelda II in any working form anymore so that's nice. A few of them like Ice Climbers, Balloon Fight, and Wrecking Crew I've never played and would never have bought but as they are free I'll give them a try. Maybe I'll end up liking them. Also I've never played the original Metroid so now I have an excuse.



AlmightyDerek commented on Nintendo Download: 28th July 2011 (North America):

Why is it that everyone always seems to care about just VC. We got an actual 3DS downloadable title for the first time. That's a big deal and although it's nothing amazing, it isn't shovelware. We also got 3 DSi games and a Wii VC title. There's more to life than just playing old games.



AlmightyDerek commented on TV Show King 2:

@ Merlin777

Its friends and random. You can even do multiple people per console playing online. Also you can download free user created question packs. Definitely a great $8 purchase.